Anyone Need Relationship Advice

  • Hi If you could i would like to know about my exes new relationship ? what do you see please he is 31 Mar 74 she 13 Jan 71 . many thanks x ps >i am 11 jan 62 we were together 8 years he told his father we would be together forever just 10 days before meeting her ! will their relationship be lasting ?

  • Additictdtoriches, if I were to have a relationship reading, it would be, "What is my realationship with myself?"

    DOB May 2, 1947, if required.

    Blessings for your insight and guidance with the spirits and guides guiding you.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • lovingsilver wings

    spirit shows me a big clock--ticking fast and way too loud for your comfort! I hear a deeper question struggling to be heard. "Is it too late for me" Why did it take so long to get here? You dwell much on the if I knew then what I know now! You thought you had made peace with father time but suddenly find yourself revisiting that reality of time. This discomfort is temporary--like a transistion--part of you senses a crossroads and it feels a bit uneasy--the big unknown but really there is a new freedom around the corner and a blossoming in the near future that will surprise you. I see strong female energy around you--a sense of kinship--like finding your own--a feeling of validation like never before. Where the last three years where full of housecleaning and false starts soon the journey takes a more even ride--not so much bumpty bump--again I see this will be a healing female presense that will soon show up in your life--an old soul taking you by the hand and leading you home. What a nice future--blessings!

  • Blmoon, WOW WOW

    Thank you for your response. Yes I sense the bigclock ticking and where has time gone. Yes, I do have many questions, which are deep.

    I do sense I am at crossroads now. NEW FREEDOM and BLOSSOMING WOW.

    This female energy is it a new person entering my life? Since reitring, I lost all my aquaintances. I say aquaintances as I did not have what one would call friends. Yet I sense this was required to make room for the healing and new to enter my life.

    Since having to retire, Janurary 2006, it has been a time of physical healing. There has been healing on levels and I guess this may be where the DEEPER questions come from. Yes, I thought I did make peace with FATHER TIME.

    I look forward to this smoother ride in life.

    By chance do I have any special gifts?

    Blessings to you and may you be blessed beyond mearsure for all you are doing.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Blmoon,

    I just wanna say i love your readings, Ive never had one; but i see you really

    get to people and are honest and really help alotta people on the site

    its great to have you here, if noone tells you this i am here to tell you.

    Thanks for being here hunn.

    many blessings.

  • Wow Blmoon,

    I am always amazed with the way you describe all the details in your reading! I love reading all your posts especially the the ongoing one with RCDreamer (hope it is okay?). I get goosebumps from them! I am still waiting for you to reply to a thread that I started, asking you for some answers with the questions I am having right now. But I understand you are busy and will wait patiently. Blessings!


    hope you are well hun! looks like this thread of yours is gonna be one of the most active one. You are doing a good job helping out others in here too. I gave my sister the advice you wrote her, she said "Thanks!!!!. and is very happy with it. 🙂 Keep up the good work!! Have a great Sunday!!

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  • lovingsilverwings

    the female energy is new so if you haven't met it will be in the near future. This is a nurturing energy that comes with the changes in yourself to learn to mother yourself. Yes I see you have the kind of energy that others like to tap into and you have struggled with that. It was an all or nothing issue that put you in a position to step away from others as you could not regulate your boundries in a way that kept you from being drained. You have always been a worker bee. You have fortitude that plows through into the wee hours.There is a wisdom you have-- to see beyond situations--you are a big picture person and unfortunetly you have not always been surrounded by others who you could call "your kind". Your gifts are creative but you undervalue that and I feel it will be through the persuing of handiwork that you will connect with your others and also it will bring you home to yourself--this leg of your journey is called coming home. An older woman is showing me her quilt she made and it is white with much careful stich work. Somehow this is connected to you--she is saying you have not even begun to discover your talents and she is a protective energy drawing towards you (the energy that nurtures blooming) Interesting you asked about talents because that really is the excitement behind the future to come--you will be discovering creative talents you never dreamed of doing and it will start with one thing and just take off in other directions. Continue taking care of yourself and that energy will bring to your life a long awaited harvest. This new female will be protective of you in a positive way and will urge you to not sell yourself short. She is a caretaker of your gifts and flowers bloom everywhere she touches. You as well find peace in the garden. Last advice--try not to search for her--just let it unfold as this part of your life is not about control or keeping watch but more of a letting go to receive. I think you already know that. Trust your intuitions with a heart that expects to receive. Spirit repeats the word receive.

