Do (even) I have Spirit Guides?

  • All this talk on here has got me thinking, and I'm also thinking that I'm nearing my quest for answers. I know I've been a right pain lately with my questions, and I do cringe a bit about it. I just can't help myself. I do, think that people can just turn away and not reply, I'm also hoping that they don't! I do wonder if anyone knows of my Spirit Guides? I've always wondered. My Grandma was into all this, and I didn't know until long after she died. Does everyone have them? I am very intrigued if anyone would take the time. I have been lucky the Hans has given me lots of his time and patience. There are such good, kind people on here. I also was given to understand that your Guardian could never be a close relative? Is this so? Thanking anyone kindly and I'm hoping not to trouble anyone for a long time after I've had this answered!! 😄

  • I mentioned this in your other thread before

    everyone has a guide, but there is no specific form they come in

    for some it's angels, deceased loved ones, spirit guide, sometimes they come in animals form

    you see them out in nowhere or in dreams or meditation or just happens to be in the most unlikely places

    I can't tell who your guide is or what form

    but they are like friends. if you never listen to them or talk to them, they will leave

    they will come back but in their own time, not ours

  • a guardian is not a guide

    a guide is to guide

    a guardian is to guard and protect you from harm

    a spirit can take both assignments if the universe meant it so

    if you see a presence then you can ask it why it's here

  • Hello intrigued!

    I know there are a LOT of theories on this so I will just share with you what I believe/am starting to learn:

    I think everyone does have a guide or guides. I call them spirit guides. The way a friend of mine explains it is, regardless of their form, be it angels, deceased loved ones or otherwise, we call them spirit guides because they are guiding each persons individual soul or spirit. They are always around us, showering us with love and adoration.

    I dont believe that our guides ever really leave us, but rather our not hearing them is due to us not being in tune. In fact, due to a personal experience I had I believe that when we aren't paying attention to them, they WILL find ways to get our attention...hehehe and they really had to "wake" me up since I was being completely unobservant LoL

    Anyway, I know I cannot say anything regarding a loved one and if can be a guardian/guide or not, I think they can be...I dont think there is some universal rule that says they cant. What I do know is that my loved ones ARE with me.

    Not sure if that really helps, but it is my two cents.

  • LeoScorpion - Thank you for your reply. I guess I am confused about Spirit Guides and wondered if they did change throughout your life, different Guides for different phases in your life. It doesn't really feel like I have one.. I do talk to them but wonder if anyone is listening? take care and again many thanks!

  • Hello Tmoe, many thanks for your input. I had a chuckle about your second pargraph. What happened in your experience? I am intrigued!?

  • This post is deleted!

  • it's not impossible you have more than one guides at one period of your life

    guides do leave, if you don't communicate with them, or if you need different set of wisdom and knowledge whcih other guide will come and replace them

    communication is a 2 way street

    if you talk to them and you don't get an answer, then it's not communication

    because if they don't answer, how do you know they are there? or listening?

    unless you know why they are not answering

    try to establish communication, and keep trying until you get an answer

    an answer doesn't have to be verbal

    because guides don't always communicate verbally

    sometimes they just show you an image, a sign, or telepathy, a symbol or even numbers

    if you never meditate, you may want to try it

  • Hello again Tmoe, many thanks for your reply and I will get in touch with you to hear your story. It was very good of you to give me your e-mail address. I know that I'm not really living myself. I'm just existing at the minute although, I am striving to get out of my 'box!' I am very open to hearing others and I look forward to hearing how it worked for you.

  • Hello LeoScorpion - Many thanks also for your posts. Ah, that's interesting to hear that your Guides can get replaced for whatever reason. Exactly, I have tried talking to them and I've got nowhere fast, so I don't know what to do. I have tried meditation, but perhaps I don't keep to it long enough. I go through bouts of sticking to it. Perhaps it's just me and I'm not open enough to it?

