• Hello All. I am new to this forum, and I just had a few problems/questions.

    My first is that my friend can see auras, and she can see mine very well. Apparently I am usually yellow or white. I once was tainted a very, very, dark color that she couldn't see too well. Does anyone know the meanings of those colors?

    And then my question. I can feel how people feel, and I even react/act the way that they do. I am especially close to people I've known for a few years. Like with my mum, when she cries somewhere, I do too. Like last year, we were half way across the globe with each other, and she told me on the phone that she had been crying on so and so date, and so had I, at the same time. I don't get it, and it confuses me.

    I also see dark shadows that will run past me, and touch my neck, my wrists, and then my back. It's a bit disturbing, can anyone answer?


  • Get a reading, use site for your own talents and skills. Black shadows, use your authority from your God, depending on who is your God. Hard to say whether the entities are evil, just because they are black. You may not be getting a good visual. If evil and threatening I would cast them out and command them to stop, helps if you have a true God behind you, for power and authority. Something is definitely trying to contact you. We have guardian angels and probably a fallen angel assigned to us as well. Who's side are you on? If you don't activate your angel, the other can run wild.

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