Anyone Need Relationship Advice

  • Okay so I see alot of you are looking for relationship advice,

    and some of the feedback seems to be Good and not so Good,

    well anyways I figure if you look at anything negatively you will

    get negative results so anyhow I seem to love giving relationship

    advice especially for the fellas, ladies too Feel Free to let me know

    or if you just wanna get some thoughts off you mind Let Me Know 😉

  • Anyone ?

    dating problems? Marriage problems? breakup probmes?

  • You've already got me on my thread. :0)

  • Hi addictdtoriches,

    u r a psychic?

    Anyway, I m hoping to patch bk w my ex.

    Any possibility?



  • Broke up with my Cancer b/f 5 months ago, Will I ever hear from him again ? .Me 31st Jan 1953, Him 6 July 1979. Miss him terribly.

  • Hi addictoriches,

    You can't seem to stop making me laugh...

    Yesterday, I found the hilarious horoscope and the after ***

    Great cure for a blue Monday!

    today, found this thread of yours... 🙂

    How are you doing today?

    Anyway, you are doing a good thing here, offering advices.

    One does not need to be a psychic to give a reasonable advice to someone.

    I am good at giving others advice too ( so I have been told by friends) but when it comes to me own problems.....I rather bang my head at the clue on what to do lol!

    Have fun!

    Shout if you need my opinions haha..!

  • for me..

    i am 16/04/1972, he is 17/11/1965.

  • Sure, I'm always up for a new perspective. I met this man online 10 months ago. We talk everyday, 2 or 3 times by phone, we text throughout the day, chat get the idea. I have come to care very much for him and he says he cares for me too. The problem is, we have yet to meet in person. His primary reason for this is job security. There have been massive layoffs where he works. The layoffs are based on seniority, and he's now the low man on the totem pole. So if they decide to let anyone else go, he would be the first on the list. Because of this, every decision he makes in his life is based on the possibility that he may lose his job at any time. He says I deserve someone with a job and he doesn't want to bring me into that situation, though I've told him my feelings for him have nothing to do with his job status. I also believe that he's scared. He had his heart broken, so he's a little hesitant. But, who hasn't had their heart broken?

    Anyway, I'm sort of at a crossroads here. I care so much for him, but it's painful to be so lonely, waiting and hoping that something will change. Every time I bring it up to him and let him know how much it hurts me, he becomes even more attentive, as if he doesn't want to lose me.

    Well, I've rambled long enough. I don't know if you need birthdays, but mine is Jan. 18, 1973 and his is Dec. 28, 1965. Thank you so much in advance for any advice you could give me.

  • I too have met someone on line, however that was a mere 3 weeks ago. We switched to MSN, and we seem to get along great, atalking almost every you see us getting together at all? He is Gemini and I am Aquarius.

  • Hi. Hopefully you can help me. I would so appreciate it so much!!! thank you!!!!!I am 2/2/1977 and he is 8/8/1984. I love him deeply and I believe he loves me deeply and he is a very kind and uncruel person, however when he feels pushed or scared he says things I believe he does not mean and has said himself in the past he doesn't mean. Then he runs back to an ex that treated him horribly. How can we or even can we get through this? Thank you again!!!!!

  • Would love some advice.....Cancer Man driving me crazy with on again, off again relationship! His birthday 7/13 and mine is 7/29.....any chance this will work?????!!!

  • BamaFan>>Would love some advice.....Cancer Man driving me crazy with on again, off again relationship! His birthday 7/13 and mine is 7/29.....any chance this will work?????!!!

    Sandran712>>My birthday is July12th.But, Cancer men act different than females.The off again on again is typical Cancer.Cancer doesn't do long distance relationships/especially meeting online.Because a Cancer feels a relationship.We don't focus on words.We need physical contact for a relationship.If you are in the same city.Close to each other.It could work

  • hello,

    i broke up with my ex about a year ago this april...the relationship although loving was difficult because of trust and personal issues on my part. The arguing came to a peak in october and we barely talked. December he comes up to me and says he misses me and before the year end i was confused on where i stood. The second week of January he decides to email me to ask how im doing and the conversation was limited. February came and he wished me a happy birthday and that was that. I decided to contact him last week and he replied almost immediately. On friday, he texts me randomly and we start talking. He invites me over and we go for a walk and end up talking. Now, Im at a point where i was fed up with the back and forth of talking, no talking, feelings and no feelings. So I asked him to help me close the chapter that seemed to not want to close and that was to tell me how he felt. He said he had no feelings for me whatsoever. And i asked if he was sure and he said yes. I told him that I dont know yet if I can continue speaking to him for a little bit to grapple with my feelings and he gets mad at me. And then goes on to say that all the guys after him will be ugly, etc. Eventually, I tell him to calm down and stop. And he just kept staring at me and tracing my face and saying this is a bad idea. and he feels bad. Not to mention he is "talking" to someone apparently since November but because of school he has hadnt any time to put more energy into it and hes taking it really slow. so, right now i feel like a mess and my thoughts are just in turmoil. What to do? Im confused but I have an idea of the situation. My birthday is 2/21/90 and his is 9/23/89. Thanks.

  • Hey,

    @ Pisc-leo no im not a pyschic

    but i can help if you need any relationship advice hun.

    blessings to you

  • Bamafan2

    Hey doll, Cancers...most cancers tend to be very moody

    and unpredictable when it comes to feelings, maybe you should

    just try asking him whats on his mind, you must attend to these

    people emotional needs first off maybe hes just going thru a typical

    mood swing, try offering him some support hun,

    blessing to you

  • Hey Emergence, How are you Hun ?

    aawwhh why a Blue day for ya?

    & im good, loving the weather today in california

    right before spring break and today is going pretty good 😉

    lol, i Try entertaining myself and others.

    thanksss.. thats would be cool if you join and give advice too.

  • DChell

    Awww Capicorn and Capicorn usually goes great,

    and yes most capicorns when not financially stable

    can tremindously bother them not to be, so i can understand

    where hes coming from... The best thing you can do is give

    him as much support as possible i recommend you let him

    how you feel and also try helping him with his confidence

    give him confidence when he tells you, you deserve better

    because capicorns can really dwell on not feeling good enough.

    many blessings to you hun


  • mp1987,

    Heeeyy hun,

    what is the problem your having with your man ?


  • mandysfun2000

    Hello Hun,

    Ok your your man is a Leo, what you need to give him

    is loyalty, a bond and friendship also LOTS OF SUPPORT

    leos need support and attention from you, once you give him

    that he'll wanna be there for you More becuae most of all he'll

    need you, yes leo's often get excited and you may even clash because

    your probably feeling he's being a little of a jerk but let him sometimes!

    leos wanna feel like the boss, so let him thats the feeling he wants

    once he establish he place he'll loosen up and feel more secure

    but Love you because how you make him feel.

    many blessing hun,


  • DrJovi

    Heyy Doll,

    Okay so hes a virgo and your a pisces ? Right.

    Most to all virgos including myself are are not good with feelings!

    and do not like when were pushed to speak of our feelings, i definetly thinks

    this guy likes you, but doesnt want to push for a relationship just Yet, Virgos

    need to be for sure about people and things plus.. they dont often deal with

    people they feel dont have the potential of something long-term, so dont worry

    if he say he has no feelings, & be consistant! dont change.. maybe hes not ready for a relationship and is telling you there is no feelings so you dont think Oh hes feeling

    me then why dosent he wanna be in a relationship with me.

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