Wish love to our "wizard-man"

  • last week the Wizard man of Sutton had a fire at his home while he was out and all his pets and familiars died. He really needs love at this time as his pet cat ,Zagan, Gandalf his dog,and his other cat and her kittens were his life, he was often seen with Zagan and Gandalf on the streets of Sutton, and apparently has his own Facebook page which was put up by his devotees, I knew him from a long time before he was a sight on sutton's streets, though not truly personally but I would like to ask anyone here to send him love if they can as he's probably very upset and greiving and now very lonely as he lost his mum about eight years back too and has never married I know it's probably strange askking for someone who is at best an acquaintance but I knew him by his animals when I lost mine, and because of that may know how he must be feeling

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hello Chrissicat, that is so tragic. I am really sorry to hear of the Wizard man of Sutton He must be so distressed and so grief stricken. I will gladly send my love out to him.

  • If I lost all my animal friends like that, I would be lost in grief, poor man, many, many prayers, blessings, love his way! Mabe the community there can in time, help him by letting him know of other animals that may be in need of a person like him, they can't be replaced, but I have heard it helps the heart of the animal lover too go on when they have pets too care for and receive love from. I hope he feels some peace with this soon!

  • Chrissicat that is so sad. The pain of losing just one is so hard. To lose all must be unbearable. You are so kind to request thoughts and prayers for the 'wizard man'. And both of you have mine.

  • Hi chrissicat !

    No, its not odd to ask for a loving request for anyone ... makes it more special, I think, when we reach beyond ourselves .... May he heal all that much quicker because of your request on his behalf. Blessings to both of you!

  • thankyou I haven't seen him to pass on your wishes , but thankyou on his behalf

  • Chrissiecat, How kind of you to post for him here. I feel so sad for Wizard Man. I hope the community is gathering around him too. I will definitely send some love and good thoughts his way.

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  • Oh my, this is so tragic , I just can't imagine. I think its a wonderful, beautiful gesture Chrissicat for you to reach out to us to send love and peace to Wizard Man. Sending Love, Light, and Peace to Wizard Man.

  • Chrissicat, thank you for letting us know about this. My heart truly goes out to the Wizard Man, and I can't even imagine how heartbroken he must be feeling. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers, and sending Love and Light his way.

  • chrissicat, may Wizard Man fimd peace knowing his pets and familars are at peace on the other side.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

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  • he hasn't been able to go back to his home yet either, so he still needs your love and good wishes

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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