Dissapointing reading

  • Position 8, new turn of events and/or the effects of others on you: The King of Swords. Challenging situations will arise that will cause you to close off or guard youself, and you'll be so caught up in defending your position, you'll fail to see the feelings of others, dwelling on the past only causes pain, so you'll release it and let it go. In time, your perspective will change, pressure will be relieved, and your future will look much more promising. You will also gain great insight into how you interact with others and how your attitude comes across. Stay detached and you will be able to perceive the truth in situations, and your impressions or perceptions will later be confirmed. ...Position 9, You in the environment of the future, how your surroundings will affect you, and how you will think in times to come. cont.....

  • Position 9, the Hanged Man, You will be waiting to see what a lover will do, this could also indicate a sudden flight from home, but not a permanent one. You will experience suffering or martydom in your marriage and in your career because you can't have the one you really love, and/or are bound by financial restricrions. A fresh direction will begin to emerge that will give new meaning, purpose, and inspiration in your life. You will be waiting for [or hoping that a lover will call]. You need to get rid of those who zap your energy or give nothing in return. You will know that a friendship, love affair, or partnership is not working out or has become obsolete, but you will feel powerless to get out of it, change it, or do anything about it. Emotional problems, physical handicaps, or poverty will come to an end. You are going to have a complete reversal in your thinking. Position 10 final outcome. the King of wands.... When all is said and done here it looks like a new kind of relationship will be in the making, Your action, decision, or opinion will be the deciding factor, it the fruit of the tree is gone, its time to move on. I hope I didn't confuse you, I only read what the cards showed me. By the way I am an Aries which is the King of wands in my book that I told you about. There is so much more info that I could have shared. This info came from the book. I wish you peace of mind and for you and your family to be blessed whatever the outcome may be. Thank you for the opportunity to practice this skill and please let me know what you think? Lola, Elizabeth. Also please excuse my spelling mistakes if there are any. xoxoxoxo

  • Hi laurieann, I will read for you tomorrow. I would like your sign, and I will explain the interesting turn of events then. Lola.

  • Wow - that is fantastic. I will go through all this today and compare it to my interpretation. This is such a great way for me to practice my skills and will help me such a lot.

    I'll post a full reply later.

    Lots of love


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  • hi shannon this is mystique im a spiritual medium/ n i specialise in love n relationships also experienced in reading the tarot. and on reading your post my heart went out to you/ n i laughed at the other versions of amatures. 1st we will start with hermit you are in the dark about something you have suspected for some time now. with regards to your hubby and you are right/ the moon/ as moon means deceptions hidden things. illusion. kidding yourself all is well when you know things are being hidden from you. it will come to light though. now 4 of cups isnt always nice card as can point to infidelity. but not always. n the ace of swords. you should have cut the ties with him long ago but have been hanging on n on hoping you re mistaken and that it will go away wrong it wont. and you have made far too many sacrifices and excuses for him. you are/ as your own card is crossing you/ your own worst enemy. and the chariot. he is hard work boy is your hubby hard work. you will make a decision/ a decision you wont go back on n it ll be the right 1. you know that dont you. now the king of swords is a legal man in your spread who wlll help as there are going to be legal issues to deal/ with but u have got the strength to see it through even if you get low at timas n the best news for you is your last card king of wands in your future. a lovely guy. 1 who ll take care of you n love you. a reliable honest man who wont betray your trust quite fiesty though as a fire sign, aries leo sagitairious so you hang on in there. stand your ground shannon n dont place too much emphasis on corresponding star signs when learning tarot just go with flow of the cards n how you feel n who you feel theyre refering to listen to your intuition at all times angel blessings to you mystique x

  • Good Morning laurieann, I have pulled the lovers card for you, it states that money will be coming in through commission, trade, or skills and/or through a mortgage, loan repayment, or an unexpected source, and if a need arises, money will come to cover it. Good Luck!

  • mystique, you are living in a dream world if you think that you are helping anyone! You need to look in the mirror long and hard, for you have just insulted another wise woman who is learning these skills, no you are not a specialist in anything but your own ego! Dont EVER laugh at anyone who is reaching out to help another! SHAME GIRL! You should know better, or are you so full of it that it is a game for you! There is a place for you and it is not here!

