Wher's the love at? part2

  • gemini's have trait that i don't see mentioned on anythreads yet!lies they can tell alie &think nothing of it yet a lie is a fututre regret they have to deal with.Virgo,s are very sexy tome,and intelligent ,but so detached by their mental capacities...a little too frigid as well.

  • Oh...my brother in law in in construction and let me tell you...he built one of their homes by himself and it was gorgeous with top of the line stuff. The new place...little old house on two acres that he has turned into a paradise. Remodeled and again...only the best of the best for those two. However, they can save money like no one else I know. For a while there...they were very busy keeping up with the Joneses so to speak.

    Thunder....I've never had much money so I know that as long as I can pay bills and feed my kids...I'm good. Years ago one of my bosses had a bumper sticker that has stayed with me for decades. It said, "live simply whereas others simply live." I didn't understand it since I was still engrossed in the spend, spend, spend...credit card mania...but all these years later, its very profound and true.

  • ahhhh,yes aunt buck so very true given that that not everyone is not the same i mean money is good to have,but i want to truly enjoy life i mean money is great to pay the bills.and keep a roof over your head,and to look after the family needs,but a good friend &lover is what i crave to complete me

  • and too hide the reciepts from.. well no your a dude, that would be the other way around, sorry it was gettting too serious over here

  • beats arguing with yerself all the time.(LOL)

  • Thats true!

  • could you please tell me what oracle cards are? thanks!

  • oh sure, they are healing with angels oracle cards, there are negative cards in the deck, however blocks turn up backwards, or upsdown, or a truth/integrity card could make up for that, they also call on the presence of archangels, to help people release their fear of changes that are for their greater good, higher outcome. I have had them for years, as they were passed down too me, infused with energy, love, healing before me. I lent them too a friend, and this is the longest time I haven't had the,, I need too get them back!

  • I meant there are no negative cards in the deck, sorry braindead

  • Infact I have been concerned how long it will take me too clear the energy, and infuse them back too mine agian, I love my friend, but you rememeber we were talking about drama queen libra, well thats what I might be getting back that I have too clear

  • Replying to Aunt Buck about Cancer / Cancer relationships. I once dated a Cancer guy when I was just out of high school. Some of it was very nice - we shared a love of music, dancing, food, fun, friends and other things, he was very generous and bought me some nice gifts, but there were also downsides. He was very brooding, very quiet, he never talked much with me and never opened up to me - the emphasis was more on non-verbal communication. When we did talk, it was usually about his hobbies or his favourite record albums and car magazines, which although interesting enough, I really didn't want to discuss them with him ad nauseum and nothing else, every time we were together. That honestly seemed to be all he had in his life which interested him. If there was anything else, he never shared it with me.

    We were both young and shy at the time and neither of us was brave enough to take the relationship to a more serious level. Cancerians are often shy to make the first move (especially when young) in case things go wrong and it backfires on us. It got to the stage later on when I would try to phone him and he was always "out" - sure everybody needs time out for themselves, I can live with that, but we were heavily involved with each other and after some time it seemed like he couldn't find room to "fit" me into his life any longer. This was following a courtship where we would chat for hours on the phone with each other.

    In the end, he dumped me - I presume he found another girl he was interested in - I never found out. He never contacted me again. I've read that Cancer / Cancer relationships are very hard to maintain because of the "mirror image" thing - I agree - we were quite like each other, although I've always been very chatty and enjoy interesting conversation with people, and I couldn't quite come to grips with a guy who wouldn't open up and talk to me. I never knew what was going on inside his head and I'm never comfortable with that.

  • taking a nice long breather from this site for awhile don't know when I'll be next so peace&love to you all!!!

  • A nice long breather? wow I hope you didn't get tired of us!

  • Nope not all kiddp just some family issues that needed some full attention!prety serious business

  • Thunder>>Greatly appreciate the advice&suppport of the follwing BLUECAT123,AUNTBUCK,SANDRAN712,For their advice,and support

    Sandran712>>I have a classmate that is Cancer..He got on my last damn nerve.Would not give an inch of his private life.You'd think he worked for the F.B.I or something.Very secretive.Wanted to know about my life .But.was not willing to give any info on him.I stopped emailing him.At the rate wwere corresponding in email..I would be dead by the time I reached a first date.Cancer and Cancer do not work.

  • was his mulder?(lol)

  • Excuse for a minute i have rearrange some nostril hairs b right back

  • Sandran712>.I like one Cappy male.But, he was my boyfriend when I was 16.I think he is seeing someone.I feel it.That damn intuition sucks..LOL..We don't talk anymore.I think he was more horny to be around me.That he wouldn't bother to get to know me better.I miss him.But, he likes to party.Lives life in the fast lane.He's one that would make me do things I don't want to do...LOL....I like a Taurus too.But, he pissted me off.He emailed me a picture of his girlfriend and then didn't bother to tell me until I dragged it out of him..What a piece of Shi*t...

  • I wish you could come work with me that would be a BLAST ALL THEM HOT BLOODED HEROES WOULD CRY FOR THEIR MOMMIES IN A HEART BEAT!(LOL)

  • Sandran712>>I got this guy that drives around my house..This has been going on for 6 years now.I've called police and they won't do anything.I'll call him Freaky Ricky.Because someone told me they call him Little Ricky.He drives these pimped up rides and peels up the street to get my attention.He follows me when I am walking.

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