What was I seeing ???

  • A few nights ago while lying in bed, I all of a sudden seen this absolutely Beautiful Flash of clear white light , which at tthe same time there was a Red light behind it but not as bright . . I was not afraid . But it left me in wonder of it all . Was this a Spirit Guide watching over me or a warning sign of something ? I still haven't figured it out . All I can say was it was awesome !

    If anyone have any insight as to what this was or could be , I would appreciate it .

    Thank you in advance .

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • I think it is a reminder to you that you are being watched over by Higher Spirit, God, Gods angels or a Spirit Guide. To me those words have the same meaning, but just in case I mention all of them.

  • That's what I thought it might be as well , and if that was that case , How awesome is that huh !:O)Thank you TheHangedWoman for answering my post , I appreciate it .:O)

    Have a Awesome day !^A^

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