Anyone Need Relationship Advice

  • Hi Addictdtoriches,

    Good day to you.

    Have some relationship issue which need your advise/guidance.

    I am trying hard to patch things up with my ex.

    she is 23Dec1974 (Sagi) while i'm 5Mar1976 (Pisces)

    i just broke off with my ex when i met her during a camp....we clicked well and everything went smoothly. But somehow, i was brought back n reminded to my past relationships whenever we had an arguement. And i did many nasty things which i never done before, to her. I am remorseful yet cant control...its really killing.

    we went separate way then, when i find i cant handle my emotion well (she initial it)....i did not let her know what went wrong.....but that time, i was hoping to give her some peace while i seek solitude n healing myself.

    Recently (Jan2010) after 2 yrs, i wrote her a letter telling her the whole truth and was hoping she will forgive me and that we would have a chance to met again. She added me in MSN but was never online.

    Frankly, i do not have the courage to call her up for a meetup....but should i make the move or should i just wait for her move instead? I think i need to overcome myself also....

    Is she in some kind of trouble or needed some space....or maybe she already have someone by her side?

    In the letter, i told her i'm ok to move on if she is happily with someone......she just have to send me a message will do...but as of reply or anything.

    i dun know whether i should still wait or to just move on....hahhaa confused

    Thanks in advance for listening

    Your gift and helps is very much appreciated


  • Thank you for the insight! And your right.....he wants me to wait around for him until he can move here....He has hundreds of projects going all at once and I'm very laid back and mellow to his high strung energy! I just laid out what I wanted and he hasn't responded....Oh well....He's a big boy and time is slipping the balls in his court now and my life moves on until I see something solid and real out of him! Did I mention he is 14 years older than me!!! Loved the advice....Have a GREAT weekend!

  • Thank you too! He's very moody and hardheaded! LOL And being a LEO I'm stubborn and can't stand to be put on he knows the score and it's up to him to get in touch.....My life is happy, full, and content....he can either join it or move we'll see what he does....Have a Blessed and Wonderful weekend!

  • sorry for the late reply but thanks addictedtoriches!

  • Dear Addictedtoriches,

    Thank you for replying to my post. Here is some more insight about the problems I am expericing with my Scorpio, they aren't pretty and I really need some help with this guy because he is driving me nuts! I do care about him, but somtimes I am ready to run to the hills because I am fed up with his behavior .

    My birthdate is July 22nd, 1980 1:31pm

    His is November 18th, 1969 5:55pm

    Can't seem to figure out our relationship, it seems like we are a good fit , but I am not so sure at times. He and I have been in a romantic relationship for about a year and a half now & it has been EXTREMELY trying at times. The biggest issue that I have with him is that he has a total and complete lack of caring and consideration of my feelings, which happens on a daily basis, which is extremely frustrating and has driven me to the point of leaving him more than once. he says that he cares about me, but I find it hard to believe given his behavior.Not to mention the fact that he is horribly secretive & evasive when asked even the most basic question, and is a TOTAL miser with money, I have never known someone so selfish. And to top it all off he has no problem bringing up other women from his past, which I think it completely rude and insensitive, I don't know what he is trying to acomplish with that. Do you see any points in my chart or his that would cause these kind of problems? I was told since I have Scorpio rising to beware of treachery from someone who has Mars in Aquarius, plus the fact that my moon is in opposition to his Saturn and is not good for a life together? Sorry this post was so long. Thank you for all of your help and insight.

  • Dear Ashponderer,

    As promised, I posted the ongoing saga between me & my Scorpio to Addictedtoriches, feel free to read and comment. Blessings.

  • Hey addictedtoriches,

    How are you, hun?

    Hope you are having a great day there, in the sunny California!

    I am doing okay, just busy with all the normal daily stuff 🙂

    I wonder if you can give any comments on this couple, my sister and her boyfriend. They are planning the future together.

    Okay, my sister is a Cancer - birthdate July 11, 1986

    Her boyfriend is a Virgo - birthdate September 18,1985

    Give your best shot!!! 😄

    Thank you in advance and have a great weekend!

  • Heeeyy! Emergence,

    Im okay, The day has just started here...

