Captain, help!

  • Captain, please share your you see love in my immediate future and if so, any details that would clue me into recognizing healthy loving men over emotional manipulators? I strongly feel my soulmate is out there and wonder how long it will take to find each other. Your feeling is greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Dixiee, instead of looking around for a partner, try spending some time alone assessing your wants and needs. Sometimes you can be a bit too gullible and believe everything a guy tells you because you so want it all to be true. You need to develop a better intuition about whether you are being told fact or fiction. You try to make reality and people fit into your ideal image of what love should be when you should do the reverse - make your dream fit into reality. Everyone you meet is NOT your Prince Charming nor can you or should you try and make them into it. Decide what it really is you want but make sure you are not asking for the impossible.

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