Is she ok?

  • I'm sorry to ask this, but I haven't heard from this girl, last time we met was on thursday, and we had agreed to go watch Alice in Wonderland today.

    Thursday, when I asked if she'd come online that day, she said yes, and she didn't come online.

    She didn't reply to my text messages either, and saturday when I tried to call, she didn't answer.

    Today, I tried to call again and the cell phone is off.

    DoB is 23 or 24/10/1988 (midnight GMT between 23 and 24)

    I'd just like to know if she's alive or not, don't need anything else... I'd really appreciate if anyone could help with this... I don't know well how psychic powers work.

    Location is Portugal, by the way...

    If you need a description, I can post one +-.

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