Scorpio woman and Taurus men....

  • Hi, I had been dating a Taurus, first time and I'm on not sure if the following is a trait or just him. Here goes.... he offered twice to help me with something in the house, I accepted even though it is something I can do myself. While he was doing it, he started freaking out, losing control and raising his voice at me...all the while my 16yr old son....feeling pretty puzzled, without hesitation this time around...I told him to leave.

    We dated for a month, he was sure I was the one, even though I wasn't there....feelings as strong as his (I mean)

    Anyhow, my question is: Do you feel this is a Taurus thing or simply just an impatient man thing???

    Thanks for your answers.

  • No No No! You've got it right, i may be wrong..

    but most Taurus guys are pretty aggressive, overly protective, and STUBBURB, & even Lazy

    however i think you need to deicide now wheather your willing to still hang in there

    with this guy because as Taurus they can be committed although the relationship

    can be a little bumpy but go side ways but they reward you with their stability of

    holding on... just a little advice for the long run

  • Thanks addicttoriches!....well he called me last night from a I figured that he doesn't know anything about love cause he's already out on the prowl. To confirm that, I got a friend of mine to call him and ask for someone else, she did and he tried to have a conversation with her! So Taurus or LOOSER!

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  • Oh my Shorty, very sorry about that trapped relationship, glad it's over! Thanks for the insight!!!! Well as for me and my situation, he is such a looser, imagine this, last night he called back my friends number asking her if she remembered him...she said no sorry and hung up. She texted me and told me so right away, I called him and asked "So are you trying to get with Georgette???" lol....omg he hung up and I laughed! So as for being a male sl*** it! Understood right away... I'm a single mom, working 3 jobs and paying child support for another child because the Dad stole her from me and the court awarded him custody "on welfare" so.... I really don't need more drama and bullsh** in my life.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Scorpwolf,

    My ex and my good friend ( a guy) are both Taurus. Although me and my ex are no longer together, we are still friends. I guess that is the stubbornness of a Taurus, he don't want to cut all ties. I cannot lie about his character. He is very well mannered, full of patience and hardworking. Stubborn, yes. He never shouted at me, not even when I make him really angry. He is very patient towards me. I am a Sagittarius, I tend to get angry pretty fast. He will just leave me alone and let me cool down. But whenever I am down, I can always count on him to be there.He is also very hardworking. He will be at the office in the weekends too, if he feels that he need to finish things up.

    His niece and nephew, age 2 and 3 years old, adores him. Whenever they come visit, all they want to be with, is their uncle. They will forget their granny and grandpa and their parents even lol. Last Thanksgiving, they begged us to let them follow us home so that could spend a night at his apartment. I was there for holiday. My Taurus asked me if it was okay with me ( it's not my apartment, but his). I agreed and insisted to sleep on the couch and let his niece and nephew sleep with him in bed. 🙂

    Overall, my ex is a great guy. We are still friends now.

    My good friend, who is also Taurus, share the same character as my ex. I wish I can tell you otherwise.

    Maybe their Moon and Rising signs makes them different?

    All the best 🙂

  • Thanks...Emergence! I don't think that it's all Taurus...mainly just an impatient man that I just couldn't evolve I'm happy for you in your friendship...but as for that giggolo, hell no!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • ScorpWolf & Shorty 1028,

    I'm so sorry for what you've been through. My ex-husband is similar, but a double Capricorn. I wish I could say it were a guy thing, but I know women who act the same way.

    I wonder if it's partially hereditary (psychological issues) and learned. After I was married for a couple of years, I discovered that his brother and dad were cheaters, controlling, and verbally/emotionally abusive to their spouses and children too - they just hid it very well, and none are Taurus.

    Perhaps it is the dark side of the sign or it could be as emergence wrote and be a matter of different ascendant and moon signs. For me, as a Taurus, I have noticed that I can become very stubborn - mostly if pushed. I like to go at my own pace, and have problems speeding up or slowing down to suite others - although I can and do. I've been accused of being impatient and too patient - sometimes at the same time.

    I'm not overly aggressive, again unless really pushed. However, I am assertive and will stand up for myself, someone that I care about, or anyone being treated unjustly. The only thing I've ever stalked was a cup of coffee. I've never been lazy, although I do know how to have fun . I tend to have expensive tastes, but I hate spending money - which is for me the darkest contradiction of my sign. I have virgo ascendant and pisces moon.

    In any case, it sounds like we're all better off without their negative energy in our lives!

    Blessings and light!

  • News Flash!!!!

