Wher's the love at? part2

  • Wow, um akward. I don't care whos thread it is, I don't know whether too laugh or cry at where this ones gone! What are we suppose too skip over the fights, and just continue or?

  • Thunder>>stay off any of my threads!

    Sandran712>>You got it!

    bluecat>WOW, um akward

    Sandran712>>Bluecat...here it is..I been off the boards for 2 days.I been outside riding my bike.This Ohio weather sucks.It rains one day and 75 the next.So I am working on my losing weight.Thunder says I gave him the silent treatment.I haven't posted on anyone for 2 days if you go back and read you'll see I last posted anything on the 9th..Thunder has a f-u-c-k-i-n-g- hissy fit because I am not on the boards.I did not know I was imprisoned to be on here.I don't have to explain myself on these boards.I don't live here.It is a Cancer nature to go AWOL to begin with.And for any outsiders coming onto these boards to talk and spread b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t- about me.BRING IT!

  • "And for any outsiders coming onto these boards to talk and spread b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t- about me.BRING IT!"

    Holly Molly crap!

    If this is directed to me and if I am who I was a few months ago, I would have plentiful to say now but now, I see no point in engaging into an argument that does not benefit me in anyway whatsoever. I have more serious matter to attend to...MY LIFE...

    Peace out!

    If this is not directed to me, then I am sorry. Good luck to whoever this is directed to.

    Have a wonderful day all of you! 😄

  • Awww, this is sad! Look at all the trouble! Emergence, I don't want too speak for Sandran at all, but I'm thinking it wasn't directed towards you. Sandran, for what its worth Emergence is what I feel too be a very good person! I've been following on this thread since the beginning of it, I've read the whole thing, and then some comments on another thread too related too it, theres only one individual who spoke ill of another in their abscence from the forum, mabe it was kidding, mabe not, as the bantering seemed too get rather intense. Sandran, right, you shouldn't have been referred too in an ill manner, or accused of ignoring, kindev crazy. Thunder07, I'm sorry, as you probably don't care for my opinion, but intution is kicking in here, you seem like a nice person, kind, considerate one minute, the next, not so much, seem too think everyones got an agenda or something, then take some things too far, Sandran might have exploded there, but it wasn't exactly unprovoked by the person I'm guessing it was directed at. Apologies, forgivness, move on, would be the best thing, after all, we get what we put out there.

  • I have never spread hatred, not here, nor anywhere,that would be you. Who are you too be labeling anyone? as I said very clearly,my thoughts were apologies, forgive, move on, if that is too elevated for you, then I am very sorry for you, thats not hatred. You have a serious issue with anyone that disagrees with you, even in a respectful manner. your insults, jokes, and the nonsense you try too point out about people are foolish, you are showing it, it doesn't go unnoticed how you then try too turn it around, kiss ass when ever your trying too get someone too pay attention too you.cancer religion? are you nuts dude? I think you are, as you attacked an individual on the forum, and yes I will defend her, or anyone else who needs too be defended against someone with such a low mentality, you attack out of your own insecurities,self esteem issues, attack anyone like her who has fears about being taken advantage of, has issues about it ,look at the way you freaked out when she didn't respond too your post for two days, then demanded they "deal" with your attitude, no one here was hateful too you, You brought that, and you don't like anyone who would call you out on it. I have never claimed divination as my religion, nor astrology,you claim too be 'so elevated in your views', get your facts straight, God, or what have you, is a spirtual journey, just like being a part of this universe, wht two Gods you are referring too is your own words, not mine. You talk out your ass, thats why your single, and can't meet anyone but people who take advantage of you, no reasonably minded individual would have it.

  • Never claimed too, I'm not a reader on here. Intuition for me is what I feel. The person that I am can't not apologize for being rude too another person, whether its deserved or not, I know thats not my highest intentions for myself, so with that said, sorry, may God bless, and keep you and yours.

  • Not sure what putting words in others mouths as far as God Bless you means, I do my best too respect everyones views, as long they aren't designed with harmful intent,certainly don't push mine, most everyone I've chatted with here have been the same,and only wish too share theirs too help others, learn, grow, either way, was a sincere apology,blessing, I'm not a saint, my words in response too yours were cruel, I felt bad for that, so sorry dude, thats all.

  • bluecat>>help others, learn, grow, either way, was a sincere apology,blessing

    Sandran712>>Bluecat...Don't bother.It's a waste of time.I WILL NOT apologize for anything. I did not do anything wrong.But, go AWOL.I did not know I would have been sadly missed so much.But,I get this in my personal life too.Only thing I am guilty of is staying away for too long of time.But, us Cancer's forget the perception of time.We need reminded constantly that we are still alive...LOL

  • Thunder>>thought I told you to take a hike you butch a__s___s__h__o___L__e,Sandran 712! Cancer the sign of cowards,emotional,cripples,basketcases,insecure drama

    Sandran712>>Thank You...Sweetie...I love you too...

  • Thunder>>You make me wet my pants sandran712

    Sandran712>>Well I am glad it was good for you.Those wet dreams can be a b-i-t-c-h-LOL

    and calling me a battleaxe I get all hot over that..lol

  • Thunder>>good drama,mama

    Sandran712>>It takes alot more than words to hurt my feelings.It doesn't phase me.I am used to abuse..LOL.

  • Thunder>>B__T___CHE*S

    Sandran712>>Funny using this word.I was walking to the store the other day.Someone from a moving car yelled out and I don't know if it were for me or someone nearby.But, said B-I-T-C-H really loud.and I said to the person nearby..Damn I have a firend I never knew I had...LOL

  • Thunder>>I think you like the tension?you like alll this conflict don't you?

    Sandran712>>All Cancer's have different placements in their chart.Not all Cancer's are the same.I live with drama.It's a given.But, I don't back down.I love a challenge.So yeah I get a thrill out of p-i-s-s-i-n-g- someone off.Maybe not intentional.But, I enjoy some of the drama.

  • Sandran712>>Maybe not intentional.But, I enjoy some of the drama.

    Sandran712>>Kinda like playing a game.I don't care if I win or not.The thrill and the sport of it that's a turn on,,,lol


    Sandran712>>I know exactly what you are talking about.The Cancer classmate I had acted this way.Gawd..That's a turn -off.But for me.I don't act girly.It's nauseating.I act more like a guy.Except for the burping and putting my hand down in my pants like Al Bundy.LOL..I was the dominating one.My Aries acted like the feminine type.It worked out.for me.Someone had to act like a lady.So in my case it's Dude Acts Like a Lady..LOL


    Sandran712>>Yes,He turns 25.Group home giving him a party and a couple presents


    Sandran712>>I am the same way.Looks like we are both dominating.And that could mean We'd more than likely kill each other first!...LOL..


    Sandran712>>All I keep finding are men who have been married a few times.Lots of baggage..No job and looking for women to take care of them,,,,HeyyyllNo!..I am tired of taking care of myself..LOL.I sure don't want a weak whiny man either...LOL


    Sandran712>>I get nervous at this.Because I am not into the dominatrix stuff.Anything else would mean getting your as-s kicked .

  • **** stuff


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