Can anyone pick up on who my Spirit Guides are?

  • Hi there,

    I am really hoping to have some insight into who exactly my Spirit Guides/ or is? I am working on contacting my higher power to gain strength against my biggest obstacle fear. I did start another thread but I'm seeking out more information than to know if we have Spirit Guides, I'm sorry I didn't word the question properly. I would like to be able to call on a higher power to help me when I'm feeling panicy and gain more trust in myself. I hope I'm making sense and I'm sorry that my name is yet again on the latest topics!! I hope to stop this quest for searching for answers and to leave things to just be very soon. I suppose I'm fascinated because my Grandma had spirits who came through her, I didn't know about this until long after she'd died. She was the last person I expected to have this happen to her. Many thanks in anticipation and thank you for taking the trouble to look at my posts.

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