Captain, Anyone... Spirit Guides Insight ?

  • Hello, 😃

    Ive become really concerned lately,

    Do i have any spirit guides? Do we communicate ?

    do they have anything to tell me ?

    How should i go about communicating with them better if so ?

    I really feel like i do,because ive been blessed with alot of things

    & I know i couldnt have done any of it on my own, because of

    the coincedences, the unexpected events,& surprising people

    who've entered my life... So i wanna thank them also.

  • Ha! It's you again, hun!

    Same here, I have been so deeply interested in angels and spirits lately that I have

    spend so much time online, Google is my bestfriend 🙂

    I have been wanting to communicate with my angels.

    Angelreader (from this forum) told me once to call on Archangel Michael, she told me that she feel the need to convey the message to me. I need to call Archcangel Michael for help as my situation now is too much for me to be bearing alone. I need angels to help me.

    Never done that before, but I gave it a try. Whenever I am alone, I called out his name; Michael, get here. I need your help and guidance. Please listen to me. Etc etc....

    I will talk for hours sometimes....I want him to know that I sincerely want him to intervene and send me all the help I need. My sister caught me in action one day and called me crazy for talking to myself lol!

    This is what I found from a website;

    How do I know I am talking with Angels

    when you communicate with angels you receive a message

    your own mind might be "filling in" some of the words for you

    sometimes you respond by putting words to the impression made upon your mind

    try and keep your conscious mind silent so as not to interfere with the angels communications

    enjoy symbolism being offered and try and understand its meaning and relevance

    How can I talk to my Guardian Angel

    ask you guardian angel with full intention to make itself known to you

    be open to receiving anything at all without expectation

    read and familiarize yourself with angelic symbols and learn to trust your instinct

    Let me know if you need anything else. You can also email me.

    I will do my best to help, but remember, I am not a pro in this.

    I am learning too 🙂

  • Emergence,

    i swear im really starting to think your my long-lost twin lol,

    i do the same thing! google is like an obsession with anything,

    i guess ive become lazy with problem solving ahaha, &

    i read a book on spirit gides and what not i heard of Archangel Michael,

    the book introduced a certain way of communicating with him...through meditation

    i never tried because meditation is so hard for me i dont know why But

    if you want i could send it too you through email the steps on that,

    & i read a sign book how to communicate signs with spirits &

    it actually worked... i asked Spirit or my spirit guides i guess am i on the right path

    and if so send me a sign through a lady bug whether it be a picture,song,jewlery ect...

    and if not send me a sign in the form of a 2-dollar bill with a week Well later the next week

    i had been at work, a co-worker offered to go get food so we went next thing i saw was

    a ladybug accesserie hanging on her mirror, i had shouted OMG! it felt so akward

    though i didnt get to tell her about it though i thought she would think i was silly

    too! You should try, and i love writing to spirits better, the whole meditation totally looses me lol.

  • im not a pro either, but i love talking to people

    who have little knowledge and believe in what we talk about,

    most people think its a waist of time..or whatever & some question

    why my life is fine, but honestly its not me..i know ive just been guided properly

    & i think if everyone is guided properly things would be more easier.. spirit wants

    to help us.

    emergence i think youve been guided properly as well!

    i feel it,

  • This post is deleted!

  • I know right, crazy the people you'll meet...

    & what you'll in common. honestly i dont know

    but i do know this..this book may be a sign i think you'll love

    it, i bought it and at the time i didnt know anything about the significance

    of angels but i do remeber the four archangels it talked and you just reminded

    me, maybe you do need to talk to him, so maybe plus i love helping people

    if i can...

    okay im gonna mail it to you either tonight or the morning for sure.

    im not laughin lol, that sounds like a better idea than writting actually..

    i wouldnt have to worry about anyone reading my journal anymore! 😉

    you are so right! lol i try my best not to sound as if im praying,

    and try to be up front but i guess the politeness still kicks in

  • addictedtoriches isn't this a great forum where we can express ourselves and not feel like we have two heads? I too am loving it. I found your thread here interesting. I was wondering could you give me the name of the book you are referring to? I'd like to check out the meditation too.

    Thanks a bunch.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Rcdreamer,

    Yes i love it here, 😃 Its great.


    its great it give you alot of information on fairies, angels, pastlifes, lower energies ect.

    i bought it from a pyschic store but you can find them online they're really cheap

    as low as $5 "wwwdotLlewellyndotcom" if you want i could send you the steps

    on how to meditate and work with these spirit guides.

  • I love this place so much too. I can honestly say that after being here I am truly the happiest I've ever been. Addictdtoriches....just ordered it from the local bookstore for $3.50 for a used copy. I can't wait to go pick it up.

    I'd like to say thank you everyone here too. The insight that I've received is so amazing. Even if you haven't posted directly to me, by reading your readings and looking at your responses, it has given me the messages that I need to see too. I hope that I can give back what I've been given here.

  • Yes its really great to have this site for everyone to

    express thier thoughts,feelings ect..the best part is having common ground

    with you guys, & the support Thanks everyone!

    Really ? thats good, hope you enjoy it....

    its a pretty good book.

  • Archangel Micheal,

    element of fire;

    the sourther quarter of the earth;

    the autumn season;

    the color red;

    the astrological signs: aries,leo & sagittarius

    Micheal is the archangel of protection and balance. This being works to bring

    patience and protections against any psychic imbalnces or dangers.

    Micheal helps us to tear down the old and build the new.

    1: Make sure you will be undisturbed.

    2:Light incense or use a fragrance according to your purpose.

    3:Perform rhythic breathing & prgressive relaxation. The more relaxed the easier

    to tune in these beings.

    4:perform inner vision.

    5:Call forth the archangel you seek. this involves "toning"three syllables when toned and spoken properly =Mee-Kah-Ehl

    6:As you meditate inhale silently think of the names syllable by syllable.

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