Why can't I move on

  • I have been with the same guy for 8 Years. We do nothing, don't live together. He lives with his brother. He is so settled it bores me. I am trying to meet someone new, but when I get close to meeting. I back out. why? This man is good to me, but thats all it is just good friends. We don't have sexual relations but maybe every two to three months. Why can't I move on.

  • Hi, I don't know enough background info to really form an opinion about your b/f, although he reminds he of a couple people I know. I take it that you are probably self-sufficient, you don't "need" him. If you got in a situation where you needed help, I wonder if he would come thru for you. That is a test of any relationship. He sounds comfortable w/ the status quo. One thing I've seen and heard is guys who like pornography and this overrides their normal intimacy. I don't know if this is the issue. Just an idea. Eight years is a long time. I also know a couple people who live apart from their spouses. I think they are both strange, actually. But it's what makes them comfortable. I'm sure alot of this is rooted in a lot of other issues for your friend. Maybe you and him can work-out these issues. I hope you can.

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