My relationship with my cards came to an end...

  • and so now i can't do self readings to see where i'm at or where anything's headed. i have a vague general idea, but i'd like to know more.

    can anyone help me out? 😄

    a celtic cross or anything that reads out a basic overview of what's going on would be great.

    my significator is usually the high priestess or the moon.

    but my astrological significator is the chariot. i believe my court card is the king of cups.

    :3 please and thank you.

  • Have you tried cleansing your cards? There are multiple easy ways to do this. I also find that badgering (as I call it and have been guilty of) can produce difficult and confusing readings. Also, sometimes the cards will tell you things they (higher self) feels you need to know more than your question or might give confusing answers that will only become clear with time.

    Some tricks to cleanse your cards:

    organise the entire deck in its face-up order starting with Major Arcana and then moving to minor (the order of the suits varies by deck, I find). This can worl in and of itself but I then will place my quartz and tourmaline crystals on top of the deck face down and leave in the light of a full moon.

    I then, to be on the safe side, take a very gentle cleanser and mist each card in order and polish individually (mist individually and then gently polish before moving to the next). This cleans them and helps you to reconnect as I also focus on the energy of each card while doing this.

    To refuse them with your energy, you can lace them (still in oder) under you pillow while you sleep. I also shuffle them randomly throughout the day (when I am in positive spirits!) without asking any questions or laying any spreads. I know intuitively when they are ready (I even feel them tingling in my hands). Taking each card, in order, and looking at the symbolism of each (notetaking is a good idea) and the feelings each card inspires in you (without any books or guides) is also a great way to reconnect as well as better interpret each card for yourself.

    I also highly recommend reading Mary K. Greer's Tarot for Yourself.

    I would pull a spread for you but I have not been in (the aforementioned) positive spirits and would not feel comfortable giving a re3ading in such circumstance. I do hope some of the above info is helpful to you, however.

    (And I just got a whisper in my ear from my guide which you can as you will but are you sure the cards aren't working for you or are you not getting the answers you want to hear? If this is the case, it is common. I frequently do the same. Or perhaps you are not placing enough trust in your own abilities... I am also guilty of this. I have only brought myself into this so you know you aren't alone in this.

    Good Luck

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