Why rae men in General just so Confusing

  • They dont have to be a specific zodiac to be confusing, they just confuse the rest of us. They never really say whats on their minds you have to be a mind reader to know and when you ask, they get crazy about it. They love you one minute, they dont the next, they tell you to get out of their lives , then call you the next, they say you're ruining their lives, what's up? CAn anyone nswer me

  • Have several guys treated you like that? Perhaps there is something about you that attracts such behaviour from men. For example if a woman is too clingy, the man might feel that she is trying to control him. So in an attempt to show where the boundary is, he might snap to move her a bit on a distance where she can not harm him or control him. The word "dramaqueen" comes from a certain type of womans behaviour, where the man feels she is trying to take control by talking and screaming and weeping and crying. The more she behaves like that, the more he will distance himself from her and try to make her snap out of it. A man in such a situation would go to a friend and complain about her and even shed tears because of her drama (some men). Because such behaviour is not a mans behaviour and not understandable for a man. [ I am not answering as a psychic. ]

  • Ive been going with my best technique which, Men like to be treated like Sh**t, lol

    actually alot of people tend to wanna hold on to people that dont treat them so good

    especially guys, Guys automatically love challenges,and winning things so

    my advice on how to keep a man.. dont give everything at once treat him for instance like a dog

    make him earn rewards wheather it be attention or your love.Guys wanna feel like they've won something ! so when they put in all their efforts then Reward them.

    just a little advice from me.

  • I totally agree with TheHangedWoman and addictoriches...

    Men hates drama queen and I am glad that I am an easygoing person. Freedom and "stand on your own feet" are very important to me so I hate to get all clingy or needy with a partner. In return, I do not want him to check up on me often or control my freedom. This really pisses some guys off but it has worked well with most. It teaches us to compromise.

    But I did make one big mistake with my last relationship. I was so filled with boredom and life issues that I started to change into a clingy, miserable and needy person which pushes my ex to break it off with me. What do I get in return for behaving that way? Pain of losing him. So please....don't make the same mistakes.

    Treat men like you are flying a kite....you know when to pull the string and you know when to let go ....don't spend all your time hovering over them. They love to get all pampered sometimes but if you are in their face 24/7, that will only suffocate them. They need to be with their male friends, let them.

    If you let him do his things and not be a needy girlfriend, he will start to miss you and wanting more time with you (if he is really into you). He will appreciate you more for giving them the freedom and not having to report to you all the time. You are his girlfriend after all, not their warden or curfew officer.

    Make them work to get your attention and your time. By giving it all to them, that leaves them with nothing else to work on. They will get bored, if not frustrated already, and you will be left with a broken heart. They will run away from you as fast as their leg can carry them.

    Good luck and all the best. Just my 2 cents...I can be wrong.

  • wow,did your mother ever do a number on you!firstly most people men,or women are just out for themselves so just call these people what they really are Predators

  • men really do not know what they want mine is in a midlife crisis and "talking" to a female that is married - but with patientince and love he will come back after he figures she cant give him what he needs a woman who will stand by him thru good & bad who will love & care for him in sickness and health. they are built to be care takers but sometimes I think they get frustrated and want to see whats on the other side. I got some very good advice from the Captain and I am using it and you know it is working. Plus it doesn't help when others who are misable stick there 2 cents in. So when they run to a friend they hear what the want to hear not what they know deep inside is true

  • you are right emergence no one not even women like to be smothered

  • Yes, some men do seem to prefer to be treated like ccrap instead of being her equal. Strange phenomenon. Although I dont advice anyone to do such a thing. The consequence is that the man tries to have his preferred communication with another woman and then the man becomes dirty and useless.

    I think the reason for that is that some men have a what is called king-slave-situation. Either he is the slave or he is the king, the emperor. If he sees that she is stronger than him, he will accept her as the boss. If he sees that she is weaker than him, he will put her in place below him and treat her like his slave. Silly behaviour, and seems that women have a similar need to out in place or be put in place. Being the slave or the emperor. Silly approach in a relationship.

