The Chain of Love

  • Reading the various threads, I was struck how very much like chains they all are with the post in front passing wisdom both forwards and back to other posters. Like the individual links of a chain, each post strengthens the whole, forging it (us) into a lifeline of hope and strength.

    So I thought to make this thread a chain, the golden links of which are those things we have to pass forward and back to each other.

    I think what I am here to pass on, my greatest gift, is knowledge, so I pass this on down the line both to those who have gone before me and those who will follow after me. I pray it will help and heal and that those who receive it will be moved to pass on their own gifts to others.

    I give this gift with love and appreciation for the gifts I myself have received.

    So my friends, what will you pass on up and down the chain of love?

  • Hello, The Captain, What I would like to share, is how I think it is important to look at the people that you are passing on the street and give a simple smile, or nod. I can remember the days when people driving on the highways would wave at eachother as a symbol of respect. I understand that people are fearful now, but the truth is that people have always been the same, only the times have changed. A smile to someone can make all of the difference. Lola.

  • I was going to respond to this then lost track of it. Geez...the topics move fast here. :0)

    I want to give help. I want to be able to do something for someone to make their day go better. I like to remove obstacles for people so that instead of banging their head against a wall, they go wow. Thanks! That helps!

    I do have people that come to me for advice and I like being able to give people an alternative (positive) possibility for their problems. I would like to tap into my other senses and help that way also.

  • AuntBuck, I think that this is wonderful, and you must have a lot of love to share. Lola for love to you. Elizabeth.

  • Luv2laf - I've been experimenting lately with the smile thing. When dealing with people i.e., grocery store clerks, gas station attendents, school teachers....just anyone that deals with the public on a regular basis. I have been smiling at them and being cheerful towards them...which is really easy to do these days for me....and it's amazing the difference you see. When you walk up they are guarded. But when you smile, put a little cheer in your voice, it seems like they change instantly. They respond to you and the smiles come thru. I always express my gratitude for whatever they have helped me with. I've been consciously trying to do this in the last couple weeks and its very satisfying. I feel like when I've completed my business with them, I've in part made their day just a little easier. Just one less stressed out grouchy person that they didn't have to deal with.

  • I think this is another good idea. I calm anxiety and give hope. Smiling is always helpful and many people respond positively to smiles. We all have much to give and benefit many people with simple caring.

    Blessing to all:)

  • I agree, AuntBuck, I make a point of staring into people's eyes and wishing them a sincere good day when I am being served by anyone. I can see how it really brightens their day to feel noticed and cared for by a customer, even if just for a moment.

  • I went to a cat shelter today and my friend was complaining about how one of the women there was really grumpy and not polite. She even made it a point to tell me this was the woman that wasn't nice in the past. After she completed her vet visit...I went right up to the same woman, smiled and cheerfully asked for a volunteer application in for the place. She smiled and went looking for it. Hmmm....definitely a difference. Awesome

  • Hi TC. I want to keep seeing the inner beauty in everyone - it elevates them when they are "seen" in this way - I need to increase my consistency, grouchy days aren't as productive, but the instance of recognition is uplifting to me, even if outwardly there isn't a smile, but a pause. When you get the smile, though, it is golden.

  • Great topic, TheCaptain! I have made the decision to see and expect only the best in everyone, and the world has amazingly transformed in a better place! It's for real, what you expect it's what you get! And altough everything is the same, life feels more beautiful, the world is more rewarding and people are so wonderful (well, I must say, I look the other way when someone is not aware how great I know him or her is)!

    I used to thing I have to wear pink colored glasses in order to see a beautiful world. But now I know I only have to take away the dark glasses to truly enjoy the reality!

    So I hope everyone could see life as it is, not good, not bad, but just a school, with subjects we have to master, where we are either pupils or teachers, learning from one another. I would also like for we all to be aware that we always do our best with the tools we have, so we better develop our human-unity sense, in order to transform our lives and our world into a place where all of us can thrive!

  • Well said, feelinglove!

  • i'd say to learn to "stick your neck out"for others from time to time if someone is getting lied to or laughed at then i think we should at least have the courage to stick up for that person if they are not there to defend themselves.nothing worse than being "stabbbed in the back"or lied about.i mean some people just like to do these things to others whenand if they can.

  • Absolutely! These days there's not enough respect for each other.

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