I need Help Figuring out a sign, anyone Captain ?

  • Okay so i love dealing with universal signs and often recieve them

    in different forms such as objects, pictures, books & people ect..

    most times i pick up the significance of the sign pretty fast,

    but recently since about 2 weeks ago ive been finding a bobby pin

    EACH DAY! noticable whever i go and thier so noticable their usually right in front of my path

    and now i have like a little bobby pin collection because i pick them up !

    im Starting to think its a sign but cant figure out what it could be.

    help, any advice ?

  • Well, what do you see as the prupose of a bobby pin?

  • Captain,

    Well, i use alot of them to hold my hair in place

    when i wear it curly... im just wondering is this a sign

    or coincedentally people just drop these everyday,

    and i just so happen to see them.

  • I think it is a message for you from the guides and angels. You use bobby pins to hold things back or in place, eh? Are there situations in your life where you may be holding back or keeping in your place when you should be stepping forward and unleashing yourself/setting yourself free?

  • Captain, thanks for that so much...

    i really hate to bug you with excessive question

    but i have one more briefly... today was a terrible

    day i got a ticket the same day i did last year; just

    so happen i didnt pay it either which is around $300

    im guessing thisone will be the same amount although

    ive had plenty of money to pay it i figured hey ill pay whenever

    its only one ticket now that its Two im pissed not only that,

    but at first i was looking for a job for extra cash now i need one

    soon! just to giv eit to the courthouse..sshhesshh this sucks

    i was wondering do you see me getting a job anytime soon?

    at least before the summer?

    thanks so much it will really help.

  • AddictedtoRiches...I got a ticket in the same place on the same day two years running. How's that for coincidence?

  • AuntBuck,

    hey Doll

    Shheeesshhh! that sucks! wow the same place ? lol MAJOR COINCEDENCE

    mine basically was the same place also...these things cost!

  • If I didn't know better it could have been the same cop....lol. They were expensive there too. The ticket was dropped but the court fees were 3 times the amount of the ticket.

    I found out what happens when you don't show up for court or pay your tickets. They kind of frown on that here and my license was suspended. Ooops. For about 2 hours but still...

  • AuntBuck,

    Well at least you didnt have to pay full price,

    i figure im gonna be working just to give my money

    to some courthouse lol, this really sucks there goes...

    three months of acting classes gone ahaha,

    st. patrick day brings bad luck at least so far for the past 2 yrs ;/

  • Addictedtoriches, you should read my Prosperity thread on how to increase your abundance.

  • Thanks Alot Captain 😃

    It was really helpful and made alot of sense!

    & the law of attraction works very well also,

    we use those skills everyday.

  • Thanks Alot Captain 😃

    It was really helpful and made alot of sense!

    & the law of attraction works very well also,

    we use those skills everyday.

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