  • Insightful messages. Lately I too have been struggling, struggling with focus in my life, finding a new life's path, a new job, being purposeful in the lives of my girls. I've felt like I was being guided and yet at times floundering, which I almost always attribute to my indecisiveness. If someone asked me this second what I want out of life I'm not sure I could answer it. And yet lately I've felt like I've been hearing messages that were speaking to me, quotes on a tv show or in a song, thinking about something from the past that suited me and having it cross my path again. I can't tell you how many times in the last week or more I've felt like messages in a television show I was watching were somehow meant for me to hear as if the character were talking directly to me. Not like I'm hearing voices but what it said in the show is directed at me like "are you hearing what I'm saying? did you get it this time?" Anyone else ever feel that way?

  • Hello RCdreamer, thank you for your message. Wow, you sound like you've been very busy. I admire your fortitude. You are sounding like you're going through everything and chucking out the old (not material!), to make way for the new to enter your life. What a heroine.

    I am sorry to say, but it's reassuring to know that others at times flounder and are also indecisive, like me! I am exactly the same, I have no idea what I would like out of life. I really couldn't answer that question either.

    I know exactly where you're coming from with the messages speaking to you. There's a name for them, can't think what they're called just now. I've had the same myself and I have listened. They are worth tuning into. It can be a remark on the radio, a particular line in a magazine that shines like a beacon at you or even in passing strangers certain words that are meant for you.

    I wish you well and hope that the struggles become easier. I am sure they will, you are working hard to find a good life for you and your girls. Take care RCdreamer.

  • Intrigued thank you so much. I appreciate that I'm not the only one struggling to find her way in this world. I must admit the indecisiveness is even irritating to me at times. I can remember years ago talking to others about children saying I want to be a fireman or a teacher or a boss and joking that I am....years old and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Well here it is probably a decade later and I'm still in the same boat. That to me is frustrating. Sometimes I ponder maybe we aren't supposed to know it just happens or maybe it has happened and it's just not titled like a Job title. Maybe the what I want to be is a mom, maybe I wanted to teach but no one ever said it had it to be in a school, maybe I wanted to be comfortable in my own home I only thought that meant it had to be a house with husband and 2.3 children etc. I can remember my mom saying to me once, well you want to have children don't you? At 17 my answer was "yes but I don't think I want the husband, they're too much trouble." Boy if only I'd known I was speaking to the universe......LOL Got what I said I wanted. Does that mean another way wouldn't have worked better, not exactly. Sure makes you wonder how often our free will really screws up the life we were supposed to lead in the first place.

    Sadly I too feel better knowing others are facing some of my own struggles. The old saying misery loves company fits sometimes. But as much as I feel like I have been tested over & over again in my lifetime I'm not miserable. Pondering what's next, that seems to fit. I have no clue and yet like with the television messages I feel as if someone is guiding me, they're speaking to me in ways they know I'll hear it. I guess that's when it's up to me to decide what I'm going to do about it. If only I knew......

    Hang in there people like us need a sounding board now & again, I'm grateful to be yours anytime, thanks for listening to my rant....LOL Take care


  • Hey RCdreamer, good to hear back from you so soon. No, you sound like you're coming from a strong base and not at all miserable. You are finding your way forward and I admire that. It's good to be tested (not too many times) and I have been too. More to come I imagine! Like you I'm not miserable but enjoy the smooth when it does come and try and ride out the rough. You do come through the other side a much nicer person and I can bet your bottom dollar that you're very compassionate.

    I had a chuckle about the first paragraph. We are all supposed to know what we want to be when we grow up , even when we're so young. My son is only 12 and he hasn't a clue and I think it's bugging him! The pressure on little people these days is unbelievable. All the homework etc, when are they supposed to play and rejoice in being children? We told him he had plenty of time and not to go worrying about it. It is frustrating not to know what you want to do, I don't either. I keep wondering which college courses I should be doing but I haven't a clue where to start. What do I want to do? I'm just like you trying to find something, trying to find my niche.

    Mmm I do wonder about speaking aloud to the Universe. I remember saying once after I passed my driving test that I would never be nervous again (after all, it's one of the hardest things to go through!). I ended up being nervous of everything!! What was that all about?! It does make you wonder who was listening in? It does make you wonder how often our free will screws up the life we were supposed to lead in the first place, an interesting and very valid point!

