Anyone Need Relationship Advice

  • cyw39,


    What areas are you seeking advice in ?

  • Balance and romantic relationship, some great times , some lack of communication, What is going on?

    Thank you:)

  • I understand, I've tried before, talking to him, but he just brushes it off and says okay. Nothing ever comes from it though I don't know If he's sending me a signal that he isn't interested or what???!!! I know that recently he said something like he doesn't feel like I'm showing my emotions as much as he does but I don't know if that could be the problem or what

  • Hello! 🙂

    My birthday is December 18, 1984 and had questions regarding my love life and the guy that i was dating up until 2 months ago. He's July 5, 1984. Will he be coming back to my life in the future or is he gone for good? If so, do we have a chance to start over or we will just become friends? At this point how does he see me as and does he care about me or feels anything? His birthday came up recently and i sent him a birthday card along with an enclosed letter. Did he read the letter and what were his thoughts/reaction after? Thank you very much for your time!

  • I also have a post under love and relationships with more info regarding the situation called "Extremely Sad about Cancer Man :("

  • Hi Addictedtoriches!

    I would love to see if you can throw any light on my relationship which is all over the place,

    Im Virgo (25 aug 70)and he is Aries (14 Apr 70). I dont think he is a typical aries as he is quiet, not like the typical ram? He is fed up with work and very down, and he is acting out of character. Trying to motivate him and get him excited about life. Its hard.

    Whats going on Star wise??


    Kind Regards


  • Aries are rare yes, these are one of the REAl men of the zodiac..

    aires need to feel whole like a man, you have to understand his root

    of confusions, stress, and fed up attitude. I feel at heart you really mean

    well trying to help, but you must let him come around when he feels like it,

    I feel hes the type of guy if you sit in front of him and talk all day he wont interupt you or excuse

    you at all to say one word lol just an example.. but if you open your eyes then maybe then

    he'll begin to proceed.

  • yes you are right, he is very passive, man of few words. hard to know whats going on in that head. its hard to sit by and watch someone totally withdraw and not deal with things. It has been put to me that im not responsible for his actions, as he is an adult. he has lied to me and now i doubt everything, wondering is there more?

    thanks a million. food for thought!

    kind regards caz

  • Maybe you can give me some insight. My DOB 6-22-82 I would like to know why I have such a strong attraction this man and feel like I have known him for a long time DOB 9 -8-67. Where is our friendship going in the future?Thanks

  • Im just wondering when my soul mate is ever going to come in to my life and when..Cuz im not getn any younger and im tired of being single and lonely..Im in to cwbys and the last one I had I guess wasnt him...but some how I cant get over him..its like theres a magnet that keeps me there and wont let me go.. Hes a scorpio and im a cancer...but at the beganning we got along great and then it got sour due to he was hurt and I guess his love/hate additued got in the min he was a loving passionet man the the next he was with drawn, cruel depressed and moody..Hell hes was worse then I still do care for him but I dont want to be in his drama also, but some things telln me to still b there 4 him...I dont know wat to do any more all i want is to find my soul mate and be happy and inlove..but some how it seems like I cant find him...when i meet some one and give them wat they want..(love) then they run away...I guess they all cant handle all this So is my soul mate still out there look 4 me as I am him and when are we ever gona renite..I hope soon...Rhonda

  • Oh my birthday is 6/30/63 and time born 1:30 am I just need help with my future and where its going b4 my time is up...thanks

  • Thank-you for your offer. Am just about crazy. Been married for a long time to a wonderful man. 2yrs ago out of the blue he leaves me. In this 2yrs, we've spent time together, slept together and spent family time together. I'v heard he loves me, then hes confused, and doesnt know what he wants. He even filed for a Divorce , then stopped it. He now has pulled away from me and says he loves me and will always love me but not enough to stay married to me. I really do love this crazy man, I'v tryed to move on, but its hard giving up 20yrs to my best friend, lover , husband and soul mate. Question #1- Do you see him getting his stuff together? #2- what has happened to him? #3- Will we get back together or is it really over for us? Thank-you for any insight you may have. Cathi56

  • addictdtoriches, Thanks for your offer. I am kinda like the lady above! after 30 years of a wonderful marriage, NOW, he wants a divorce. Yes, there has been cheating. 1. Will we get back together? 2. Is there another person (woman) in his life now? I wish I could communicate with Cathi56.....Thank you so much for your offer. I have been asking for a reading for quite some time, and not received any. I hope you will beable to help me ease my mind. Birthdates: Mine, 5/7/55 His, 5/19/55

  • Hello Addictedtoriches:

    When you find the time can you tell me about a certain person who wants to start over his b-day is 091260 my is 071660. I have stayed away because he only wants a friend now and then and I want more. What do you think. The more i reject and stay away the more he wants to start over. Thank you Star49

  • Hi Addictedtoriches,

    Does it look like my husband and I are going to last and live happily ever after?=-)

    We've been together a long time and we love each other very much,(married since 2002)but I'm getting a little nervous with all the problems we're having.

    Thank you=D

    My birth date-time-place are 11/15/1976 6:58 pm La Mesa,California

    His is 3/28/1969 2:27pm Hillcrest, San Diego, California

  • Dear addictedtoriches,

    I would like a reading if you have the time. I am not currently in a relationship, but I am wondering if you might be able to tell me when I might be meeting the man I will spend the rest of my life with. I am very nervous about dating again, but I think I am ready to start again...Any insight you can give me would be wonderful. 🙂 My dob is April 11, 1980. 🙂 Thanks again. 🙂


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey donnamae92, sorry , but its good to know Im not the only one out here. Like you i HAVE-NOT received a reading. I dont under stand? If you would like to talk let me know I will give you my number. Still crazy and hurt in Nebraska, cathi56

  • Hi Addictdtoriches!

    My birthdate is January 30, 1961 at 8:53 a.m. in S.F., CA. My fiance's birthdate is November 4. 1954 at 2 a.m. in Frankfurt, Germany. He lives in California now. What kind of a relationship do we have; what are our strengths as a couple?

    A female friend born May 23, 1967 in Granada Hills, CA "friended" him on a social networking site we are both on earlier this year. They attended college 15 years ago and he had a romantic interest in her back then (she turned him down then). What kind of a relationship do they have now? She seems unusually possessive about their relationship. Thanks!

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