May I have a reading

  • Hi Captain,

    May I have a reading please.

  • Regarding what in particular? A request for a general reading is a bit vague because there are so many subjects in a person's life that could be touched on - I prefer specific questions and a little background information.

  • Oh I'm sorry, I am a widow now for over a year. I am extremely lonely, and was wondering if there is a chance someone will be coming into my life romantically, or as a companion in the near future. Is something coming that can fill my life in a positive way.

    Thank you Captain for you time..

  • Coju, I feel you have developed a fear of losing someone who becomes special to you so you have erected barriers in yourself that prevent anyone ever getting close to you. If you do want romance, you must lower those barriers and get over your fear.

  • Thank ;you Captain. That is really true. I am going to open myself up. Again I thank you.

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