Do Not Fear The Future

  • Yes Captain you make a huge difference.Sometimes ,something rings a bell in myhead days after Ive read it ,but when it strikes home it really forces me to rethink my questions.You are also v generous in answering direct questions and that has helped me develop calm and courage.I also reread what you said about vibes in your blog and it makes complete sense.Am still thinking about that:)


  • Captain - I had no idea that you used to suffer with worry yourself. I have nothing but admiration for your posts and the time you and others take in helping others. Hans wrote a line to me once in answer to a question which I always think about. He said that you can change your reaction to every single situation, you are in control of every reaction. So I approach life with a positive rather than a negative myself and know that I can do something different next time. I am not the same person everytime. Every moment can change, just like you can. I like that because it makes me feel more flexible and lighter somehow. I hope I'm making sense! I know what I mean lol!! Hope you all have a lovely day today. I love the people on here, so wonderful and giving, very kind people. You are all gems! 😄

  • Intrigued and RCdreamer, thank you for the kind words, but this was my main point. As ME, I was in a store and wondering why. (Not really wanting to talk to someone who was talking to himself-ha!) As ME, I didn't know why these words were coming out of my mouth, and I wasn't thinking about them, or planning it out. It all 'just happened' in the midst of a bunch of errands, and my mind was on all I needed to do that day. All I've done is commit to a general path, a choice. And these things keep happening. It's happening to others I know, too. I gave up trying to figure it all out, and I'm just going with it now.

  • Sandpiper - it does make you realise, how little you have to do sometimes to help a stranger. I know myself, just a smile from a stranger can make me happier. I understand what you're saying, it was obviously meant to be - you were both there at the right time. The man to receive your message and you to give it. Fate!!! I'm a big believer in it - so meant to be Sandpiper. May you have many more good moments!

  • I had a nice long response to this and it was lost. Oh well...I guess I just needed to say thank you for reviving this thread. It is a great message to all of us.


  • The message from Intrigued made me think of a line from a CSNY line from a song I can't remember: "If you smile at me I will understand because that is something everybody, everywhere, does in the same language." When I taught I used to tell my classes that it is very easy to find things wrong others, their challenge in my room was to find out what was right about each other and have that be their focus because no one wakes up and says, "gee I sure hope someone hurts my feelings today."

    Don't you hate that Aunt Buck...

    Have a peaceful and smiling day.

    My Respect, WanderingWonder

  • Whoops, the value of proofreading. WW

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