To: luv2laf, addictdtoriches, debijo

  • Hello!

    I noticed that you three did readings for people on this forum and was wondering if I could request one from whoever want´s to do one for me?

    I really need to know:

    Is Bill the man I will spend the rest of my life with as in is he the "one"?

    What can stand in the way of a possible relationship?

    Positive/negative sideos of the relationship

    What should/can I do to make it happen?

    Also, I was wondering what it will be like for me after my makeup education has ended, will I have a fulltime job or?

    I would be so grateful for answers on these questions, I know some think that "the one" doesn´t exist but I do belive there is someone you are meant to spend the rest of your life with and I am hoping it is him, so please answer me in the ways you can. All of you are doing great things for people here and I just really need to know, he means alot to me and I don´t want to loose him if I get him.

  • BellaSweden,

    Hello Doll,

    im am not Psychic but i try my best

    to help and give advice if your interested in that..

    whats yours and his birthdates ? if you can please post that..

    i could give you a little insight,

    However, i do feel maybe your a little worried, about things that

    are already taken care of...

    thankyou hun,

    many blessings

  • Hello!

    I can´t explain how happy I was to see your reply, thank you a thousand thank you´s!

    My birthdate is the 11th of august 1989, he is born the same year as me but the 1st of september.

    I would deeply appericate this, I was wondering, can you see when, where and how I will meet him?

    I am very thankful for this, thanks alot addictdtoriches, you are an angel in human form

  • bellasweden

    omq goodness, i love him already lol, he has the same birthday as me. 😃

    Are you two online dating ?

  • bellasweden

    No problem hunn,

    im not psychic though i simply just use my intuition as best as i can

    but i can give you much advice as you may need...

    Aweww Thankyou so much that really touched me. 😃

  • Hello!

    And intuition is your best weapon, it is the very thing that you can úse, it tells you everything you need to know so I don´t care if your psychic, I just need to know what I need to know and if you do it by using your intutition then that is all good with me, I use mine all the time and I am always right, like when it is about someone winning like a contest on tv, I always score the right one but that is all thanks to my intuition. Hehe, well he is a totally hottie to so..

    Can´t wait to see what you got for me!:D And again, you are a angel, in human form end of discussion;)

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