Help me find my sister

  • Can anyone see anything regarding my younger sister. Her birthday is 3/11/1974. I haven't seen or spoken to her since the summer of 2002. She got addicted to pain killers after her second child was born, which eventually developed into a heroin addiction. She has since lost both of her children. No one in the family has heard from her in years. I have searched her name on the internet and cannot find any current information. I am turning to the spirits, the universe, and God to help us find her now. I have prayed and prayed for an answer. If anyone can see or feel anything, please help us. If anyone simply has any ideas on how I can find her, I would appreciate that information as well.

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  • Is your sister in the US? If so, what city did she last reside? If she has committed a crime you can find her through the court system.

  • Thank you so much for responding. The last known address I have for her was Oroville, CA. How would I go about finding her through the court system?

    Blessings to you

  • Search Butte County. Here's link to that county court that would handle criminal cases:

    Go to case information and search by her last name. If a record is found, it may not show her address but you can inquire at the court with the case number. If she is incarcerated you should be able to find her. If she moves without change of address notice or is homeless it may be difficult to find her. However, if you can narrow it down you may be able to get local people to help you. I'll stay posted to see if I can help further.

  • Bless you missy mill for trying to find your sister ,I hope that you will be renunited other again soon. a sisters bond:),iI can only imagine how hard that is not being able to find her and the turmoil,anguish you feel , ...godbless u and ur family. Goodluck and love and light from scotland 🙂

  • My brother had been missing for almost five years and I found one of the online detective programs you can get for about $30.00. I really enjoyed the one I bought as you input the name and it searches many, many data banks. It brought up his last address as they search utility company's, criminal justice systems etc. for all states. If you have their social security number you can even check to see if they have been reported deceased. It is a great program. The last address found for my brother was in California. He had not been there for a couple of years at least . I know my brother liked to frequent night clubs and bars so I started calling those establishments within a 50 mile radius. I talked with bartenders and waitresses and guess what? I found a waitress who knew him quite well and she gave me a number to a guy who might know where he was located then. I called him and he gave me a number in Manilla, Philippines. I had found my brother and we were able to reunite, it was one of the best blessings I have ever received. Good luck in your search and don't give up trying. You may want to try one of the online programs I used.

  • Dear MissyMill,

    I wanted to lend my support to. If she indeed has has addiction problems she may be on the street too. There are many foundations to help them I'd go thru them too.

    The gov site should help.

    My twin was on the streets for almost 2 years and we had no idea where he was. We were lucky tho he just showed up one day got tired of living like that. He is now in a board and care home.

    Please keep us posted.

    Cheers Pfree

  • MissyMill, I am feeling your sister is avoiding the family and doesn't want to be found because she feels ashamed of her life. Even if you do find her, she may react negatively towards you, believing you only want to put her down and make her feel worse about herslef.

  • Thanks everyone for your responses. I appreciate the support. You have all given me some ideas on where else to look, as well as hope that I will find her.

    Captain, I believe you are right. She needs to know that some family members have passed, and that we still love her and want her in our lives.

    Blessings to all.

  • Littlelioness- Thank you so much. Through the link you provided, I was able to see that she has been in the court system many times. It looks as if she may have done time. I plan on contacting the jails and prisons to see if I can locate her. I actually feel better thinking she might be in prison, rather than out on the streets. I am so grateful that you recommended that link. I never thought to search for her in this way.


  • I just want to thank everyone again for support and prayers, and help you have given. I found out that my sister is no longer in prison. She is out on parole, and I have her parole officers contact information. I have been trying to make contact today. I believe that this will put me in touch with her. I am so grateful for this information. I believe the timing is right, and that I have found what I needed for a reason.

  • Missymill I'm praying for you and your family! There is still hope, I have an Aunt who was a junkie and everythng else almost all her life and she has now been clean for about 6 years. Miracles and will happen! Good Luck! 🙂

  • MissyMill,

    I'm glad I was able to help. I wish for you the sufficient strength, patience and understanding that will be required to re-establish a relationship with your sister. Peace, love and light to you.


  • Thank you everyone. I spoke to my sister today. She just got out of prison on the 9 of March. She is in a treatment facility for 3 months. She sounded good. I think she is trying to get her life back on track. I believe there is a reason I am in contact with her now... It was like I was led right to her, and I have everyone here to thank for that.

    Love and light to all!

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    Thanks for the update. I'm so happy for you and your family. I feel you are right that there is a reason you found her. The time was right. Peace, light and love.


  • what an AMAZING story. good luck I hope your sister does well and you enjoy being sisters.

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