    Ok so here goes again.... he called me last Saturday (knowing it's my only day off)... He apologized over and over, while he cried softly on the phone, asking and begging me to give him another I was floored! We met and I had questions....first one was, why did you call that number back??? Georgette's? He responded that he knew it had something to do with me...but wasn't sure until I called him right back after. So since I started it (on a jealousy level is what he expressed) he wanted to finish it.... since we we're both acting like children..and upset, he thought he'd play the game too. What do you ladies think about that?

    And...I told him that in order for us to be reunited certain things are a must!!!

    So here goes, I suggested an exercise. We both wrote down some "Tolerate" things that we see in our "better half", some "Absolutely can't tolerate", 3rd category was "Just ok with..." and last " Really really like" we spoke about each individual sub-category...we understood eachother and made sure a second time around...that even though certain things might come up needs work! Funny thing is, I didn't even know before this exercise that I was doing something that he "Absolutely can't tolerate".... learning process? YES!!!! Could I have been wrong? YES!!!!!

    To all that are interested, I'll keep you in the loop! If you have any comments or suggestions...drop a few lines and I will read everything.

    TaurusChicky, thanks! He too has had a very impatient and disturbing upbringing! But I made it clear to him, that he is a man now and too man up, is to not react or act with the emotions of a child!

    We will do more exercises since it seems to helps....other than that I understand that the relationship is still young and nobody is perfect! But self-improvement is a must for me! thanks everyone!

  • I'm glad you are able to communicate honestly with each other. It seems you both are willing to do the work and to listen to one another. That's not always easy to do or to find in a partner.

    It sounds like he is serious about making it work! I'm happy for you.

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  • Hi Shorty...well after the initial (email above) blow out.... when I told him to leave, he too saw a scorpio he never saw I won't detail, but he blankly told me I scared him and he also knows that I'm very advanced in self-defense techniques lol!!! I'm sure he won't try that crap again! Sorry for your bruises and such...that is typically a jealous male thing....been there. Hats off to you for getting out 🙂

    Know a relationship should not be based on being afraid or anything else other than love. Thanks again for sharing and I will keep my eyes/ears open! Meanwhile, the working together side is doing good. Honestly, one month is nothing to brag about so..... I will stay sharp and focused and see where it goes, nothing is written in stone. True love should never come with broken bones! (on either side)

    If you have any more stories to share, please write away....I'm here! The faithful Scorpwolf 🙂

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  • Hey Scorpwolf, shorty1028 and everyone else,

    I have posted this in the other thread but I don't mind sharing this again with all of you here. All comments and advices are definitely welcome.

    Let me share my Taurass with all of you here, those willing to listen;

    My Taurass ( who is an ex right now ,who does not want to get out of my life but afraid of commitment, who resented it when I go silent on him for days but when he does that, it is okay and he acted as if it was normal.)

    • Loves all the finer things in life, his apartment is beautiful and well decorated. ( I thought he had Oprah and her team decorated his place!)

    • Dresses well, expensive stuff ( well, he can afford it with his good pay job)

    • Analytical thinker who always offer his help to others when asked. (willing to explain something for hours to those who is willing to learn)

    • Lonewolf, who lives by his own ideas and methods, without intrusion of others. ( STUBBORN, his way or the highway!)

    • Great support person, pulling the best out of those around him. (always there when friends or colleagues needed his advice and help)

    • Selfish sometimes, thinking of himself as the center of the universe. ( and he tend to forget that I existed in his life when we were in a relationship)

    • Very passionate and sensual lover ( don't expect very wild S E X with this one but his touches are magic!!! I don't need to go further into this)

    • Comfortable at keeping distant and remaining somewhat separated. ( let me be in his life and shared his secrets with me but still can act aloof sometimes)

    -. Very practical and afraid of any immediate changes ( need plenty of time to adapt to changes).

    These are the the traits I notice in my Taurass. Why did I fell for him and still loves him?

    His personality; well mannered, driven, knows what he wants, practical, loves all the good things in life, caring when he wants to be, super faithful, his nieces and nephews loves to be around him, never forget to take his grandparents out for breakfast on Sunday mornings, never fails to buy my favorite ice cream and leave it in the freezer for me to find them, always put his arm around me when we sleep, enjoy my cooking, know when to tell me to shut up! (I am a Sags, tend to be loud and brutal sometimes LOL) etc.....

    What I used to hate about him?

    Stubborn! Too focus on his goal that he can appear cold and insensitive without realizing it. Afraid of commitment (which was why we broke up).

    Well, despite all these and even we are not in a relationship anymore, I still love him for the person he is. He is not perfect, neither am I. We are still friends. I have tried many times to make him hates me and cut off all ties with me but he is very persistent on being my friend, being in my life, never want to give me up. In short, I can't get rid of him. That's the faithfulness right there!