  • Emergence

    I'm hesitent to respond but spirit says go ahead you are at the tipping point. There is a contradiction of wills--a stubborness that underminds you but beneath that blind spot--that stubborness lives a big fear. You are not your own best friend. The knowledge is there--the thought process is real but it is not lived out. You are anxiouse to be alone. There is a void so deep the emptiness is overwhelming and you have yet to name it. Mostly you are in need of healing but have not named the wound. Without this knowledge you are left to give it faces outside yourself. This draws pain in your life in forms of abandonment and betrayal. Needing to fill the void from outside yourself puts you in a position to be fooled. This being fooled then makes you even more doubtful of yourself. Your wound is trust orientated. Validation is important to you and validation is a bottomless cup to fill. When others who truely have the truth to help you try to reach out to you it often brings up anger--but the anger is what masks the fear. A part of your higher self knows to cross the bridge to healing is to be alone with yourself. To be alone was so painful in your childhood that you learned to fill your head with outside distractions that shielded you from feeling that pain. There is a grieving process that needs a contructive outlet befor you can heal. I'm not sure you are receptive to this process but you need to walk away from relationships and consuming drama to take time to be alone and grieve for what has been lost--you are missing pieces of yourself--there are burried tears and muffled screams. If you can be alone for long enough to cry and just feel all that stuffed emotion it will eventually be released and healing will come. If you do not release the pain on your own, alone (but surrounded by loving spirits) you will continue to attract situations and drama into your life that forces emotions to be released without healing. It will seem like the pain is coming at you instead of coming from within. I know this is a complicated concept to grasp but I tend to trust that even when someone doesn't hear on one level their higher self does hear. To help this sink in seek information that deals with healing. If money is tight go to any big book chain and spend awhile reading all you can for free. Once you trust this journey the spirits will bring you all you need--you just have to be ready. There is a very gentle female spirit that I see stroking your forehead as you sleep--she is there when you cry. She has red hair--pale skin--very delicate hands and wants you to know the truth about "love" She is there ready to help you sort out your "feelings". She whispers in your ear when you are most restless to "make" something happen--she whispers over and over "you are safe". Blessings

  • Blmoon, thank you from the bottom of my soul heart. WOW

    Yes I am learning to recieve. It is a tough one for I have always being the giver. My "EMDR" councelor has been of great assitatance for me in knowing "I AM WORTHY".

    Yes, my crafts and gardening did give me joy, which, again I would give away. I no longer have the space to do gardening as I am now living in a senior's low income housing complex.

    I am learning to set boundries with myself and with others.

    Yes, I worked until I dropped, so to speak, and then some. Now it is a different story. Try as I may mentally, the body will not comply, if it will ever again for the endurance.

    When I am with those OF MY KIND- LIKE MINDED people I am very stimulated the creative juice flow.

    I do sense there are NEW creative talents to surface. I know they will be very interesting.

    I am excited to being working on them. I have been chomping on the bit so to speak to start these new creative crafts. I am restless to begin. The hobbies of old, no longer challenge me.

    This older woman (is she of the spiritual realm), who made the white quilt. I am not aware of her presence or who she may be. (It is fine for if I am to know then I shall .) I have never encounter or had a WHITE QUILT in this lifetime.

    Any quilts I have made have taken some time and in some cases a few years. I apperciate the work others have done.

    I am aware I am shielded and protected.

    Are you saying this new female will come into my life as a protector and / or friend? No I will not seek this person out for I sense the new people who will become part of my life now will find - seek me out in due time. Hopefully soon.

    Blmoon again thank you for your time and the insight. I now await this new blooming energy of COMING HOME.

    I apologize for taking up space on this site.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Blmoon,

    firstly, THANK YOU so much for this. It is very early in the morning for me now and this is a nice surprise. Your post are bringing tears to my eyes. Finally, I feel that someone is feeling the pain and the fear I am feeling right now (or most of my life). You are totally right on everything. It is like you are reading a book of my life, that I personally wrote to you.

    Blmoon, I am tired. Sometimes, I am too tired to fight or to put up my walls. I just want to shut the outside world, curl up like a ball and be alone. I have no idea who to trust, who I can reach out to and who are truly there to help me. I feel empty. All the emotions / feelings that you mentioned - betrayal, fear, stubbornness, abandonment, sadness, I feel it all, maybe all of my life. Unlike any other child, so many things happened during my childhood. Maybe I am still holding on to the scars and not letting the wound to heal, I don't know.

