Hug The Earth

  • On Eath Day this year (April 22nd 2010), I would like others to join me in hugging the Earth.

    Sit back and meditate, calm and fill yourself with love and joy.

    Then imagine yourself as an all encompassing energy being and see the Earth before you in space.

    Wrap your arms around the Earth and hold it in your loving embrace as you spin along with it.

    Calm and peaceful as you turn slowly and purposefully, imagine all the others joining you in your embrace of the Earth, filling it with love and joy and peacefulness and healing. Acknowledge it's greatness and the work it has done on our behalf and express your gratitude for all you have received from it's efforts.

    Now gently caress it as you let it go, knowing you have given back energy and healing it so richly deserves and end your meditation.

    You can also sign up for it at for the global tribe.

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