    Sunny day for sure, Its Hott!!

    Sorry i didnt send you the book info on

    Micheal yesterday i had a bad day, but

    also i couldnt find your email i forgot what

    thread you posted it in Doll, lol we jumped from so many

    can you send it again if you dont mind,

    Cancer and Virgo, i really think these too would be great for eachother!

    she gives him alot of security and he gives her support and he keeps

    her balanced emotionally, Although virgos can seem emotionally

    withdrawn which everyonce should beware, they mean well.. Virgos

    tend to put little importance on feelings since thier not really guaranteed

    and sometimes even fear feelings since they fear what is unexplainable lol,

    These guys often act like father figures protective and may even tell you

    how to behave in public and what not too wear, they mean NO HARM.

    i feel she is very motherly, sophisticated, hmm im looking for a word...

    a WOMEN, lady-like...she understands him very well and he knows that,

    thats why he likes her, overall i think the two will work out.

    No problem hunn, have funn today!

  • This post is deleted!

  • addictedtoriches,

    Thank you for the insight....what you said makes sense, it's just that it seems to be opposite.

    What you said for him seems more applicable to me and vice versa.

    We are really two people who are simple yet together everything seems so complex!

  • thanks addictedtoriches,

    yes patience is one thing i struggle with i guess im too anxious sometimes ok i'm just going to ait back and let things unfold lol and when i get impatient i guess i'll just bite my tongue as hard as that can be 😛


    wow well its great to know someone else knows how i feel i guess its just a scorpio thing and he's the first one that i've ever really talked to and he is soo completely different from what i know how to deal with lol every day he never ceases to suprises me with some new interest or personality trait well i have only known him a few months so i guess in scorpio time thats a bat of an eyelash sigh but i think he is totally worth waiting for soo i will

  • watwudjldo

    No problem hunn,

    i know how your feeling, i have a patience problem too!

    my last relationship was scorpio, sadly it didnt work out because

    it was a lack of communication concerning feelings, i was way too

    impatient, i felt he didnt trust me.... i couldnt give myself to him fully.

    scorpios can be pretty difficult indeed lol;

  • Hi addictdtoriches,

    good day.

    i posted my issue on page 6.

    just wonder did you overlook it 😉

    thank you again for the help given.

    smile always


  • Fishy76

    So Sorry Hunn, for the late reply;

    i did overlook your post So Sorry!

    i am now dealing with a pisces guy, You guys dont seem to forget anything or

    anyone who ever meant something to you; very sensitive people.

    Okay...its been 2years since you talked to her ? Why ?

    I feel that you think of her often...

    to release yourself from this cycle i think you should give her a call, put away your pride

    dont bring up what you put her through, that will get the convo nowhere she knows your sorry,

    ask her, hows her life going..let her know you were thinking about her & you miss her.

    Then tell her how you have changed, and Healed yourself for the better.

    If shes confident talking to you, suggest you guy hangout and catch up more..

    Just as friends.

  • hi addctdtoriches: why do i keep running into girls that are so mentally unbalanced?i mean they are nice to start out and but then they seemed to manipulate me in ways i never thought possible?will i meet any decent women nexttime around? thanks for your help&insights blessings to you!

  • Thunder07

    Hello, There.

    Are you young ? if you dont mind answering...

    I feel you are a very good person, you have alot to offer,

    and are looking to have a stable relationship with someone.

    However; its like you allow alot of the manipulation... if you recieve

    the same girls everytime, then the problem must be you.. you should

    try something new next time hunn, what do you think your doing to

    allow these girls to manipulate you ?

  • i feel sorry i guess but i can't pull it off being the meany!no i'm 46

  • Thunder07,

    Perhaps your dating younger women ?

    That arent as mentally developed as you,

    & dont know what they want.....Why feel sorry for someone trying to manipulate you ?

    You have to try to change this, otherwise women will continue to take advantage;

    understand you have something to offer, evaluate next time does this person

    have something to offer to you ? i feel you appreciate simple company while others

    want way more in return and you give just that.. dont be a doormatt.

  • thanks for the insight peace to you now,and always!

  • no problem hunn.

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