    I am used to his hot and cold attitude now. I won't worry or feel sad anymore if he decides to stay away for days without a word...I will give him that space....I won't probe him to tell me when he said that he has some issues to handle, I will wait till he is ready to share them with me. There is no point on forcing a BULL! Believe me, I am a Sags and I am a very stubborn person but I believe that I have meet my match now.

    Since the break up, I feel that we understand each other better and our communication improves in so many ways. I know when NOT to push his buttons and I know when to pull him near. He is not my priority 1 any longer ( even if he is, I will never let him know!). I don't wait around for him to cheer me up or ask me how my day was because it will only lead to disappointment. Deep in my heart I know he cares.

    As for improvements from his side, well, I hear from him more often now. He will drop me a note in my email, text me or get on the chat, just to ask me how my days were etc etc. He won't ask me why I go silent on him for days/ weeks ( pride and stubborn) and I don't see the need to give him a full report either. We talk about general stuff, no drama and no tension whatsoever.

    My advice to those who are dating Taurus, give them the space they need. They will appreciate that very much. Get a hobby! Don't expect them to do things the way you want them to. Don't tell them what to do. The more you tell them what to do, the more they will retaliate. Pull him near forcefully and you will be only pushing him away.

    If the Taurus cares about you or if you mean something to them, they won't let you go. They will be in your life forever if you let them. They are a faithful creature. No matter how commitment fears them, if they loves you, they will stay. Take things slow. Let them work on their own tempo and to be comfortable with the idea that you are the ONE. Patience is needed here. It will get you nowhere if you want everything to be fast with Taurus. They need time to adjust.

    I have a few readings done about us and all readings said the same thing. We could have a great future together but we both have issues and his major issues are the fear in commitment and the changes he has to adapt to in order to have me completely in his life. Oh well...

    Just my 2 cents...some might not agree with me on this but this is my experience with my Taurass ( yeah my Taur A S S lol but he is mine).

    All the best and good luck!


    p/s - You might want to check the other thread too - How do I conquer the heart of a Taurus man?

  • i feel this thread is an act of god or universe as today it was listed in my email list of discussions and i couldn't have found a better sound board...i am a 27yr old taurus man..i am or came to find out that my scorpio girlfreind cheated on me with multiple guys..yet she was telling me for the past 8 months how much she loved we were soul mates and she could feel it..and how I was the one for her and only man she ever wanted to be with and make love to ..yet was cheating on me behind my back...yes i believe she has trust issues herself as she was left after a 5 year engangment and yes she was telling me she needed to get out some things before she got with me and moved back home to be with me..but i am hurt so immensly and deep that well today i can't even think straight...she promised me to change her phone number and delete all men and that what she told me was true and she wishes to make her life with me and move back home...but how can i trust her again? how can i get past this fully with my love for her...which well to our own credit..we do feel is real and true still..out of all this BS....i will add that i did cheat or was tempted and kissed a co worker one night..but i was put into a corner and had acted foolishly as a man and could own i am not so sure this sneaky, saxually charged scorpio can keep her pants on , especially with our long distance thing coming to end..i have 3 trying months for this to go thru before we can put work..if any of you scorps can offer adive that would be great or anyone on here on what i should do..thanks

  • Hello Shorty / Thank you Emergence / got advice for GorgeousTaurus;

    Well came to an end just about a few days after I last wrote. Here's what happened... I asked if he can come with me to pick a computer desk for my son from my friends house, he

    picked me up from work...and while we we're heading to my friends house, he says "now you do as I tell you, you pick up the desk the way I tell you, if this isn't clear...ask someone else to help you!" OMG I was floored! I asked if everything was ok, did he have a bad day or something? he just responded in a very loud voice "just do as I tell you!!!" afterwards, I asked if on our way to my house, can we stop and get a lebanese sandwich for my son in the mall....well that did it! He screamed " what mall? don't you know what you want exactly you moron!" that was it for me! Screaming is not acceptable.... and so when we got close to my house, after him yelling the hole way...I just said this is the last you will see of me, we're finished and good luck with that bad temper!

    So yes...single now! lol

    Emergence, your advice has been very helpful and Thank you is really, came to this forum just on time for me....and so thanks again 😉

    GorgeousTaurus.... a Scorpion women who cheats, will always cheat, no matter how good or strong or true she says your relationship is. She has personal issues do deal with and as long as she covers them with sex and trying to feel good through the attention of men...she will never resolve it! This is an awarness and self respect that she has to find for herself. You cannot help her with this. If you try or push her to change, she will continue. Sorry but this is true! Good luck with your heart, there are true Scorpions out there!

    Have a wonderful day everyone, thanks and take care of your hearts! 😉

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