Why rae men in General just so Confusing

  • People perfer to be treated badly, really? I'm not into games and definitely do not like others who play me. If I have to be with a man who is threatened by me and I have to play "hard-to-get" to capture his attention. I am not interested. If a man has to realize what he lost after he has lost it, he is pathetic. This also applies to women as well. The one thing that I actually detest in human character is people who do not think about their actions before they perform them. Please women who have posted your responses to this subject don't play men -- be real!!

  • VirgoThatsMe>.The one thing that I actually detest in human character is people who do not think about their actions before they perform them. Please women who have posted your responses to this subject don't play men -- be real!!

    Sandran712>>Are you a Virgo Sun sign?I've never met a Virgo that direct before.You remind me of myself...LOL

  • Yes, I am a Virgo and I am very direct. I just hate to hear women feel the need to play some kind of game to catch a man's interest. Are we in the "dark ages"? Men should feel lucky to know us and to be with us. Another point: "Would a man like to know that he was the prize of some woman's game" Come on guys tell women out there that you would like to be treated like a "real man" and you don't appreciate being treated like your silly and brainless. My experience with men and how I would like to be treated is respectfully and with integrity. It makes all of us (women and men) look better.

  • Very true, VirgoThatsme. I myself, when posting in this thread, was just referring to how some people are. I was not talking about how it should be. Really, one should respect each other and not abuse each other emotionally or physically. Men are good, one just need to learn how to see the difference between the good and the not so good. Also one need to be able to see how to not behave and how to do behave when in a relationship. The dramaqueen woman type is one example of women that men can not live with without getting problems with self asteem or his own sexuality or pride. A man who feels that the woman is trying to control him and change him like a dramaqueen will feel desperate to get out of the situation. If he does not divorce, he will fantacise about having sexx with other women and try to have flirtations with other women in order to try to get back his feeling of pride about himself and his masculinity.

  • I agree with scorpwolf men really do not know what they want they are like kids in a candy shop. If you really love him you can step back and be patient they like to figure it out for themselves but sometimes they need help

  • VirgoThatsMe>>Yes, I am a Virgo and I am very direct.

    Sandran712>>I am a Cancer and I am very direct.I do know some Virgos.But, they are always so tame,quiet.Never blunt and straight forward like myself.I consider it a blessing to be this way.At least I am not a door mat.I've met more women that are door mats.I personally have not met many real men out there.I think the ones that are real are busy working and keep from public eye.

  • what would you consider a doormat? Have always heard that phrase but never knew what it meant? I have only been in only 2 relationships my whole life my husband who passed away (24 years) and this one.(13 years) I have no idea what anything means or does. I have always been known as geek. Please someone tell me

  • Sandran712.. Yes, definitely have had my faith in my intuition tested by my aries guy. I was very interested in your post about your experience with the aries male. I've known mine for twenty years and nobody has ever made me feel such extreme highs and lows of emotion. I was relieved to see I'm not the only cancer female that is crazy/brave enough to take on the challenge of that kind relationship. Lol. dnnmre.. If you have tried stepping back and not being a salve to the wounds of this man and that resulted in him saying you ruined his life. It makes me wonder if he has always held other people accountable for his happiness or is this something new because he is having some kind of personal crisis?

  • dnnmre>>what would you consider a doormat

    Sandran712>> door mat person is a person that does not think for themselves and the man makes decisions for you.I call it HenPecked"LOL...I look at it as a man barking orders at you.He is extremely bossy and overbearing....As I was telling Thunder..I love to tangle with a guy that would try to get in my face and bark orders at me.He may not stand there long after I jump his a-s-s...LOL...I do not tolerate a man to boss me around.I wouldn't make it in the military world either.Because I would get discharged on the first day...LOL

  • he always blames others not looking at himself, to losing his job or whatever, he is never at fault always others then he doesn't talk to them .perfect example he was using my cell phone with my money on it i took it back he got so mad and said now he has nothing and said i ruined his life,but yet he made me lose my house to his gambling but I ruined his life, he doesn't see that he ruined mine

  • I have no idea why i want him back, but i can't go forward i feel like I'm in limbo and confused what is wrong with me I love myself but not so much that people can't stand next to me.I love me as I am I wouldn't change a thing (maybe improve things) but not change

  • he has people hating him for taking money from them and not paying them back. he is living in a room since we left each other. before that he was living in his car when his girlfriend threw him out I felt bad because of the snow so took him wrong move I should have left him in his car. I go from hating him to forgiving him otherwise I feel I can't move on.

  • Does anyone see my future with anyone 2/3/57 Please help I know he is no good for me

  • Three things that form the basis of a strong marriage/relationship.

    It's not complicated. What men really want from their wives/girlfriends is appreciation, respect and love.

    "He wants to be her hero. When she is disappointed and unhappy over anything, he feels like a failure,. "Many women today don't realize how vulnerable men are and how much they need love too."

  • dnnmre... Your comment about his gambling confirmed what I was feeling about this. That is, that your relationship is more complex than "regular" man/woman stuff. I am getting that this man is an addict and you two have a codependent relationship of sorts. Like an alcoholic that has yet to realize and be accountable for there drinking, this guy is still making everyone else in his life responsible for his choices. You are saying that you love yourself and have, in your mind decided this relationship is no good for you. However, now in your attempt to move forward you feel lost because you have lost your focus..Him

  • he has been sober for 19 years from drinking he took up another addiction gambling .I can't change him but I know I can change myself but how on earth do I do that. I was in my own way his enabler I took that away he became angry and hateful towards me now we are not even on speaking terms I really don't want to be on speaking terms with him. I want my own life back, with a human being that knows how to love and respect. So when is it my turn to enjoy my life without him

  • dnnmre>>but yet he made me lose my house to his gambling

    Sandran712>>Losing a house would kill A Cancer....Cancer's are not into gambling much.We are too thrifty with money.If you took away our home well..... we would make you pay dearly for it...LOL

  • Twin>>It's not complicated. What men really want from their wives/girlfriends is appreciation, respect and love.

    Sandran712>>It's not complicated to remain single either.Men are too high maintenance.Too much cheese with their whine and alot of a-s-s kissin to go with it!!!!lol

  • well he never gave respect, appreciation or love (that I thought of) my love and his love are two totally different things, he has no respect for anyone but himself, he doesn't appreciate anyone or anything (as i step back and look at things his true self is coming out) and i don't like it . he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk .he cant walk and talk at the same time either...lol

  • dnnmre... honestly... LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be waiting for him to apprecciate you and come back to you... i'm sorry to say but you probably are better by yourself without someone that is making you feel guilty.

    You have nothing to feel guilty about and NO you did not ruin his life...

    i've also been in this kind of "unfair" relationship with a Libra man and after two years I'm tired of his shit already.

    I agree with VirgoThatsMe about not playing games but the same goes for wanting someone to feel guilty... is not fair and you should let him PLAY THAT GAME ON YOU...

    also Sandran712 I agree man are really high maintenance, especially if they want you to filled the two role models for woman, the old one (having all the shit together in the house and kids) and the new one (self sufficient, intelligent, working with good pay)... F'em... LOL

    dnnmre just promise to yourself that you want to be happy and feel happy without a shadow over you... perhaps it'll be good to be for sometime by yourself completely, fall in love with you again 🙂 best of luck to you... you can do it...

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