Will they contact me?

  • The past five years have been the most devastingly sad and I am trying so hard to hang on to my spiritual beliefs. I lost my oldest sister first due to cancer. She and I were very close and I took care of her until she died and spent days by her bedside talking. She promised she would get in touch with me someway, somehow to let me know she was ok and she would look over me. My 29Yr. old son died one year later. He had a very, very strong belief in the hereafter and he and I were best of friends as well as mother and son and before he died he promised me he would watch over me and let me know he was here with me always. My brother died four months ago and I am feeling that I cannot endure another loss of family so close to me. I have always believed in God and we pass on to a better place filled with happiness and love. I am questioning everything now. Not only have I lost these beloved memebers of my family, the past five years has been filled with financial hardships that have been causing my immediate family almost unbearable burdens as well as myself. I have prayed so hard to God, to these special people who were angels to me and have now passed. I have always felt God does not give us more than we can bear. I have led a clean, loving life and have always thought of others and I want to believe so badly my loved ones are ok and in that special place. Are they watching over me? Will they contact me? I have been told by many that I have to be receptive. I have been and still will be. Am I being punished somehow? When will these financial problems be relieved? Sometimes I feel that way, as if I have to atone for something I've done wrong. I would appreciate any assistance I can get.

  • Hello MorningGlow,

    I do understand a bit, as we had lost 6 very close family members including our daughter over a short time, its very difficult to explain how traumatizing an experience it is, and I was angry at God for quite some time, I would recommend talking to them and look for signs, then begin listening and watching. Turn on the radio and listen to what the song says. Look at the clouds, butterflys, license plates, open a book, sometimes you may notice a familiar smell...flowers, perfume. Look for things your loved one likes. Electrical things like lights turning off or on.. One day I was visitng with a friend telling her how I missed my daughter making coffee and my coffee maker came on instantly. They really try to come in dreams, talk to them before you go to bed and ask them to visit you. I know they do visit us and they are well, its just may be in a different form of communication. Much Peace and Love to you MorningGlow 🙂 GJay

  • Thank you GJAY I do appreciate your quick response. I have had some things happen where I thought perhaps it MAY be them but at the time since my faith has been slipping and I felt these signs could have been a coincidence it did not provide the solace I so badly need. I have been praying for a clear connection or an awareness that is so strong that I will just KNOW that it is one of them. I do look for them and talk to them daily, especially my son. I have actually been relaxing on my couch when it is quiet with no distractions and tried to meditate and pray and almost begging my son to make himself be known. Nothing so far! I have thought perhaps they cannot contact me for some reason unknown to me. Is that possible and if so, why? Does anyone have an answer?

  • MorningGlow, i feel they have tried to contact you - through music or song - but you didn't see the connection. I feel that they use music because there is a special meaning there for you. They are all definitely watching over you and I get a feeling of much happiness from them at what you are doing with your life ie. helping others.

  • Dear MorningGlow,

    First, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your loved ones in your life. There are no words that will help, but just know that each and every one of them are still alive...they are just on a different spiritual plane than we are. I lost my son at the age of 22, and miss him every single day. What you do is talk to your son. I know it's not the same as him being right here but he is "here" -- you just can't see him. The same with your sister. Any family member of friend who has passed over.

    As the Captain and GJay said, angels and your loved ones do send you signs all the time to let you know they are with you. It's just you aren't seeing them. So, you have to up the "sign" ante a bit. I would suggest that you talk to Archangel Michael (who oversees our angels) and just say that you need to know your son is with you, and if he is sending you a sign, you are not seeing it. So you need more signs. Something so obvious to you that you cannot ignore it. You can't demand what the angels will show you...they like to be creative and come up with their own ways. But lights turning on and off are good ones. My son did that. We were all talking about him one Thanksgiving about the many platefulls of food he would eat lol, and the lights went off and on, then off and on, and we started talking to him saying we know it's you and he would keep doing it for a bit. I could see him in my mind's eye just smiling and grinning his ear-to-ear grin.

    Angels leave coins. Feathers. As GJay said, clouds in the sky that look like an angel. Rainbows. It may even be a message on a billboard or on the side of a truck. Your son's name. Or his number on a jersey he wore. They will find a way to let you know.

    My Dad passed in 2006 and he left a couple signs for my Mom. He was in a wheelchair and he opened up the van doors he used to ride in. The van was locked. No one had the keys. They were in the house. And my Mom goes outside and the doors are wide open. He also moved her things that she had on the floor as decorations. He would always tease her about the things she had --knickknacks and such -- and she was real picky on where each thing went. One day she went past a room and quite a few things were moved around. So yes, they are ornery! And smile the whole time they do this.

