Allow Universal Love LIght to flow through You

  • Initially I felt a bit unworthy to post (know thats a bit goofy :), but its one of my issues i am working on), anyway, felt if it was meant to be I would receive some additional confimation, opened the new Wings and the title is EMPTY SHELLS. so here I am.

    Felt I was being told and shown this morning we are to be empty vessells, and just allow the Light of the Universal Love from Heaven (God, Spirit) to pour directly into us and send it right down into Mother Earth, and eventually it would just be a constant flow, very easy, and lovely. This is what Mother Earth is opening for, why we are here to assist creating "on Earth as it is in Heaven" I could see all the light beams from earth to the universe, then kind of spider webbing (us connecting) light all over earth until earth was glowing with this golden light of love. It was so beautiful.

    Since the Captains post on Shining our Light, I have really been trying to shine my little light and evidently I needed to be shown its not supposed to be such and effort, just be open and allow it to flow. It feels so good, relieving lots of the pressure that I had been feeling in my head and neck. Oh! and I guess this is part of my spider webbing my light around the earth. 🙂

  • Dear GJay,

    Thank you for such a beautifully written piece. And you are in no way unworthy to post! Goodness. You have a beautiful spirit and God is showing you, through your visions, that you are connected to everything...and everyone. Just like He is! How wonderful for you that you can cast out the worries and concerns that so often predominate our thinking, and let your light shine.

    Prayers are beacons of light as well!

    Angel blessings to you!


  • That was a lovely post GJay : )

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