2nd Rock N Roll Card - The Magician

  • LOL For you serious rock fans out there, this should come as no surprise. If I'm not mistaken the Hermit is the Magician turned inward right? And in the movie Song REmains The Same he chooses this card to represent him, plus he is a #1 guitar player right?

    These are just rough drafts.......going to try and crank one more out, i spent the last four hours on this one....

  • Love it...that's great! 🙂

  • Jimmy Page, definitely IS the Magician...although I see him in his black getup, with the sparkles on it, from the movie "The Song Remains The Same", d'you know which outfit I mean? Great ideas and concept, Tommyross, keep it up! Now I'm going to have to check out your first posting on this subject.


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