Can someone help with this reading?

  • I laid a celtic cross, with the question, "what are Mike's intentions concerning our son"

    I am Aquarius, Mike is a Gemini ( I always see Mike as the knight of swords, he's 28, very succesful financially)

    There are many court cards in my reading which caused my confusion as to who was all involved. All insite is greatly appreciated 🐵

    1. Page of Wands

    2. Justice

    3. King of wands

    4. 2 cups

    5.Knight of Wands

    6.5 Pentacles

    7.Knight of Swords

    8.Page of Pentacles

    9. Knight of Pentacles

    10. 7 of Wands

  • Wondering if the legal message is current, or if he may want to revisit our agreement

  • did you 2 get married in the recent past?

    Has mike recently suffered some financial loss?

  • we had a child, Mike contributes financially only, I have never seen him since I told him i was pregnant

  • I am sorry to say, but no showed no affection or anything from Mike's side...towards your son. I dont want to say this, but I think he doesnt want to have anything more to do than just finance contribution. He is fair in that, he takes the responsibility, he agrees that its his baby & you alone shouldnt have to be burdened about bringing him up. In his "mind of justice" this is fair that he contributes some money. He seems to be a really smart attractive person with a charming personality. Very confident & sure of himself. He probably has some love come into his life, or it could be that what he thinks of your son is a product of once love between you 2.

    With regarding your son & the arrangement he feels he has taken a stand & now he needs to stand by it...right or wrong. Probably somewhere he wants to have more to do but then he decides not to.

    This is what I can read from these cards. Please let me know if this wan any help.

  • Thank you so much!

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