Anyone Need Relationship Advice

  • Hey hun,

    I hate it when you are right! lol

    Yep, patience is not in my dictionary, although I am trying my best all the time. 🙂

    Your instinct is just perfect, you describe everything so perfectly.

    At least, that is how I am seeing things too, the way it is now.

    I am not sure about him wanting to settle down now because he said that he is not ready to settle down, not for at least a few year ( might be a white lie thing, I don't know)..

    Since I met him, marriage and kids comes to my mind.

    I never thought of having kids before, I don't even care about getting pregnant.

    I was afraid to give up my freedom! lol

    I was all into having adoption kids from the 3rd world (it's a saggi thing again, saving the world) if I ever get the itch to be a mum, when I am finally tired of my freedom.

    But my feelings for him makes me want all these things; my own kids, marriage.

    Normally, my freedom will come first but now I am ready to settle down.

    When we broke up and when he told me that he is not ready to settle down, I lied to him in

    order to save my pride (not smart, I know.)

    I told him I am not thinking of settling down either, not in a few years.

    I need to be financially stable before I can think of marriage, kids etc.

    The reason I did that was because I do not want him to be afraid of me, of commitment.

    I know Taurus don't like to be push and they fear changes / commitment.

    They will panic when things gets too fast for them.

    I am staying right now, as his friends, because my heart and my guts are telling me not to give up, although I feel that he is wasting my time and energy.

    Each morning, when I pick a daily tarot card, the word 'patience' screams back at

    I guess we are both stubborn and fear of rejections.

    I am taking it slow for now, we are happy as friends, no argument, no fights. Fun fun fun!

    May this leads to something wonderful in the future (Patience!!! :))

    Thanks anna, you are doing great!

    You sure you are not a psychic????? 😄

    St. Pattys just a normal day where I am at.

    Nothing special really.

    Hope you are having more fun there!!

    Drink a Guinness on me, if you are having one 🙂

  • Dear Ana, I know you are right...I have been overthinking this for far too long. You have really helped me with your those last thoughts. He is self-absorbed right now, and maybe he will be there (and maybe he won't). The only difference in what you said is that I have not been over-talking it with others. I haven't shared anything about him with anyone...I have dealt with this all alone and that has been the hardest thing. If I'm guilty of over-talking or over-thinking it with anyone, it is with myself alone. Right now I believe you are is a love/hate. I want to say I don't like this feeling...I hate it. But I need to dig deep as you say and determine if there is something in this drama I am feeding off of. If so, it is extremely unhealthy, and I do need to heal myself emotionally. I guess I just hate the feeling that our "story" remains unfinished because neither one of us has had the courage to say out loud that we want all the way out. And I resent that it seems he is forcing me to make the call by cowardly retreating without so much as a word. I will not send him his things or his gifts to me. And I won't even send the letter I've been writing and rewriting for 7 days. Heavy sigh.

    Bless you so much dear Ana. I only wish I could express my gratitude for your time and your heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

  • Emergence,

    Thanks so much! aha, that gives me a little confidence =).

    i always give my friends advice & the say the same thing lol!

    sounds like you really like this guy! I feel like Patience may be a

    obstacle for you and the rewards are the things you've been thinking

    about lately Marriage & Kids, after all marriage,kids ect all takes Patience; i feel the

    rewards will be great though for you. & i keep gettin the feeling its

    "PLANNED" apart of some plans ? everything will happen with time, In time & On time.

    & continuing friendship is great, your compromising yourself alot for this relationship i see...

    which is good..

    im sure im not psychic, i fell for the Taurus TOO! ahaha.

    st. patty's day has never been anything big for me either,

    except this year i remebered to wear green lol so i felt like i had something

    to celebrate, had a great day so far... ahahaha WILL DO! ill take one

    for you too lol.

  • kcee,

    No thankyou sweetheart, for allowing me to help you im happy i could do so..

    like i said he will be there! emotionally heal yourself, he needs you but knows you

    not strong enough to help the problems, & you cant help him until you help yourself.

    WEAK CANT HELP WEAK but strong can help weak, not saying you weak or him,

    but both of you are clouded by things.Fix these and everything else will work out properly.

    this is only a obstacle you must defeat.

    Dont call, dont send the things back Doll, if he calls dont resent him yourself

    to him he does need you to be strong but also work on You, i feel you havent done that in

    a WHILE...i wish you the best, & message meif you wanna talk about anything

    or simply need some support hun.

    many blessings


  • You are welcome! Anytime!

    You are doing great, your friends are right.

    (I am very intuitive too......I feel that in you lol)

    Not trying to crowd you but I want to share this with you 🙂

    My horoscope reading for today! Again...PATIENCE!! lol

    Thursday, Mar 18th, 2010 -- You may be disappointed today when it becomes apparent that you have to handle any resistance that surfaces prior to continuing on your path. It's especially difficult if you have been anticipating success and are now told that you have additional work to do before reaching your destination. But don't let the setback bother you. Keep a positive attitude and meet any problems head-on. You are closer to your goal than you think.

