Creating A Rock N Roll Deck - Opinions Please On 1st Card

  • Jim Morrison instantly came to me as the Fool.....APPRECIATE OPINIONS....I GOT A LONG WAY TO GO LOL

  • HAving formating problems getting the picture of the card up.....

  • try now

  • this is pretty cool, instantly seen Janis Joplin on the Strenght card, not sure how appropriate that would be but thats what I seen 🙂 .. This could be an awesome creation that we could really conect with considering the fact that we know so many aspects of famous peoples lives, even if we don't care to 🙂 ha. Good luck to you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes this is going to be a Blast! Keep in mind ive been a rock music artist and lover since 10 yrs old so there's a lot of the spirit in me lol.....just about to post the, I don't know whats up today but it's all over me!!

  • Wait til you guys see who the high preistess is going to TRIP YOU ALL OUT! It was given.....she has to be

  • Seen your other post, very cool...can't wait to see the high priestess!

  • How about Jimi Hendrix as the Hierophant? Marilyn Manson as the Devil? Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society as Death? Wow, I'm really looking forward to your ideas for the Rocknrolla Tarot deck! Great stuff, tommyross!

  • Hmm, you are going to have to pick people who are very well known because a lot of younger people wouldn't be able to identify with some of the older rockers of past generations. Maybe you should consider universal types rather than actual people who embodied it? Like the Fool could be the Groupie who follows the bands around, dreaming of meeting their idol, the Magician could be the Lead Singer, the High Priest is the Music Critic, etc.

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