Wher's the love at? part2

  • Thunder>>happened upon the ouija board,some black candles,and an occult book a bout sex magic

    Sandran712>>What! No handcuffs?No whips or chains?LOL

    I know well about someone living with paranoid schitzophrenia and being off the meds.That ride is almost better than sex.LMAO....But...I am thinking of Vanilla Ice "Stop This Train I Wanna Get Off!!!"LOL

  • wow, that would suck, Thunder07. If thats the case, I would pray for that curse too reverse. What an awful thing too do.

  • thanks bluecat i do really do believe that is the case.Bluecat123 have you notice SAndran712 "s interrest in handcuffs and vanilla ice cream hmm someone's excited?lol

  • Thunder.>>>SAndran712 "s interrest in handcuffs and vanilla ice cream hmm someone's excited?


    Sandran712>>Vanilla Ice is a rapper dip wad...LOL

    I am not interested in hand cuffs If I thought I could torture you with a pair.I'll lure you in my Crab shell with feather and play some of those shell games you mentioned earlier...LOL

  • that sounds very enticing even for a crab girl...promises,promises...ooohhh,and the vanilla dip you are so naughty ...LMAO!!!!!...I'll c u later Sandrancisco...LOL...LMAO You are such a blast

  • Here's a tip for ya Sandran712 wnet the way of MC Hammerand parachute pants mercy me you actually listen that junk? LOL!

  • sandran712 just rereading some of our previous posts it scares me to say this,but we are sounding like a married couple,that's some scary stuff!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!

  • This sounds like a private conversation! You two should meet!

  • hell no!she'e too crabby...LOL

  • Bluecat123 it's impossible for i have the crabs...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bluecat>>This sounds like a private conversation! You two should meet!

    Sandran712>>That's funny that you would say that about Thunder.The Cappy that I was seeing used to talk to me like that..Especially when he calls me a Nutcracker wisecrackin Babe,,,LOL.

    This Cappy I was seeing lives 10 miles down the road.And I haven't seen him in 7 months.Same as he won't email or nothing.So Now...Thunder is having his fun with me and he will run too...LOL

    Besides Thunder lives in Canada.I live in the States...

  • Thank goodness! WHEW!!!! I don't run from crab people imagine me running from a crab-girl,and their little spindley legs trying to keep up! HA! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Bluecat123; did you get your oracle cards back? what's the story?let us know? very curious.

  • Sandran712 you shouldn't let depression stand in your way in dealing with these issues with your thyroid,just blow it off you are goodenough,you are smart enough and doggone it people like you! namely Bluecat123,AuntBuck LOL...

  • Bluecat123,I am abit curious about how you feel about readings,and the biblical stance that says divination is wrong.According to what KING SAUL DONE BY USING THE WITCH OF ENDOR.Just wanted your opinion on this matter.

  • Bluecat123 please ignore last thread posted by me! very insensitive of me sorry!hope yo stick around

  • I think its something I have wondered about myself, become comfortable with, then wondered about again... sorry, not a great answer I know, but do I think readers on here are like the witch of Endor? not that I'm aware of, I'm more inclined to bieleve that its the intentions one attaches too readings that can make it good or bad, and sometimes how far one will go too ignore the obvious, and keep going after what they want no matter how negative something seems for them, I think theres a lot of theology, teaching out there will identify the cards as not coming from God, and that sometimes angels aren't really that. Thats a damn hard question Thunder07, we should be good, we should have faith, we shouldn't intentionally do messed up things, but should we consider reading a part of something thats against the bible? Well, I hope not!, but really who can say? I think we have too be careful, and true too what feels right too us, while we serve God. Its a tough question, bc it really does get into the topics of false teachings, false gods, and frankly, some pretty scary shit!

  • I hadn't read your suggestion too ignore it, so I replied, thats allright, I'm not offended in any way. I think its a good question! Why would you think I would be upset about that? I feel that I was given the cards I have for a reason, there were other indications that I was being guided at that time, I was praying, A lot, searching for answers, I was on a mission. I have read that people have too remember too guard their hearts, intentions when they are on a spiritual path, as we can be vulnerable as we seek knowledge, and soak it all up. I have never really got the impression that there was any negativity coming from the cards, however I have never been too a workshop, or became engrossed in angel therapy either, as some people do feel its as fraudulent as any other tarrot out there. I don't tend too delve too deeply into anything, as I feel thats a huge responsibilty, I do bieleve in Jesus, one true God, so of course for me I don't want anything too compromise that.I think its up for interpetation, I haven't found a specific biblical reference that states the cards are wrong, there are a lot of religious books out there, workshops, seminars, we can even attend church from our own living rooms if we follow in front of the t.v., yet theres religions that teach tv is bad too. The bible does say for people not too seek fortune telling, and mediums,but I'm not sure where the difference lies. I must admit, I do tend too tilt my head, raise my brow when someone either claims too, or doesn't mind the idea of speaking with the deceased, I try too be respectful of all bielefs as long as they aren't threatening or harmful too others in any way, I suppose its safe too say I wonder about what appears too be a natural gift, or God given, that some seem too posess,what the purpose is if they aren't suppose too use it, and I wonder what it means when we do have moments of intiution, and not the kind that can be associated with anything round, crystal, like a ball, some religions have accepted that gift, there are Christians who have gifts, yet theres those that say its impossible, they must be possessed! I don't beielve that they are at all, that wouldn't be fair too assume such things either. What do youu think? Oh, I haven't got those cards back yet btw! Great, now I'm wondering if I've been whoring aorund with them behind Gods back all this time! Thunder07, I suspect you are one that likes too think a lot, like Owl, well I would be more like winnie the pooh, to your Owl if we all lived in hundred acre woods, I would be like"think, think, think", coming up blank with my head stuck in a big jar!

  • ha! i suspect that you are searching nothing wrong with that!i know i'm doing the same.but the one thing i do know is that the church can be a dangerous place to be because there are those that want to control thru any means,yes there is deception as well and we have to be careful now and always.in any event the same goes for here there are some phonies that make predictions.one thing i do know for sure is that i cancelled alot of readins because to tend to confuse me&i'd be perhaps picking up someone else's negative vibes so i try to be careful ion that respect.i mean if its gonna happen then its gonna happen.as for questions it is part of my make up as a 3 person with regards to numerology.my question about god is who created him?and i'm just not satisfied with the official answers... i mean alot of stuff in the bible seems to come from the assyrian texts and stuff.i mean god saying that i am that i am leaves many questions for me?

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