    Keep asking for signs until they are so obvious you KNOW they are with you. Then, you will begin to talk to them just like you would if they were there with you or on the telephone. They can hear you. Archangel Michael can help -- just ask him to.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Hi MorningGlow,

    I am so sorry for your loss. My recent loss was my beloved brother, who passed away almost 2 months ago. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye because we don't live in the same country.

    I have posted my experience in the other thread ( about a visit from my late brother) and I wish to share it with you.

    I'll copy and paste it for you here. You can also check out the other thread, there are many replies in there.


    March 2010.

    No intentions of hijacking this thread but I would like to share my experience with you.

    My brother passed away a month ago, he was a kidney patient. He spent the last 6months of his life having to go through painful session of dialysis. No, there is no history of kidney failures in our family. His kidney was damaged when he got into a traffic accident about a year ago and since then, his kidney was not functioning properly. Funny how fate can change a person's life in just a matter of second. My brother was a healthy young man, he was a Physical Trainer in the Army for 10 years( you need to be super healthy and fit to be able to get this position).

    Anyway, I spoke to him on the phone 2 days before he died, before I left my family home to go back to my own. ( I live thousands of miles away from my family). When I reached my own home, in less than 24 hours, I received a phone call that my brother died. I was devastated! I took the next flight back to my homeland again, where all my family are. Flight took me 14 hours and including the reservation, drive to the airport etc, I was home only about 2 days later. I didn't get to see my brother for the last time. I missed his funeral.

    I was full with regrets. How I wish I had stayed at my family's home a little longer. If I had gone home just a day or 2 later, I could be at my brother's funeral. I started to blame myself, finding reasons to tell myself that I could have done things otherwise. I could not accept the reality that I won't be seeing or talking to my brother anymore.

    2 weeks later, I had a dream. I dreamed that I was in a car, getting ready to drive away. Surprisingly, my brother was standing outside,just a few feet away from my car, smiling at me and waving me goodbye. I was in the car, looking at him waving at me. He looks healthier, just like he always was before he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He did not say a word but the expression on his face tells me what I needed to know ( or I think I know).

    I woke up from the dream feeling at peace. I found my closure. I know that my brother was trying to tell me not to blame myself for not being at his funeral. I did my best to get there. The expression on his face tells me that he is at better place now and happier. He is not suffering from the dialysis anymore. He is at peace too.

    Just a few days ago, when I was sitting alone in my family's living room, there was suddenly a strong smell of perfume. It was the smell of my brother's favorite perfume. I breathed in to really make sure that I was not imagining things. The smell was still there, very close to me. I ran out of the house to sniff the air outside, No perfume smell outside. I came back into the house, there it was, the smell was still lingering. After a while, I realized that my brother was with me, visiting me. I calmed down and enjoyed the smell of the perfume. I spoke out softly " If it is you brother, thank you for visiting me. I love you and I will always miss you. Feel free to come again anytime." After a few moments of silence, the smell was gone, leaving no traces at all....

  • Dear Emergence,

    What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it. I have smelled my grandmother's perfume (she always wore "Tea Rose" perfume so it smelled like really strong roses). I know that their perfume or aftershave is definitely a way you can acknowledge a loved one's presence. So much is just being aware. It's so easy to discount a lot of signs as being coincidence or not making the connection. In your dreams is how you many times see someone and that smiling is definitely how they feel. At peace. I have a good friend who was pregnant when her father died and she was very distraught of course. It was affecting her own personal health, not eating, and so forth. One night, her Dad came to her and she saw him at the foot of her bed. He was healthy and wore the clothes he wore here on Earth. And he told her he was doing just fine and that she needed to know this so she would start taking care of herself and her baby. That was the right medicine for her because she knew immediately he was at peace and okay.

    Some signs are not so obvious -- but they are signs nonetheless.

    Angel blessings to you across the miles!


  • Hi Ms. Beth,

    Thank you and you are certainly welcome! I will never forget those precious moments, the dream and the visit. Those were wonderful experiences. I am sure you felt at peace too during the visits from your late grandma and your son.

    Anyway, thanks to you, I am more confidence now in trusting my "clear feeling". I know how to to appreciate it more.

    Angels blessings to you too!!

    P/S - Couple of days ago, I was about to make a silly decision about my work, without giving it much thought. At that instant, my guts were telling me a big NO and I felt someone was breathing / blowing on my left shoulder lol. I took that it was Archangel Michael ( who are glued to my side) was sending me the signs " DON'T!!!!! ( Glad I listened to him because I could be in a big trouble (financially) if I didn't!!) Phew!

  • I dreamed of my father when he died, he was telling me goodbye and that he loved me. Only dream I had of him. When my mother died, I dreamed of her several times, talking to me about where she is, about my dad there with her. She even came to visit me a couple of nights, sat on the end of my bed, felt the indention, but couldn't see her. But I knew it was her. She always worried about me. They are always around you. I talk to my mother all the time and I know she hears me. I do smell certain things to let me know when she's around. My father actually appeared in form to my mother after he died. The most dreams I had was the first couple of months after they died. No dreams now, but I feel her around me.