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  • You are more than welcome Kathy! Please let me know how it works out for you, this is also one of the luckiest days of the year, a lotto ticket in mind maybe? Trinka for money and Tavano for winning at games of chance. Best of luck to you and Lola for love. Elizabeth.

  • luv2laf I have to agree with you. If some one comes on here and is sincere in there knowledge then they shouldn'y allow ego to turn them into a know it all and assume anything about the other ones who are helping. They don't know how long someone else has been reading tarot cards and shouldn't be so high and mighty as to call anyone else an amateur. After all the cards are a tool and you could be getting more of a reading than what you get from the books interpretation of a cards meaning. But then we know what they say about to assume!

  • Luv2laf,

    Wow, how rude and arrogant ( 2 traits that I hate most!) of her.

    I suggest you ignore her and her comments.

    Usually, people with no self confidence will do this to others.

    By putting down other people, she is showing others how much she is doubting herself.

    She don't realize this of course.

    No matter how experienced and accurate she is, I wouldn't go to her for a reading.

    She is giving out negative vibes with her arrogancy.

    That will certainly influence the reading!

    Luv2laf, if you have the time and energy, feel free to do a reading for me 🙂

    What do you need? My birthdate is Dec 11,1976.

    Hang in there! Have a nice day 🙂

  • Oopps....you don't need birthdate but questions instead.

    Silly me, should have known earlier....

    Questions -

    Starting a family and children have been in my mind lately. Not sure why. But it has to do with my ex, I think. This feeling came since we were together. It was as if I have met the right person to be my children's daddy (This is funny because all my life, I have never thought of pregnancy or having my own kids) Do you see me having my own kids, in the near future?

    Also, I am thinking of relocating, once I am financially able to. (if the cards can tell you anything about this dream of mine or suggesting the place)

    Thanks! Take your time.

  • Emergence,

    First, Shannon ( I think thats the name of the post starter) excuse me for cutting into the thread you started.

    Emergence --- I got this as soon as I read your post ---- relocate! I don't have anything about the rest of your questions except that. I got a carefree person walking a city street, loving life! I bet when you do the rest of the good things in life will follow! Peace & Joy to you!

    Best Wishes!

  • Emergence, thankyou, all of you for the love and support that I felt I really needed today. I really don't like to get hot with people like that, I do know better, and it is true that I did not have to react in that way, but sometimes I felt like I was being challenged over the last 6 months by quite a few people on this forum and let them get away with it, today I blew. And when my ears stop burning I would love to give you a reading, and truly thankyou for asking. Lola, Elizabeth xoxox.

  • Shannon -

    Ooops, I am sorry for hijacking this thread you started. Not my intention at all.

    Laie4 -

    thank you so much for that. Bless you!! I have been wanting to relocate, yes, once I am financially stable and lawfully able too of course 🙂

    I am not living in my birth country right now, moved to another continent 10 years ago but I don't feel at home here. My mind keep on wondering to USA, USA ,USA , for a many years now...lol!

    This is the reason I am always on vacation there (1-2 times a year for the past 8 years)

    I see myself surrounded with greenery, hills, cliffs and maybe the ocean too..makes me feels calm.

    luv2laf -

    There is no Challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself. Life won't do that to you if they know you are not up for it 🙂 They know you can accept the challenges, and be a better person each day. You will get better in what you do. I'd say - Bring it on! 😄

    Don't worry about giving me a reading now, it won't be good hehehe ( negative vibes)..I will wait till you cool down and all smiling again. I will wait patiently.....be sure it's a longwinded one okay!!!! 😄 (just kidding)

    Love and peace to all of you! May life brings us all the blessing and the wisdom we need. xxx

  • Emergence, thankyou for asking anyway, and yes when I start being a sidewinder again, ha, an aries term for being able to climb the mountain again for a better view, then I will post you if thats o.k. , until then thankyou, and I wish you all the best. Lola for love, Breemar for good health, and Owaye for protection while travelling, and for any other reason that you want protection from. I am usually happy and don't let things bother me, but in my horoscope today it warned me not to get caught up in a heated debate that could last all day. A Mars thing, even so I appreciated your help and won't forget it. Elizabeth.

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  • Emergence, Thankyou.

  • luv2laf,

    I started a thread and would like for you to look at it if you would.thank you

    love and peace to you

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