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  • I wonder if all is true about Geminis we can be hurt. We can be taken a step down. I was married to a Leo for over 15 years. Not the right mix. We are on good terms...Love but not like. Is this true for Leo and Gemini.....

  • in general leo is the one that takes things seriously in this relationship. leo can give all his heart and effort to the one he loves and adores, but he also has high expectation in return. if you can't fulfill this expectation, he can be disappointed and even feels manipulated because he feels he gives his all to the relationship. this is hurting his pride for sure, and his temper will be the first thing flares. either it's a short flare (break up without a word) or long period of conflicts, maybe even violence (verbal or physical)

    of course then this is generalities. I never been with Gemini man. the ones I know are either shy or cruel. the cruel ones I butt heads with, the shys one I don't even know he is there. So you can see it won't work.

  • I am a Leo/Virgo cusp, and once had a b/f who was a Gemini. We were together for 2 years and had a wonderful relationship. He wanted to get married. He was unfortunately, also bipolar, so between him being "back and forth" as a Gem and with the bipolar on top of it, he was surely an emotional challenge for me. But we had alot in common, but were also a bit different. I loved him with all of my heart, but he also kept me guessing, because he wasn't really all that verbal (go figure) when it came to proclamations of love...he would say "I love you", but sometimes it came out like he was just reciting it. But he showed his love more physically, as in holding hands, cuddling, touching...but not truly a passionate guy nor very romantic. He knew I loved to read, so for every "gift" occasion, I got gift cards from the local bookstore. Got flowers only once for Mother's Day. He suddenly broke off our relationship, but I think it had more to do with his bipolar disorder than anything else. We haven't spoken since, but I wish him the best.

  • Thank you.. This was really hard. The split. I believe for both of us. Leo man,Gemini women. The love is there...But so are the egos. We have become somewhat friends. There is a understanding, I think is rare with other signs.

  • rraine

    I don't do astro reading anymore, but if you are interested to find out more about him and your relationship, you can ask ScarsandStars

    I'll give you a link and you can just give her a shout there she always answers

    she has pc problem at the moment but she'll be back

  • here it is

    and you can ask for any sign you have in mind

    both astrologers are there hipriestess3 and Scars&Stars

    take care

  • Hi rraine16!

    I'm Gemini (cusp with Taurus) and I was married to a Leo/Virgo cusp guy for 15 years until he had an affair & later married a fellow gemini! The attraction for each other fizzled out after 3 years of marriage, if I'm being really honest. He was extremely OTT in lots of things and suffocated me to the point that I was almost an emotional wreck.

    However, I've since a Leo....yes, he does flare up at times BUT he lets me be me, we are great friends, we work well together, we have a good lovelife ....and our attraction is still deep, if not deeper than when we first met...its only been 7 years but the contrast couldn't have been different.

    I have also realised that my "first love" was also Leo/virgo cusp, followed by a Leo boyfriend (who unfortunately died at 19 ) .....

    Funnily enough, my ex remarried a Gemini and my current husband was previously married to a Gemini too. All the fellas I seem to attract or be attracted to are either Leos or virgos!!!!

    I hope you find love again....

  • I hope this helps : I am a sun sign Leo with rising rise and moon sign both in Scorpion. Yes, I was involved with a Gemmi .WOW that was a diffulicult situation. !st it ws instant love/lust at 1st sight. He was now that I read the above ( about being bi-polar ) I guess that could be said about him. or ( the fact that Gemmi sign shows twims could als be true) along with the fact that Peices & Gemmi both are pretty closs to being the same personality. Yes,he was full of romance full of candle light steak dinners with candles, peoms etc. Alot ( way too many phone calls ) he was too possive too intense too jealous without cause he was just too everything. my problem was his personality changed in a twink of a eye. from good to bad instantly. He constantly accused me of cheating no I did not or even think about it . He wanted me to even give up all my relationships down to my children & grand-children of course any and all freinds. One second he was loving the next he was cursing acusing etc. I tried to break up with him several times . No go . I stop taking his calls he would call as much as 200 + times a day full up my voce mail boxes, etc I gt him cheating with a girl that way younger than my daughter. Susan she was already pregran with someone else child. She trick him into marriage plus her family was for real the true "shotgun wedding hilly billy type" I mean real shot guns here. One their wedding night he called me he took a walk ad told me she amitted she had had an affair with one of the men in her wedding she picked for himl lol I told him to go home to her he was redy to leave her that night. Susan hates me without just cause. My problem is he still calls me all the time even now. I do not encourage thses calls or 98% even answer the phone. I have had my number changed several times. I can't seem to get rid of him compeltely. He was the one that cheated not me but he was the one accusng me of horriable things al the time.

    y life is noneof his bees wax. But yet he still calls sme times he eaves a nice messsage then followed by several evil ones ( if I bother to even get my voice mail. I say stay away from both Genni & pieces men My daughteer was married ( still legally married to him ) a Pieces he was the same way one second good next very evil both men like to tear you down to build themselves up. lol I say Run as fast as you kind.

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