Just met somebody online

  • I've just met someone on-line through a dating site and we've been talking on MSN for about 3 weeks. I am Aquarius, he is Gemini...is this going to go further?

  • Yes I to have met someone online as well & the strangest thing is we both seem to really have a lot in common with one another. I'm a sagittarus & he's an aries. I wonder if a relationship such as mine could actually work out to something lasting or turn into a failed relationship?

  • I am testing my skills, so please take this with a grain of salt 🙂 Feedback is appreciated....

    I did a 5 card page spread. I see that he is very attracted to your out going personality, I want to ask if you have children, because I believe children play a big part, or maybe you just share the same view on them, I sense a distance between you, that someone would have to relocate if it was to continue in the long term. My conclusion is that it will progress for at least awhile, but there will be some conflicts.

  • that was meant for starrgirl

  • to southernbelle

    I also did a 5 card spread...

    I don't think this is the man you will have your next relationship with, I believe that you will meet with someone through friends. I see new beginings with new people, and the final message is let your instincts guide you, time span, by this winter, or next spring.

    Let me know how I did 🙂

  • the gemini-aquarius match goes well!

    both free-spirited and funn, and sometimes online

    relationships turn out to be the best, since it never gets old lol

    i guess its always that curiosity i think things will go smoothly!

    p.s gemini's dont deal with boring people half the time and are always

    talking about the latest anyhow.


  • Debijo--thank you for your input! Wow you're good.....

    Yes, we both have children, who are all grown, and he has grandchildren.

    There is however a bit of an age difference, I am 53 he will be 69 on his next birthday, maybe that's the conflict? Or maybe the children will disapprove?

    Yes, there is a distance between us, about 160 km. round trip I believe, so doable if we wanted to visit each other for the weekend. So you were spot on.

    as for the outgoing personality, he seems to be able to bring out the fun-loving spirit in me that was hidden for quite some time 🙂 He seems to know what buttons to push to bring out that much more.

    Hopefully I can do that for him as well .

    Addictdtoriches--thank you as well. This is great!!

    I've never had an online relationship so this is such a new experience for me and I think for him as well.I don't know if this will get boring, but for now It's very exciting! We've both been very lonely in the last few years, so maybe this is our ticket to happiness?

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