Wher's the love at? part2

  • bluecat>>when my libra friend calls, poor girl, she has way too much to deal with

    Sandran712>>My girlfriend is Libra.My Pastor is a Cancer and his wife is Libra.Oh the drama.Pastor wife is more emotional than I am.and I'm a triple water sign..LOLShe has waterworks and everything...LOL


    Sandran712>>It's getting there.After this pic was taken is when it grew to waist length.22 inches.I had 10 inches cut off because I donated it to locks of love.It's about chest length now.But, I had it.My hair was a mess.Very thin and fragile.Breaking for the thyroid.

    if I stay away from store bought shampoos I may be ok.Suave and Dove are s-h-i-t- on my hair.Ive used Pantene and even that was crappy.Tresemme was the only thing my hair could touch.

  • Sandran, yes libras can be sooo emotional, my friend really does have a hard life, I respect her for handling things, its just everytime I see her she's crying! I feel so bad for her, but a lot of what she is crying about are things that happend already, like from the way past, but damn, I thought I had some rough luck, until I met her, I don't know if its the negatvitiy or what.

  • I never got too see Sandrans hair! I can relate too the damage, breakage thing though, I have a minor autoimmune thing that causes my skin, hair too do that too, mine is thin, crinkly, curly, wavy, dry, its crazy! I will tell you the best hair products, I get them for my mom too, if you know a hairdresser personally, then have them pick it up for as its cheaper at state, also you can go too TJmax, sometimes they have this expensive stuff for very cheap, or sometimes you can get it on sale at great clips, Jc penny hair salon, anyway the best stuff is Nioxin, it literally grows in new hairs they have a whole line of stuff, or anything with treetea oil is good, at the drug store, or wmart, I would go with BedHead take your vitamins conditioner, it works really well, also, if you start too see splits, baby shampoo, its gentle, and aussie leave in spray conditioner, the garnier leave in cream conditioner works really well too, I put that on my scalp whenever it burns from the previous mentioned autoimmune thing I have going on, it helps! I would take a hair, skin, nail vitamin too, or atleast a multi too! I should practice what I preach with the vitamins though, anything B12 helps my hair, I gave up and cut most of mine off, but I don't want you too have too do that! All those products I mentioned worked pretty well for me.

  • Thunder07, yep Pink F falls into my musical likes!

  • bluecat>>..treetea oil is good

    Sandran712>>I have some of this.

    bluecat>>I would go with BedHead

    Sandran712>>I've heard of this...

    bluecat>>if you start too see splits, baby shampoo

    Sandran712...NO Don't Do That!... I got a girlfreind is a hairstylist.She's been cutting hair over 20 years.Never use baby shampoo on adult hair.The ingredients that keeps the eyes from tearing strips your natural oil from your hair.I have very little splits.But I have some strands that is intact.But, they just break off.I stopped braiding my hair.I am taking a break.I want to braid so bad.But, it may have caused damage.In spare time sitting around.If I see a split I use scissors to catch it before it gets worse.My girlfriend says it's ok to do that.Don't peel a split end it grows back as a split..My girlfriend down the street has an autoimmune thing too.She don't care about her hair like I do.When someone sees me first thing I get is OMG you have pretty hair...LOL

  • Patch underwear? dude you need to throw those out, start over! Sandran, babyshampoo isn't good? wow, I heard the opposite, I'll have too bring that up to them, if thats the case, I'll be a little peeved, as I've been using it for years! It didn't seem too do that though, mabe all the conditoner I use too keep my hair from froing, I think the coconut oil is a good idea, theres this manolo oil, I think thats what its called, its suppose too be really good too, I got that for my daughter once, she has execma really bad during the winter, scratches it, then it turns into little staff infections, I hate that! I got her that stuff at the Bath and Body works store, it seemed too make her stop scratching, she didn't want too put the antibotic cream in her hair during the week bc she would look all greasy headed at school, so this stuff was about $12 with a coupon, and a great alternative, didn't have too listen too her complain all night, I know th at sounds awful, but she's taurus, and when they gripe, they gripe nonstop! I agree totally with you by the way about the kids at the store, your right, its kids trying too train their parents! I am guilty of not leaving when at the grocery store, sometimes you got too have stuff, but oh if my kids started that on an unneccessary trip, I would walk out in heartbeat! I started doing that, and they were stunned at first, like, wow we really left", now I try too do grocery shopping when they are at school or later in the evening, they get too come along for little things, or planned trips, otherwise, its just hell!

