Gemini girl question

  • So I met this Thai girl who is a Gemni for a date out of town this past Saturday. I originall met her on an internet datng site....her name is Nissah and she is from Bangkok. Two of her friends joined us on Saturday. We met at a Thai resturaunt. She was nice and we talked and I made them, laugh a bit and we would nudge eachother's shoulders and such. They then asked me to follow them to a movie theatre where her two frinds let me and her sit alone toward the back. I felt funny putting my arm around her or trying to kiss with so many othger people around us so played it safe. At the end of the date as we walked to the parjing lot to our cars, I asked if she would like to meet again nextr Saturday. She said maybe. Also asked if she still would like to cook some tHai food and another maybe sort of response. She seems like a nice girl and doesn't like to drink much, which is attractive to me as my ex-wife had a drinking problem and I am trying to taper down myself.

    Any ideas on if she is really feeling me or not> I am thinking about calling her tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks for any input.

    And to the Captain, I am attracted to all foreign women in general because I find them to be exotic but I also love the women around here. And also, I try to meet women in all avenues of life, certainly just not the internet. Just clarifying. I think I am especially attracted to Asians because I was Asian in a past life.

  • Kentucker

    Just a bit of Advice, depending on what kind of gal she is...

    But most gemini women love exciting thngs and places, you must

    talk and even more listen to what these women have to talk about,

    also talk back as if your interest, hmmm movie sounds good!But

    too many make bad mistakes on taking gals to movies on the first

    date your not able to talk, and learn and enjoy the person so cooking

    food does sound good for about the 4th date, like i said gemini women

    love to have fun and exciting things trust me i know, my mother is a gemini

    and shes all over the place i cant even keep up with her and if shes at home

    shes chatting endlessy over the phone,

    so just a little advice from me 😉

  • yeah, movies on dates suck, just wanted to tag along

    I know how crazy and scattered gemni's ex wife is one

  • lol, plus gals React totally different around their girlfriends!

    Yikes! Gemin's are a pain in the butt, not too mention the two

    personalities you have to deal with daily

  • Yeah, my ex was one way one day and the other th enext...was a roller coaster of moods and emotions and "plans"

    Yeah, plus Thai women are very conservative about touching. I reached out for an awkward one armed hug though at the end of the date. Think Wednesday would be too late to call her? I hope she is into me as she seems like a nice girl. But if not, I can find plenty of others.

  • Just curious, but what is your sign? I am a Gemini female, so I can speak with regards to how we think and such, though I am not familiar with Thai culture.

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