Want to know the meaning of number 259

  • My little on who is only 3 years old. when ever he get the telephone he is typing in 259. no matter when he gets the phone everyday or after a month gap (i keep thinking he might have done it accidently) but he still keeps typing 259.

    says he likes the number specially the number 9 is his favorite.

    i want to know the meaning behind the number 259.

    please help.


  • 259 this is by Doreen Virtue , from her book "ANGEL NUMBERS".

    Keep the faith, as this change is bringing you closer to your Deivine mission. Your life is becoming more settled and stable. Hanging in there.

    I hope this helps you somewhat.



  • AH! a relife, i was wondering about the meaning of the 259. once i see this Angels number. i got a big sigh. thankgod it got soemthign related to god. so it doesnt got any bad meaning.

    thanks alot for the reply

  • Sorry to interrupt the thread, I keep having the number "529" pop up. Is there an angel meaning for this as well?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Just wanted to add a comment...I have been obsessed with the phrase "Angie 259" I don't know where it came from or why it pops into my head. BUT when it seems like when I get nervous or excited about something it pops into my head. This has been going on for about 4 years now!!

    Whats crazy is the other thing that I thought was "haunting me" was the time 11:11. It was so strange and I kept telling my friends about it. Just tonight I learned that 11:11 is a real thing! not that uncommon.

    Anyway if anyone can tell me what Angie 259 is i'd appreciate it!

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