    Yes, against all my better judgement (if I do have one )...I really like him.

    He completes me 🙂

    Wish me luck!

  • I see you that you are intutive too!

    this line here stand out:

    "It's especially difficult if you have been anticipating success and are now told that you have additional work to do before reaching your destination"

    reading your horoscope, sounds like it was wrote exactly for you!

    lol, Patience sshheesshh, i cant even lie.. im THE most impatient too,

    especially with things! its just that thought knowing your waiting for something

    you really want.

  • Dang,,,,,I am getting goosebumps here...REALLY!!!

  • Not sure about your assessment about gemini's. There is not a written rule on any sign. My comment refers to the gemini and leo relationship.

  • rraine16

    Hello hun,

    do you have a problem question with gemini/leo ?

    your right there is no written rule, astrology is just something i like

    to use as a demonstration to describe ones personality, and crazy enough

    i have very close relationships with both these signs especially Leo so i think i could help you.

  • i do very much i met this guy online he's a scorpio

    so i've known this guy for a while and we talk all the time sometimes for up to 8 hours on te phone or online and he always says really sweeet things like that im important to him and i told him i loved him and now he says he loves me too sometimes even before i say it and has started calling me baby and honey. but he hasnt said anything about a relationship. i just sometimes dont know if its real or if he knows its what i want to hear

  • Watwudjildo,

    Hey Doll

    About how long have you two been talking ?

    i see nothing wrong with this relationship...

    it seems normal, as far as you wanting a relationship,

    Scorpios move very slow with "Those" & needs to see

    loyalty first..I say you continue with how things are,

    dont rush!

  • I would love insight into this point forward. Especially regarding kids (will there be more?). Just wondering what you see in terms of my current relationship :0), thanks a billion!!!

  • Hello Watwudjildo,

    I am also seeing a Scorpio, and we have been together for a year and a half now. It is next to impossible for him to tell me his feelings, much less answer a simple question (more on that later, I will be posting that info for addictdtoriches for some help, feel free to read) and much less tell me he loves me, which hasn't happened yet, makes me wonder if he will ever come out and say it, instead of telling me he knows it in his heart but for whatever reason can't form the actual words or if I am deluding myself. I feel your pain!

  • Adictedtoriches,

    Thank you for your kind response. You are right. I do think we are soulmates; an instant connection. However still working on improving communication.

    Thank you be blessed 🙂

  • Scorpio Men ? Lol. One of the most mysterious, brooding yet addicting ppl. Sighh...u cant help but be drawn to them. They never really express their feelings for you. Yet you know them they care, but wouldnt it be wonderful if they really said it once in a while? For myself, he never expressed it. But i knew wht he felt for me. Eventually 5 years later he expresses how important i am to him - yep, and i have known him for twice the time. Though his confession came years later, we had moved on to different paths - but never forgotten. Its very hard for scorpio men, atleast from my experience, to express their deepest feelings. For me and him , we bonded so well - we never really had to communicate expressly. I just knew how to read him and he to read me. But in my case, time was all wrong. 🙂 But good memories to remember by.

  • Hi addictdtoriches - I guess you can't really call this asking for relationship advice - but its as close as I have now. My husband and I are going through a divorce - we would be married 20 years on July 19, 2010. Maybe the process will strech out that far - who knows. He won't come back. Even if he knows he made a mistake and if he was able to release his controlling attitude, he won't come back. His ego is too big and I am just less forgiving than I was. THis was not infidelity - he says it was incompatability, but he just didn't want to take care of the house and kids and garden and our life like I though was necessary - he wanted to go out and play golf and do stuff with his dysfunctional family and drinking buddies all the time. He just did not want to accept familiy life (Yet he was the one who asked me to marry him. He was the one who wanted kids - etc. etc.) Anyway, if it matters - My BD is 3/14/1958. His (the exhusband) is 6/12/1961. Now for my friend - he is 11/16/1965. Up until sometime in Feb we were calling each other weekly, talking on the phone for hours at tnight about all sorts of things. We became very good friends. I knew he had a girlfriend of some sort, but since he was talking to me at night, it didn't seem like she was there all that much. I wrote im emails and letter. His business needed some help so I made him a native american indian medicine bag with some crystals and an arrowhead and a few other things in it and gave it to him an he seemed very pleased. Then last week he calls me up and wants to know why I am barraging him with email and letters. What are my INTENTIONS? "Why are you doing this to me? Do you think that You and I are going to have a relationship?Why are you pushing me away?" ... - Okay - maybe I I wrote him a few too too many emails or letters - I was trying to give him some encouragement for his business and send him some positive energy - I thought okay - enough - no more. Then I get - "My girlfriend reads these things and I want to know what your intentions are - she's been living with me for 6 years (I had no idea - he never even mentioned her name) - "...who knows how long that will last....we have plenty of time.. don't poush me away..." Then the major weirdness "My girlfriend opened the bag you gave me and found some HAIRS in it - what is thins - I was totally grossed out. I don't want this around. What kind of voodoo curse are you doing..."" Okay this is weird - I have never given anyone a native american medicine bag and had them accuse me of being a voodoo witch queen. FInding out his girlfriend was sort of a fixture in his life was one thing but be accused of "vvoodoo" in the bad sense of the word was really weird and I thought rather hurtful. This is coming from someone who s relatively intelligent and highly evolved. My thoughts are that the GF put it in his head. (Maybe she is the one doing the voodoo stuff) I think she must be very possessive, very insecure and jealous. I reread all my emails and letters and I decided that - yes - if someone was really insecure, they could read into them that I was trying to steal their boyfriend (but remember that I did not know that this was a "permanent relationship")He says he loves her - but she's sort of invisible. Plus I can't see how she keeps him under her thumb like that because he's a very independent person.

