Wher's the love at? part2

  • Woohoooo...I better put on my Nikey's now and RUN!!!!! LMAO!

  • Aloe Vera is great on everything. The antioxidant is just powerful. Try is as a face mask, you will be surprised how great and radiant you face will be. Good for dry skin too, yup! Great for sunburn, very soothing to the skin too.

    My favorite juice in the morning - Cranberry Juice. It cleanses the body and a great for weight loss too. Full of antioxidants!

    Gotta run!!!

  • Colloidial Silver Water...hmmm..

    Never heard of that...I will go and Google it! Thanks!

    No Juice fast here though..not in Europe but I do blend my own juice in the weekends..

    With whatever veggies, fruits that's left from the weekdays LOL!:

    Don't forget your running shoes!! 😄

  • Yo yo yo, a Sags it is!

    Gotta run now! Again!

    Have a great weekend!

    p/s - Try not to get your A S S kicked! LOL

  • Keeping distance from who? who kicked whos ass? I'm lost again

    those aleo vera plants are cool, we had one for years that just kept growing, splitting into new plants, we would seperate, repot them, give them away too anyone who would take them, they multiplied so easily!

  • oh, ok, sorry, I didn't read that first, before I posted whatever you pist you off, I would agree, a real live person is not a cyber person! You met a real girl, and that was always the goal, what we would have wanted for you right? we supported that after gem girl? Besides we're cyber friends, she's the real deal, go for it! Oh, but don't tell me too chill out! Don't be telling me what too do cappy, no body tells me when too chill, not even my daddy! Haha, I know it wasn't directed at me, I just didn't want you too think we a suck! We all aren't always going too agree, but that doesn't mean we don't like eachother!

  • Yes I do! She is from Singapor, lives in Belgium, she's very friendly, smart, has a taurus things going on, I like her lots!

  • we both love Fl.!

  • shes a fun, free spirit, with a good heart!

  • yeah! she likes to be a jokster, have fun, lighten moods, offer encourgment!

  • Talking about me while I was sleeping!!! Dang.....LMAO!

  • Holy crap!

    And here I was thinking all these while that these Chinese importers can deliver anything we need! They don't knit at all!!? Dang.....

    LOL, I will do my best, just don't be mad at me if the boxer will only just fit one of your LEGS only! LMAO!! hahahahaha...

  • Hey Thunder07,

    Thanks for the reminder! Wow, what have you discovered? Something bad? Do tell!!!

    This is why I do not share my whereabouts (much) or my pics etc etc online. Too much freaks who has nothing better to do than to pry on other's for their personal pleasure!!!

  • I have tried that for a few days but I am not getting anything! Anyway, thanks for the warning. I will keep on trying. And don't worry, I have not posted things that I do not want anybody to know so I am good. Be careful!

    Gotta run too, TTYL

  • bluecat>>Keeping distance from who? who kicked whos ****? I'm lost again

    Sandran712>>I think this was directed for me.I been outside riding my bike.Nothing like getting talked about when I am not on here.I can see I've been easily replaced on here

  • Thunder>>thanks for the silent treatment

    Sandran712>>GoTo Hell

  • GoTo ****

    Oops I meant to say Go To FU!@@$$ H-E-L-L-

    I'm off the board for 2 days and you have a damn hissy fit! Live With That!!!!!

  • Sandran712>>Nothing like getting talked about when I am not on here.I can see I've been easily replaced on here

    If that is directed to me, by no means you are replaced! I have my own threads to attend to. See ya!!!

  • Okay okay, let's chill here.

    I will check back from time to time.

    Now, what do we do with the Chinese Importer??? LOL

  • LOL!! Great idea! let's do that the next time. Just hope that the Admin don't throw us out for Spamming ROFL!!

    No probs! Glad to post in here from time to time, at my own FREE WILL!

    I am a Fire Dragon...haha..can you believe that??

    Fire, Dragon, Sagittarius LOL!

    Gotta sleep, its 0144hrs! Nite!

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