  • What a beautiful Sunday! I awakened to find all these lovely post helping me feel so much better. "Captain, I think you are right". My sister, brother and son were music lovers". A week or so after my son's funeral I did hear a song on the radio that had been sung at my son's funeral service. My oldest son had selected it for the service. It was so appropriate and I couldn't believe when I heard it again just a week later since I had never heard it before. I thought then it was a coincidence but perhaps not.

  • Emergence..I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your experiences with the loss of your brother. After reading the description of your relationship and what hapened there were tears rolling down my face. Your faith is so strong and I am relating to the closeness you shared with him. My brother was out of the country when he passed as well. I flew to Peru to see him when I learned he was critical. He was in a coma so I did not really get to converse with him hoever I did plenty of talking to him and shared with him how much I loved him and reminded him of funny and touching things we shared as children. After leaving Peru to return to the states he did come out of the coma. I wish I would have waited to visit as I so wanted to actually have a conversation with him. He passed away about 2 weeks later. I await the day he lets me know he is here with me. Captain made the connection that my loved ones may let me know through music. I will be listening with both ears as I want so badly to believe again. Sharing your experiences leaves me with a feeling of peace and the hope of a reunion with my loved ones. Thank you and bless you!

  • Angelreader and Tonib...thank you both for sharing your experiences and offering support. "Angereader I will pray to Archangel Michael" for more obvious signs. I keep praying and at night right before I fall asleep I keep asking to have my son come to me in my dreams. So far he hasn't but I will continue to pray and ask as everyone here has given me strength and renewed faith it will happen and I just have to wait for the signs. Love and blessings to you!

  • You are very welcome MorningGlow, have faith, they will contact you most likely in your dreams. Remember your dreams, the ones I had of my father and mother, I would wake up after the dream, as to make me remember it. I would always wake up crying. Blessings to you.

  • MorningGlow,

    You are welcome. Just like you, whenever I read back the post I wrote about my experiences with my late brother, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. I am not angry or upset but those are my tears of love for him. I am really at peace now, knowing that he is no longer suffering from the dialysis that was slowly turning him into a person that I rather not see. It hurts to see the pain he went through.

    I am so sorry to hear about your late brother. It must be hard for you. I really hope you will be able to "talk" to him soon or feel his presence. Watch for the signs and listen to your inner self. You will be amazed with the results and what you will discover.

    Angel's loving hugs and blessings to you too. Anytime you need a shoulder to cry on, try me 🙂

  • Dear MorningGlow,

    I know you want to see a sign right now, as it's only natural...but it does take a bit of time for your angels to figure out a way to get through to you in a memorable fashion. What I've discovered is once you 1000% BELIEVE in life after ours here on Earth, and BELIEVE that your angels are with you always, it becomes easier and easier to spot those signs. What you in the past would have dismissed or thought you came up with it or gee, isn't that odd becomes immediately your angels. I can hear them, so I always thank them. And they are totally honest. If they DIDN'T cause something to happen, they let me know that too! But the majority of the time, it is their divine intervention causing events to come together.

    Have patience. And boys tend to be ornery I'll warn you lol. So be prepared for lights turning on and off or the phone rings and no one is there...maybe static. They seem to be attracted to electrical things for some reason! Better find your remote as it may disappear on you too!

    Your loved ones are with you always, and want you to know they are doing just fine on the other side.

    Angel blessings to you,



  • Thank you Angelreader and Emergence!. It is spring in the desert here in Arizona and the wildflowers are blooming in their glory and of course the native birds such as quail and dove are dancing their mating waltz. It is really a sight to behold. It certainly does help me remember spring is a time for new beginnings and growth. Death is a reality and we all must pass on but I feel more peaceful now and feel it is not the end but a new beginning. I pray our loved ones recently passed are starting a new journey and one day i will join them when it is my time. In the meantime, I will enjoy my new relationships I have made from joining this site and listen for the angel messages! Of course, I will cherish my family and friends and each day I have with them. happy Easter to all and blessings to you and your families...

  • Dear MorningGlow,

    Thank you for your Easter blessings and your joyous note. I'm glad you are finding peace in your heart...for your loved ones are truly at peace right now and only wish for you the very same. I know it's not the same as being here with us...for that is what we miss...the contact and their presence. Yet, they are with us. They are present in our lives. They are in contact with us. Watching over us. Helping us. Smiling and laughing with us. It's just on a different plane of existence. You will meet again...and when you begin seeing signs from them, even the ornery ones! They bring smiles and tears of happiness to your life.

    Angel blessings to you and your family,



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