    Anyway, he went on to say that he really really really likes me and that we have pleanty of time...."Whatever that means. Then he went on to talk about how this all came on the heels of a friend of his committing suicide earlier in the week. Then he calmed down and I heard her say something to him like it was time to get off the phone. So I figure - fine - I am not going to call. I am not going to email. I don't deal with jealous wives and girlfriends. I don't need that kind of bad vibratione. I sent him a text that said - You may mail back the bag or whatever you do not want. I worked very hard to make it and I would be glad to give it to someone hwo needs it. I am sorry I did not know the whole situation with your household. However, the accusation of voodoo witch doctor came from your head - that is not my doing. IF that is really what you think of me, then why would you want to be my friend or vice versa."

    I found this really really weird. I have a friend who lives across country who would call me once in a while and my exhusband would get upset about THAT! - but even he would not go through my things or read my mail - unless it involved money or bank statements. It was just so bizarre of a response. Got any ideas? I would really like to keep my friend but he knows my husband so my husband will always read a little more into what's going on that there really is. - I can deal with that and - he doesn't want me anymore anyway. But now I know that there's a SPY on the other side. We can't go ride bikes or go on a hike or do anything without sneaking around because if she finds out there will be another major blow-up. I kind of wonder how he has handled this for all these years. Just bizarre. and really kind of sad I guess.

    Oh yeah - the GF bD is 10/20/1981 I think.

  • Dear Turtledust,

    So sorry to hear about the Divorce Hunn.

    i feel you are a very matture Women, and have endured so much with

    your ex husband, You have been there for him and put alot of your trust into

    yall's marriage... I feel you have good intuition and understand he's not coming back;

    You nurtured this man often and well ? Once you guys were in love like Kids,

    & he love'd the feeling of no responsablity, i believe thats why he dosent wanna

    help with the kids ect. However, You will be alright.

    Now this new friend of yours I feel is hiding things from You and his Girlfriend,

    I dont think he's looking for any kind of relationship either but you never know with

    Scorpio's they're not the best at expressing feelings AT ALL & can be Very slow.

    The guys that you like have alot in common it seems; i think hes a great friend

    someone to hang with every now and then But a Relationship wouldnt be too great,

    he has a girlfriend and so on..& if a relationship was formed you guys

    would be starting off not so good. Continue friends with this guy Not too serious, Though

    I even think he may be able to help you.

    Anna, many blessings

  • gladyouwroteme,

    Hello Hunn,

    sorry =( im not a pyschic.

    i hear your story and try my best to say what comes

    from within... what particular situation are you having ?

  • LaMordis

    Hello doll,

    Hmm..Scorpio can be very mentally torturing when the subject love comes about,

    Dont worry "love" can be very intense the more intense the less we wanna admit,

    i feel you guys have a good relationship,Dont push him him He means what he say

    in all things he says & Trust im speaking from experience

    i dated a scorpio not long ago; this guy knew me very well very quickly & yes they

    have a mysterious appeal that draws everyone to them just to TRY them;

    the relationship can be rewarding with loyalty once you show your loyalty

    to a scorpio.

    Anna, many blessing hunn.

  • Thank you addictdtoriches

    I think you are right. I wasn't really looking for a relationship because I have so many things to take care of right now, not to mention the unpleasantries of being dropped off in a sea of men going through mid-life crises. He was getting to be like - my best friend and we would talk a lot on the phone but now I see that he has this jealous/possessive woman attached to him and I know we can never go ride bikes or go to the beack or even to the hardware store without her insinuating that he is off doing something wrong. So its sort of like - there can't even be a friendship which is really sad. Guess I will look elsewhere. TATA.

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