  • dnnmre>>they say you're ruining their lives, what's up? CAn anyone nswer me

    Sandran712>>I am a bit controlling.But,given my lifestyle I have to be.I guess the men you are attracting are not worth your time to begin with.I think men are controlling.I know..I can meet a man... my friend can meet the same man.I will get a different behavior or attititude from him that she would.I think some may be lifestyle and up bringing in a person's life.Where some women my age have been married and divorced a few times.Where as I never been married at all.After awhile you learn the signs of these guy's defective behavior.You steer clear.And move on.

  • Sandran712>I don't have to ask a guy where he's been.My intuition is so strong that I can sense if they stray..I tell them up front they can't hide things from me... I know.I back off and wait to see if they are honest enough to tell me on their own.If I sense alot of deception with no talking from him.I walk.I didn't walk with the Aries I had.Because even though he was hiding alot of things.Cheating wasn't one of them.I ain't got time for that kind of drama.Men get on a woman's nerves enough without all the mind games.My Aries used to test my intuition on a daily basis because he wanted to know how good my intuition was.He learned that it was a waste of his time.This is what scares a guy away for me.I know things.I ask..They get scared and run...

  • I m not the needy one, as matter of fact he is the needy guy, I have always kept my independence until now we have been together for 13 years. I m tired he wants to see whats out there let him. he syas he loves but is not in love with me, tells me to get out of his life but constantly calls me, I m trying to move on but he wont let go. this is what i mean by he is confusing I have loved him unconditionally through thick and thin good and bad, but now I feel he is using me So I dont know what to do

  • No one needs anyone but it is nice to be wanted. and feel loved in return. not used/ He is like a puzzle ,he is with this other girl tells her one thing then comes to me and tells me another .I 'm tired of playing games especially with others feeling. When is he going to grow up! I love him just wish would would make time for me besides making time for everyone else, but when things get rough he runs to me. thats when he tells me i am ruining his life all I do is listen. but deep down inside I love him still

  • dnnmre>>>tells me to get out of his life but constantly calls me, I m trying to move on but he wont let go. this is what i mean by he is confusing I have loved him unconditionally through thick and thin good and bad, but now I feel he is using me So I dont know what to do

    Sandran712>>The Aries I had was the same way..Needy..afraid of being alone.Difference was he loved me.But, I still let him go.He was very depressed and suicidal.Drove me crazy.I had to just ignore all means of communication.You just have to put your foot down.My Aries was paranoid schitzophrenic.Talk about bouncing./drama.He wasn't like this when I met him.He got sick after 4 years into the relationship.Always talked of killing himself.He died 7 years ago because of a drug overdose.He was my son's father.It's been hard dealing.Since he looks like his dad and has those damn traits you carry when someone does weird stuff...LOL

  • but deep down inside does he love me ? He is a Libra I "m an Aquarius. We were friends now we are nothing.I was wondering if he is coming back. Im still going on with my life ,but in the back of my head he is there.

  • From advice and experience, I would say that men in general really don't know what they want. It is just up to us women to be patient and go with the flow. I personally have no patience for insecure and "babies". Good luck to all 🙂

  • dnnmre... Have you possibly outgrown this relationship? Is this man providing the level of love and support that YOU feel you deserve? I tend to think that we as people, seek out relationships that either fulfill our needs and/or teach us lessons we need to learn about ourselves. Although always intuitive, I've had many relationships that have tested my faith in myself and my ability to believe in the messages I was recieving. Now, whenever I start facing difficulty in a relationship I try to take a step back from the situation to see if there is something bigger that I should be seeing. Perhaps if the next time he comes running to you to lick his wounds and boost his ego, you should not be available to do that for him. Just food for thought. <<<blessings>>></blessings>

  • mellove you are not the only one to tell me that but now he's not coming around at all since I took back my cell phone. says that he has nothing now thats when he told me i am ruining his life

  • Mellove>>Although always intuitive, I've had many relationships that have tested my faith in myself and my ability to believe in the messages

    Sandran712>>Have you had a guy test your intuition skills?I've never had my faith tested in a relationship.Only had my nerves tested...LOL

  • so what do I do

  • Will he be coming back ( my friends all say yes, he is stupid enough Just give him time to see tht there is nothing or no one to put up with him) What do you all think

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