    These past few weeks, I am searching the Net, to get information on healing. I really want to. I want to be at peace with myself. I feel that I have torture myself too much and it is time to make some major changes. This leads me to post questions in this forum, to ask for guidance and help (this is not easy as I am not used to ask for help from others). I want to free myself from all the negative feelings that are blocking me from being happy. I am learning to meditate (seek help from leoscorpion) and communicate and be open about my feelings by talking to angels ( guidance from angelreader). In short, I am open to all suggestions now. Whatever I am told to do, which I think will really help me to be free, I will do. I want to heal.

    Blmoon, if you can help me through this journey, I appreciate all the help you can give me. Believe me, I want to let go. I have suffered enough and the sooner I am healed, the better it will be, for myself and for the people around me.

    Thank you again.

    P/S- I started a thread 2 weeks ago, asking you about my spirit guide and a reading because I didn't want to hijack this thread and I feel more comfortable talking about my situation in a personal thread. Feel free to give me your reply ( if any) in that thread or here, it does not matter to me. I will check both just to be sure.

    Bless you.

  • BLmoon,

    Read Libra lady/Sagitarius Man posted under astrology on March 18, 2010. Thanks.


  • Hi,

    This is my 1st time posting so hope this is ok.

    Having tough time with my Virgo man at mo(b/day 16.09.71),me 03.11.75(Scorp).

    Engaged 2 yrs,due to marry in Sept and he is panic,panic and I don't know how to get him to relax and enjoy this time.

    Any advice/guidance on communication with Scorp/Virgo to help us both ?



  • Hi addictdtoriches,

    THANK YOU for your reply!

    yup, i think of her often....i can't help it. its agony.

    sometimes, i wonder whether is it worth being so devoted. hahaha. silly huh.....

    I tried calling her 1yr back (on her bday). She did not pick up the call...and i lost the courage to approach since then. Its not my pride i think....its more of fear of rejection right now.

    hahaha...i'm afraid my waiting will be in vain...and yet at the same time i want to know whether i shd just move on cos its killing me.

    bcos i dun dare to approach her...i wrote everything clearly in the letter i sent.

    hoping she will actually give me a chance to chat or contact.

    thats why i'm on cloud 9 when she added me in msn. hahaha

    but the sad thing is she was never online....actually i think i will feel cosy chatting online with her as a start..

    the tarot card reading i took in stated that she is in some kinda trouble....i'm worried yet dunno whether its a good time to approach her since disturbing her peaceful life is the last thing i ever want to do.

    you have any advice for me? or anyone out there....

    THANK YOU once more.


  • I was just randomly searching today and came across this thread. I had another posting on a different area of the site, and I'd appreciate anyone's ideas/advice. I think sometimes being too close to a situation makes things cloudie.

    So if anyone would care to take a look at my other posting and give me a clear look at things I would greatly appreciate it. As i say in my post it doesnt need to be a mystic type advice... even just another human giving their opinion might help 🙂

    I look forward to seeing some replies

    Thank you,


  • idolce,

    Hello Hunn,

    Congrats on your engagement !

    Right now you need to be supportive and take the lead with this situation,

    He may be the one whos always taking the lead, With things he knows best

    But right its your turn to give him support and walk him through this make him feel

    calm, dont speak of future events or worries this will worry him more just let things flow

    and things will fall into place.

  • Fishy76

    i see, call her... let her know that you were thinking of her

    she cant reject that! your not asking for anything except

    the potential of meeting with her again, stop worrying about rejection

    before you run of time! your already 2years behind lol

    so what are you waiting for ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi addictdtoriches,

    Thanks for your reply!

    It's funny as when we were 1st going out,he was always ahead of me.Always pushing the relationship forward and I was happy to relax into it so I felt rushed at times but happy enough to go with it.

    Yes,he takes the lead when it suits him but when something doesn't suit him,instead of telling me what he wants,he panics & shuts down,he will keep saying what he doesn't want but on the other hand he doesn't know what he does want too and prefers to ignore the issue and hopes it goes away.

    I have tried to be calm,I have gone weeks with not asking/talking about the wedding and arranging stuff in my own time but as soon as I gently approach the subject,he delays/changes subject.

    It came to a head last weekend as I had enough of the softly softly approach and we had a very heated'discussion'.

    I am at my wits end right now and while I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him,I am not willing to wait around indefiniately for him to get over his panic and start functioning again!

    What to do??

  • My husband thinks nothing of telling me in a negative manner what he thinks of me, he has said that I do nothing for him..and quite frankly I am tired of it..he has hurt me and as a Leo, I don't get past that too easily. He wants to be in control, he needs to be in control and he will NEVER be able to do that with me. I have been thinking that our marriage is a huge mistake. I am Leo -7/31/56 and he is Virgo - 9/8/62.

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