    I too, am grateful to you for listening to me. We'll work it out. Meanwhile, we'll stay strong and positive. Take care 😄

  • yes different guides have different set of wisdom

    your guide may still stay even if he/she has taught you everything she/he knows

    but you will then get another guide with diferent set of wisdom/knowledge

    so you end up with more than one guide in the end

    also, there are people who have a lot of guides since the beginning

    usually this means they are meant to help others in a profound way

    such as mediums, spiritual healers, spritual mentors etc

    I heard about a medicine man who performed surgeries (without medical degree)

    he had a few angels, and about 3 spirits guiding him

    if I find his name again I will let you know, I only remember he lives in South America

    because every one has a guide

    it is possible that you haven't heard anything from them because you are not open

    so they did say something, but you couldn't hear it

    and also possible you are blocked, so you need to clear up the block first

    a blockage can be but not necessarily lingering negative energy

    but whatever it is, it has to be removed, before you can reach out to your guides

  • RC dreamer

    to be open is to trust the messages. if you feel that these are messages for you, then turn inward and see if these messages relate to your struggles. if they don't then you know you are just delusional or hoping too much. if they do, then you can learn to tap on guidance better.


    it depends on the meditation. there are a lot of types. I know a few, but the one that I recommend is Zen. Very passive, a conversation within. but yes it takes time to master, because mind chatter always interferes. You have to learn to distinguish between mind chatter and inner guidance.

  • leoscorpion

    You are so right. I very much feel that these messages that have gotten my attention were meant for me to not just hear but hear loud & clear so to speak. Like "hey, you, did you get it?" ....."I'm talking to you." I guess that may sound strange. Not that the messages are meant with any affliction to intensity or anything but I almost feel as if the words I'm hearing are coming from the mouth of a loved one. It's as if they are looking me right in the eye and saying "understand? Did you hear what I said?" Maybe the old boob tube is the only way they feel they can get through to me. My mind seems to be racing with ideas and thoughts throughout the rest of my day. When I turn on the tv it is to just let go even if it's a re-run, it's more comfort and relaxation than content. If you know what I mean.

    The other day I was just resting on the couch, not meditating per se but I "awoke" to what appeared to me to be 4 or 5 people huddled as if they were crowded together looking at me. It was just for a split second and they seemed aware that I noticed their presence. I feel as if I'm on the brink of some great breakthrough of sorts and somehow I think they know it too. Any thoughts? intrigued I'm sorry to post a question like this in your thread but as the thought got my attention I was afraid of losing it so had to put it out there. I hope that's ok with you. If not could we move a response to a separate thread please Leoscorpion. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  • Intrigued, Leoscorpion, everyone, here's a question for you. Reading of the blockage above made me curious. In my experience I at times see people. Or I hear people as if they are talking right into my ear or my head. But I don't think I ever have seen and heard at the same time. Have you ever experienced this? Any thoughts on why it's that way or is it just me?

  • Intrigued I hope you'll be successful with your pursuit of the meditation that works for you. Mind chatter can be an issue but if your house is like mine it's the people chatter you'll find most distracting. I've felt in the past like I was trying to hard. Someone here told me, just let the messages come to you. Now if only we could understand them all....... 🙂

  • RC

    about changing thread, it's up to you both

    but I don't have much time on here so i won't be going back and forth

    if you do change thread, start one and copy/paste your posts that are relevant

    so we both don't go back and forth

    what you are experiencing (hearing/seeing) has nothing to do with blockage

    because everyone has psyche ability, it's just it doesn't manifest in the same way each person

    thoughts/acts/words - all contain energy in them

    when we think/say/act, we send a vibe of energy out, be it short or long distance

    the universe is like a gigantic field of vibes

    now and then we happen to tap into one of the vibes be it stranger's or relative's

    and we heard what they are thinking or discussing

    especially if you have a high degree of sensitivity, you will tap into these often

    about meditation, it's true that you need to find a quiet place to meditate

    but even if you find this place, you still need to distinguish mind chatter from psyche voice

    once you can master it, it will not matter where you meditate

    no chatter can allure you from the truth, the psyche

    it takes time to master it that's why you need to pick the best meditation that suits you

    or else it will actually work against the purpose

    about the messages you got when turning on TV

    TV like many electronical devices, sends out energy vibes

    because you are relaxed when watching TV, you are open to receive these vibes

    that's what you have to do, be relaxed, be open

    if you read the steps of zen meditation I gave you before

    it also says you need to relax, before everything else

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