Emotional Rollercoaster! Hans or Captain?

  • You both have helped me in many ways, I am grateful and feel awful for asking more questions. I am starting to sense disaster or at the very least upheaval in my life as I continue to find my true self and reason for being here. Do either of you sense this? I feel I have completely upended my self and the outside world is not catching up. Do either of you see a major change in my life circumstances soon? Am i meant to be with someone else now? Is my mother talking to me in spirit? I am dob 1/31/69 (truly a Dolphin Captain!). Sigh. Appreciate any (more) insight.

  • A lot of what you may be sensing is the Ascension or energy influx to the earth which is resulting in many physical and emotional upheavals. But certainly you are going through changes as you find your authentic path and self.

    I feel you are meant to be alone at the moment to work on finding yourself and your way. Other people will just complicate this process. Your mother is always around you in spirit but she too is drawing back a little in order for you not to be influenced by anyone else but to make your own choices, based on what you alone really want.

    You need to find ways to calm your mind, body, and spirit, like breathing exercises or getting out into nature. There's nothing to panic about. We are all bring guided and protected by spirit. This is a fantastically exciting time for us all, like nothing that has ever happened before.

  • Thank-you Captain. It's very hard to find the patience and balance when you feel like running with the stallions! But I need to dig deep to find the essence of my true self, I know, and to find my path. It might take longer to figure out than I want, and in the meantime, life with my husband and son hang in the balance. Thank-you for affirmation that my mother is with me, I don't feel her but deep down I feel connected in a way that my two sisters are not. Again, thank-you for yet another reading (when you read my vibes last week, you said you got a huge rush of energy, hope I'm not sapping your energy now!)

  • No, I get energy out of helping people. 🙂

    Is it possible for you to get away for a short break in nature somewhere in order to think straight?

  • Thank-you, Captain. I agree, I need that. I am hoping this week I can get a little free time away as I am off from my college teaching job, just difficult with a 4 year old at home. I feel like I woke up in someone else's life and don't know anyone here or myself.

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