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  • Ok this is how it goes I do a reading for u base on every week that how would the conversation goes.. If only u got conversation la.. But still everything u must depend on yourself often..

    For your first week u will have a beginning of relationship conversation with him.. Like maybe talking about sweet past and recall wat u both have done together.. But somehow in this conversation u may find him having troubles with his monetary.. This may let u have an uneasy conversation with him.. U may felt that within this time he is still the same..

    For your second week u will have a making choices conversation with him.. Regardless of watever it is.. This conversation with him will lead up to be a two path.. And hence u will feel injustice at times.. It might due to different concept and miscommunication too.. Choice often led ppl to have a unfair judgement.. So be more open a bit.. Sometime it will helps if u do..

    For the third week u may not be alone but somehow u felt that the way u talk to him seems unrealistic.. For some reason it maybe because he is still the same even u had chat with him for this pass two weeks.. U may have a monetary conversation with him and ask opinion from him.. Somehow he couldn't help much to solve your problems much~~ don worry things can work out too..

    For the last week there is a new path opening up despite u both may have conflicts during this point of time.. New intellect stuff will comes in between both of ur and somehow manage to think of a solution.. Although this may be a beginning path but having the past influences and those painful memories might brings out to the conversation too.. In another ways u need to forget much about past and look at the future for now..

    To conclude everything I can say the conversation is not realistic as there is 3 pentacles reverse.. Of course feelings are involve in here too.. Maybe is because u both still have the liking for each other and hence u both hoping there is another way to turn the situation around.. But still choices are up to u to decide.. Hope to hear ur comment soon.. 😃

  • Upz

  • THANKS 🙂

    You really hit the nail on the head when you said that we have to forget the past!!

    Yes, there is a lot of hurt feelings between us when I look back at the past. We had people who purposely tore us apart.

    We had two mean employees who interfered in our relationship 😞

    Mikyo, Thanks your reading is very accurate; and, yes he is having monetary problems at the time. There is a lot of stress in regard to his junvenile acting employees!

    I will keep you posted Mikyo 🙂

  • 😃 there is always a past but still have to look forward right?? Haha u take care too.. Do keep in touch~~ =D

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