  • Thunder07, sometimes people don't have a choice, are put into the role of caregiver, and I know that has too be stressful, but the one thing I think about you and Sandran, is that you both put your hearts into it, thats a core difference, you love the people you take care of, thats a beautiful thing!

  • Thunder>>find it your kind heart to sew,or patch some of my underwear for me...LMAO!

    Sandran712>>You've Lost Your Damn Mind!!!!LOL

  • Thunder>>Have you kids ever tried the no parabens,no gmo's shampoos thats out there

    Sandran712>>I can't find these kinds of shampoos.My uncle works for a company that makes the ingredients in hair care products.But, that is up in New Jersey.I bought the raw cocnut oil.Emerald whatever..Can I use that?lol

  • Thunder>>Edmonton,Alberta Canada

    Sandran712>>I had a penpal that lived there.First she lived in Winnipeg and then moved to Edmonton,Alberta.How far apart is that?....To write her I had to buy a Canadian stamp.

  • Thunder>>Tip if you can't find coconut oil out there then you could try the coconut oil capsules as well just let them dissolve in your mouth they work just as great as coconut oil as well

    Sandran712>>>Can't afford either.But, I made the exception.And I think the oil is cheaper than the capsules.

  • bluecat>>I'll be a little peeved, as I've been using it for years! It didn't seem too do that though

    Sandran712>>I was using it too.Because I love what it does for my hair.But, I also asked Famous Hair and they said the same thing.It's not bad for your hair.But, it strips the oil from adult hair.When you need alot of of moisturizing,Baby shampoo is not a good idea.I go to the store all the time and I wonder what people use on their hair.Some of their hair is gawd awful nasty looking.Some people I go to church with uses Suave..Ohh...Heeyy..lll no!..My mom can get away with using it.Her hair is short.Above the shoulders.Mine is a little past the shoulders.


    Sandran712>>I had one of those plants for burning myself.Can I suck on a leaf...LMAO

  • Aaahhh....I heard a goat just got his A S S kicked!

    Was it here??? LOL

  • Oh Gosh!!!! The other one then......


  • Thunder07,

    Got it! LOL

    I do have to agree with you about the aloe vera, Vitamin E and coconut oil though.

    Been using them for a few years now, great for my skin and my hair.

    Sorry you got you A S S kicked! You better get some protection for that A S S of yours, call Nike's, maybe they do have something for you! If not, you can always ask the Importer from China to search one. They are good at finding stuff! ROFL

    Going back to bed now. It still early! 5.46am!!!

  • Oh,was it because he said Major Houlihan? These two would have funny fights! Sandran, I will never use it agian, or on my daugher, even though she has much better hair then I do, long, straight, thick natural blond that she is! She didn't get it from me, my hair is dark, and needs lots of moisture, conditioner! I heard that braiding does cause breakage, I hate that too, cause I liked too keep mine that way in the summer.

  • I love my Nike's running shows 🙂

    Don't think, Just do it!! NIKE!! ROFL

    Yeah, I am in Europe but I guess there are plenty of Nike's too in USA, right?

    My ex is a fanatic when it comes to Nike's products.

    But I don't remember seeing him with any Nike's knitted boxer / underwear LOL.

    Make sure that the cheap "Guccucci" is not from any 2nd hand store! You never know these importers! They do anything to SELL anything LOL.

  • Oh, as for the beauty products...

    Coconut oil - my grandma used to cook coconut milk for hours, just to extract the oil. Good for our hair!

    Aloe Vera - I prefer the real aloe vera plant. I will cut them in two and get the gel out. Great for the skin and can be used as facial mask. Great for hair too. My late grandpa was an asthma patient, my grandma used to feed him a spoon of the aloe vera gel every morning.

    Vitamin E - Great antioxidant. Keep the skin young and scar free! LOL. Been taking Vitamin E 400 gel capsule for years. Love it!

    Hope this helps Thunder07! Not trying to get your A S S kicked again LOL!!

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