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  • My birthday is 7th of sept 1989. I have a wonderful family 1 perfect partner and 1 little girl. I have just suffered the worst kind of loss (in my eyes) i had to make a decision that i feel i shudnt have had to make. I need to no if i try again will i suffer the same or will it work out. And if any chance of knowing why me? I dont want to give to much info as its very personal and unusual loss. This is my 1st question iv ever asked a psychic prob the only thing il eva feel i need an answer for.

  • BUMP.

  • SFaass - I think the reason you haven't received an answer is that you are being too vague. Can you try and give some more detail?

  • I realize I may be off as I am not a "psychic" but my gut impression was that you suffered a pregnancy loss, possibly an ectopic and you had to opt to terminate due to risks it presented to you. If I'm wrong sorry I don't mean to guess or anything, that is just what I was feeling as I read your post. If I am correct, the why may not be answered but if you allow time for healing you will succeed in the future. I hope by my speaking up I have not overstepped my bounds. Allow yourself time.

  • sorry iv not wanted to scare people or cause an uproar i went to my 12week scan and discover i was having twins but that they shared only 1 body. i cudnt believe it they were alive but was told they wud not make it out of the womb. i had to have a termination. it was most horrible thing and i still dunno whay it happend to me i no its a luck thing but its what happens to other ppl. I already have a beautiful daughter thank god or it wudv killed me but im so scared it will happen again. but i desperately want a lil brother or sister for her. i just wanna know if its in my future and how sune! and will i have more loss i dunno if my partner cud go thru it again it was devasting.

  • SFaass

    I am so sorry for your loss. What a horrible position you were put in. I still feel you'll eventually conceive again but I must stress allow yourself time to heal before trying again. Mind you that's an opinion not a reading. Best wishes for healing of body and heart.


  • I just wanted to point out that you should listen to what your doctor says about the likelihood of it happening again. You didn't say if it was something genetic so I assume that it was not. I agree with RC that you need to give yourself and your partner time to heal. I'm not psychic but you definitely had my attention and I wanted you to find some measure of peace with your situation. Blessings to you and yours.

  • thanks guys um no not genetic just bad luck aparently yea i basicly gota spend my next conception and first 12weeks thru doc horrible for such a personal affair but they wanna make sure it wont happen again i guess i just hope it wont and thats all we can do. again thank you for not judging and comforting words i think i was reaching out for sum1 to help my from of grief and its helped alot!

  • You are very welcome. I could feel your pain and wanted to help you find some comfort. On a separate note, I had a friend that had to induce at 5 months due to an abnormality. The child would never have survived. She went on to have twins who were healthy, happy and had no problems. Best of luck to you. Keep positive.

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