Why rae men in General just so Confusing

  • Fortunately, I haven't met a high maintenance man who whines..or wanted to be treated like crap, Wouldn't want him anyway for having no self respect.

    A-s-s kissing? no reason for that.

  • so getting back to the orginal question: Does anyone think he will be coming back?

  • Yes , he will but you have outgrown this

  • I know I have, but its just to prove some sort of point what I don't know

  • I'm really hoping to be in another relationship by then will I be

  • I want to thank you all for your help I feel so much better

  • I really thought I WAS the crazy one,with ll your help I now know how to handle him and treat him

    the same way he treated me only with a little more finesse

  • Hey Virgothatsme! Thank you for posting "be real" I agree 1000%....let all women know! 🙂

  • So is anyone going to answer Will there be another relationship before he comes back (any time soon ! When will he be returning)

  • well said gemtwin 52 men want what women want love appreciation & respect

    even when they hit their midlife crisis like mine has it is rough but he is slowly coming to his senses

  • dnnmre,

    Wow i see its just not me! Libra men are Jerk's! I'm Virgo with a Gem moon and AS he had a Virgo moon let me tell you DAMN!!!!!not only was he always placing the blame on me and everyone else. He is still to this day not changed one bit! But I did! I was lost in a relationship and i am not an easily bullied person, but that Libra could sure get at my goat! I learned a lot from that relationship about who i was what i was doing with my life! When it comes down to it this is your life and if your sitting there wondering if a man who left you for another women that made you lose your house, and then kept telling you things to hurt you is ever going to come back ? WHO CARES he's a big boy and you have been there for 13yrs too long for his problem! Its everybody's responsibility to take care of them self, but if you keep trying to bury yourself in codependent relationships you will never learn anything about yourself! People are not hard to understand men or women we are people we are just so busy worrying about what they are not doing for us we aren't listening! If you always look for the negative thats what you will always find, then again if you stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is alright that's just as bad!( dnnmre ) I might not be the wises women in the world, but i sure am not about to waste my life on someone who couldn't careless about me! This man you talk of is no good no matter how long you were together you have to write it off! Your life is happening RIGHT NOW!! Everything you have ever wanted and wanted to do for YOU should be all you care about ! things happen when you aren't looking and that is usually when your the most ready for them!!

    I hope that you have a blessed and loving road ahead and that you always keep smiling everyday because its beautiful out there!

    i agree with alot of what everyone is saying on this form i just wanted to state my opinion too! 😃

  • dnnmre,

    There is a difference between unconditional love and “love” that is abusive. Not only is he abusing you emotionally and spiritually, but you are hurting yourself by accepting this behaviour for the past 13 years. This is not what unconditional love is about, whether it’s love that you give to yourself or love for another. After all this man has done to you, do you really want him back? I have to assume that you fell in love with a man that was different at the beginning, but consider that this may be the real man that you are seeing now and what was once is the illusion. I do believe that people can change, but they will not change for you or anyone else, he will only change for himself and he doesn’t sound like he’s anywhere close to a personal revelation. How much further will you allow him to pull you down? What has he done to deserve your love?

    It sounds like you have been in a relationship for the majority of your life and maybe its time to spend a little more time focusing on yourself, and yourself alone. We don’t need to be in a relationship to feel loved dnnmre. A relationship doesn’t complete us; it is the icing on the cake that is already perfectly baked.

  • You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you... A relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals... Look for someone complimentary...not supplementary

  • I know several men and women who have chosen to stay in celibacy for years and years. It is healing to the soul to live without a distructive relationship. Especially if the pattern is distructive - since it comes from within aswell, not just from outside. Let the soul heal - then welcome a healthy relationship. What is the purpose of life? To become healed, ofcourse. Let go of everything that is distructive and of no use for your own healing. That is what in reality means to follow the path of healing. To let go of all that you want and leave it up to healing. Let healing become your first priority. Not any man.

  • Ok...... So Again my questions are Is he Coming Back? Does anyone see someone for my that is compatible?

  • can someone tell me if he is coming back My intution tells me something different. Its funny I always get butterflies in my stomach when I feel he is near isnt tht wierd, when I m driving or walking driving especially most times i am right

  • This post is deleted!

  • ok, he did come back and I dont want him. He came over to tell me that she got arrested(like I care) He says he will fix my car (I dont want him fiixng anything for me) What after a month NOw he is worried bout my car He says he is coming back for his golf club, well I have news for him I sold them for the money he owed me I sold everything he gave me over the years even the piano I want to see how far this chase will get even though I dont want him YES I did outgrow the relationship Didn't even ask me how I was doing just told me about her , THEN tells me HE IS NOT SEEING ANYONE like I really care. So now what?

  • Good that you are not taking him back. Life is not about getting a boyfriend. Life is about becoming aware of who you are and from there find peace and everything you need for your own healings sake. You asked "now what?". Perhaps the answer is "nothing". Accept peace in your self. Perhaps from there you may meet a soul who fits your inner peace perfectly. A man who respects you and is trustworthy.

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