Will Gemini man get back after breaking up?

  • He's Gemini and i'm Aquarius. No wonder we fell into each other very fast.

    It has been 3 weeks since our 1st kiss.

    3 weeks, to short for any argument to pop up, right?

    For me it seems not 3 weeks but quite a lifetime we've been together because we've communicated excellently and enjoyed all the talks and ideas sharing. It is very much great to be with him. No one's ever made me feel such connections like that.

    I'm pretty sure he feel the same way.

    The thing is, he's obsessed with his ex-es and 3 days ago he told me so, and "Let's stop before we involve deeply in love, i'm afraid you'll get hurt".

    I don't know much about those girls earlier in his life.

    "Do I look like or somehow act like your ex-es?"

    "Completely not. I just... sometimes the images just run through my mind. I can't forget them"

    I was shocked. I never thought Gemini man would be attached to the past, especially when he says it's the images come back to him, not that he misses or wants to get back to the girls...

    I think i'm so into him even though it's just 3 weeks and can't know for sure if i love him.

    What i know is that i want him back, and experience our match which i believe would be great.

    Strangely i've come out of my way to call him again and again, though i hate chasing around like an idiot.

    He's ignored me for 3 days and asked me to leave him alone.

    Will he get back to me by himself or should i do something to bring him back?

    Is it good to leave him alone think about his feelings?

    While actually i don't believe in space, absence,... would help him figure it right, especially when our relationship has just started, nothing can be taken into account.

    So, please help me understand this Gemini.

    What should i do to get him back?

  • I called his guy friend and he told me last week they met up for coffee, my Gemini guy talks about me a lot, says we're very compatible and he admires me.

    Should i keep a hope that he's getting it right?

    Or last week was the past and this week he thinks different?

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  • Only 1 thing should be the problem between us: we both approach love via mind.

    We fell in love so fast and sometimes we extremely happy in the second and then confused in the next: "is it love? Will it last?'...

    Please help me. Thanks a lot guys

  • @AriesPiscesCusp: Thank you for sharing.

    But what i don't understand is that they broke up 5 months ago and he says he doesnt even know if they were truly in love. So he should have no reasons for holding onto the ex-es, right?

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  • I am going to break up with him today, officially

  • Any Gemini man or anyone who experienced Gemini men, please help me answer the question:

    Is Gemini the sign of zodiac who will by any chance come back to his girlfriend after breaking up? And what can i do to bring him back?

    As to me, Aquarius, i remain good friends with my ex boyfriends but never think of getting back together in a love relationship.

  • I'm also an Aquarius women in love with a Gemini man. You should respect what he says as far as giving him space, and embrace the fact that he has been honest with you. If he were a cad, he would never had mentioned the past relationships. If you truly have a connection, he'll be back. He'll love you more if he thinks you're strong and can live without him. They like a challenge, anything or anyone too easy is definitely a turnoff. I've been with my guy for 5 yrs and we've had our ups and downs, but we always find our way back to each other. Aquarius and Gemini are one of the most perfect matchups of the zodiac.

  • Thanks asetadu,

    I believe me and my Gemini guy are a very good match.

    But somehow his thoughts about his previous relationships and obsessions covers his mind and he won't take the chance to love again.

    I don't know one thing they say about Aquarius: cool, detached, aloof. Actually i believe so in most situation, but when it comes to love, i prefer a very close and sweet relationship.

    And for these 3 days i've been struggled a lot, unfortunately i've shown my weakness and out of control, which added more reasons for him to put an end for us.

    I know i was just out of my way for these few days. And it was mistakes. The situation would be different if i stayed cool...

    We said goodbye yesterday, "stay friends" was what we said to each other but i dun have feeling that he's gonna be a friend as nothing happened before.

    I need an advice.

    I want him back.

    Or at least I want him to be my close friend, which seems hard on him.

  • No Gemini speaks for me? Please help me

  • Yesterday I came to a bar and found my Gemini guy sitting with another girl.

    He was kinda confused when he saw me walking in. I ignored them and continued to my table.

    And they two disappear a few minutes after i sit down in the corner of the room.

    I wanted to remain friends as the nature of Aquarius.

    But now i am confused...

    What kind of guy he is...

  • I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings....but as a Gemini and, having had some experience with Gemini males over the past _??__years, I've run into that line. It is a "kind, face-saving" (for BOTH ppl) release method HE uses when a relationship is too intense, and she may have

    shared more info with him than he was ready for....He either didn't like the intensity or got bored,

    either way, he wanted to move on. As to the bar scene, you caught him in a lie and he was confused and embarassed. You ran into him when he was the "bright burning" twin, highly

    personable and a spectacular match for you AT THAT TIME! (Those were the only times I ran into male Geminis and found them to be interesting....but when they cooled....) No, he won't come back or try to be your friend (especially since the bar scene). Another note about Geminis (especially the males), if they haven't grown up by age 25, (in my experience), they never will. I watched people (& could spot their zodiac signs 90% of the time) for many years.

