Do (even) I have Spirit Guides?

  • leoscorpion, thanks for answering my post and to intrigued, sorry I stepped in on you. If further questions arise I'll start a new thread. I appreciate your patience and taking the time to explain all of this to me. Thank you.

  • OK RC take care

  • RCdreamer, I have no problems in you using this thread. I am fascinated by the subject too. I would write more but my head is starting to pound again. I didn't go on the computer yesterday for that reason. I will get back to you. I feel I best go and do a few Angel readings. There looks to be afew people requiring an uplift. Take care Leoscorpion and RCdreamer. I will be back in the next few days. Thank you for your messages! Happy thoughts to you both. 😄

  • Intrigued, thanks, there just seems to have been a lot of chatter on the threads lately about people stepping on others toes. I just didn't want to become one of the many. I appreciate your courtesy and I too am really enjoying the knowledge tossed about in these threads. Always hoping to learn more. Hope your headache is better soon. Leoscorpion thanks for your understanding. I guess I'll just hang and see what unfolds..... have a great day everyone.


  • intrigued

    take care


    you're welcome

    I can't be here much due to extra work that come pouring since January

    it's good in a way that I can pay my debts off this year, as planned

    but I do miss being here more like I used to

    anyway hope you find the answer you both seek someday

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