The Captain: Should I go or should I stay??

  • Hi Captain,

    I am in a big dilemma while time is running out and I have to make e decision.

    I had planned to go somewhere to work, for a couple of months, but this plan is shaking at this last moment. this job was kind of a dreamed to me. however, I am still being pushed to go, but I am not fully convinced that I will get what I was first promised. moreover, I feel, I will lose in long run, since by leaving I will sacrifice few things that might cost me later. important stuff.

    so, I don't know which why to sacrifice??

    should I go?? and maybe I do get what I thought I would??

    or stay and finish what I know I can better do if I stay, and don't risk for later??

    i appreciate your advice,

    love and blessing,


  • Do not be afraid of failing - the only real failure is in not trying. Take a risk and go forward to your dream. Otherwise you will always wonder what you passed up. The universe always protects those who follow their hearts.

  • I see what you mean,

    the thing is that my heart seems split right now

    i could go only if I was sure that I would do what I was told before.

    if this fail, this would cost me double more, in so many other aspects, not mentioned here.

    my heart is telling me not to go. its a weird combo.

    thank you a lot for your advice!!


  • I think it's your fear telling you not to go.

  • Captain, yes it was and still it is my fear. However, I decided to go.

    Its a great professional opportunity. I wonder what is your feeling. is this a good step?? Am I going to succeed and value it in the end or I might regret it?? You once predicted something very strong for me and I am tempted to hear you again on this.

    I don't see if anything is gone go wrong, I just wonder on the fear, that might be intuitive.

    thank you a lot as always, best art

  • Art10--you can not stack this deck so you might as well open your arms and complete the leap. Forget about mapping point a to be or even connecting all the dots--spirit says life is a trip enjoy the ride. There are no mistakes just lessons--it's all in the perspective. Fear is your enemy--you have good intuition but you think it over TOO much. The what ifs rarely happen and mostly what does surprises us. Spirit says you grip the wheel so tight you cut off circilation! You will be ok--move or no move. The lesson underlining all this is how you handle the unknown. Feeling safe. It's deeper than you think and not about the job. Blessings--you will be fine!

  • Art10, I feel you have a fear of appearing foolish or like a failure to your peers, of losing your good reputation and others' respect, and this holds you back a lot.

  • Blmoon and TheCaptain, thank you so much for your insights. Yes, I totally agree and see what you're saying. I have ascend gemini and moon libra, which makes me most of the times consider the both sides of an issue and make in it difficult to decide without doubts. but I feel definitely lighter after your inputs on this.

    Love and Blessing to you both,


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