    Sorry I Couldn't give you better news...

  • Thanks Gemini64,

    Fair enough. I can't agree more.

    I've understood that he hasn't grown up enough and now what you say is very confirmative.

    Thanks again.

  • I don't know how relevant this is since I'm a Gemini FEMALE but I have indeed gone back to ex's/people I was dating many times. I may have detached from them because I was freaked out about how serious it was getting or I became bored but then realized I missed them.

    I wouldn't contact him and let him come back to you, as I've always been the one to go back after I broke up with someone. If he doesn't - and I wouldn't count on it - it's his loss! You should just move on.

  • GAHHHH!! dont u hate it when its aboutt he ex, i was chasing my boy once but hes like last relationship the girl ran off with his best mate. The ugly truth is they and we base them on the relationship we had before. my advise it wait untill he comes to you if you reach out now be aware u will be in a love game ( the love triangle), step back and really think what you want( i call this the ME time lol), i hope it works out 🙂

  • i think Gemini64 gave you a very good advice. I am gem too so i'm going to try and help you with some more perspective.

    I always go back to my ex's in fact i think i might be getting back with my ex at the moment although not quite sure how that will work out. Anyway on what he told you about the girlfriends it could be he is in fact still hung up on the last one. Five months is not that long if you've been in love. My ex just told me yesterday that he had to break it off with the girl he was seeing because he is not over me.We broke up a year ago...

    I've been dating a gem guy on/off for three years and he is usually the one who breaks things off and then comes back after awhile. It's quite funny as i was seeing him for exactly 3-4 weeks the first time around before he got scared that things are getting too much between us and decided not to talk to for month or so. I left him alone then he came back but he wasn't up for anything serious. Then last summer we started seeing each other again...the first time i got angry with him because i never know where we stand and demanded to have a conversation he again got scared and we had the "let's be friends" talk. He actually as well told me that he can't get over the way he treated his girlfriend (cheated on her) and said that he won't commit to anyone till he is 100% sure this is the person because he doesn't want to hurt anyone.(blah blah if you ask me but i'm just sharing this to maybe help you with figuring out how gem guys are). There is another thing about gem guys they are big flirts so they always have something going on.

    So to sum it up what i think about your situation is either he is still hung up on his ex (do you think it's possible the girl you saw him with to be the ex?) or he was just scared of the intensity of the relationship and decided he's not ready for this. Either way my best advice to you is to give it some time few weeks or so before contacting him (if you still intending to). Usually gems like keeping in contact with people they've had relationship with, unless something particularly bad has happened. So i think if you want this friendship/relationship to continue there is a good chance that you might end up friends or even start seeing each other again after awhile. But if he is anything like my gem guy the real question is can you be bothered getting on the rollercoaster?:)

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • Hi I am with a Gemini Man and they are so unpredictible and unsure of themselves. It's somrtimes hard dating a Gemini Man. I have been knowing my Gemini person For a long time now and is still finding things about his personality and I am annoyed sometimes with him. You would think after all this time things would get easier. With a Gemini Man you have to be prepared for their action and behavior. It takes a strong person and patient to date a Gemini Man. They can also be tic for tac, which I think is very inmature. I don't think they really know who they are and are confused themselves. So if your new in dating a Gemini, there will be a lot of rollercoaster and emotional moods swings. So if you think that he is worth it, go for it. But only if you think he is worth it.

  • Does give you some insite? I hope this helps a little.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    @Redgemini, my Gem man is very much similar to yours. Interestingly i was seeing him for 3 weeks then he got scared that we were going to commit something and it might hurt if we break up later, blah blah~ He also said that he never loved anyone truly, and he was afraid of doing the same to me which he never knows if he would. (He is not sure about his own personality!)

    I've moved on but really i know i'm not over him.

    We were too good together.

    He has moved on too, or just seeing another person.

    Also, i emailed him 1 day after we broke up, telling him that i feel comfortable with the break-up, and will move on, hope the same to him, and let's be friend,... in a very good manner and choice of words which i believe he could feel the same way. But he never sends me a reply. And i thought he's very immature for not replying, and for not saying hello when we met at the bar accidentally.

    Somehow i don't think he would come back. He would think a lot about pride, i guess.

    @worthy1248: Yes i'm new to Gemini, this is my 1st time. I really think he's immature.

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