What Brings You Peace?

  • I thought it might be helpful to all those who are troubled if we listed some ways we personally find peace and relaxation. Perhaps anxious souls will find some avenue or outlet suggested here that appeals to them and might help.

    For myself, I find peace in solitude, or being out in nature or in the company of an animal. I also find music, expecially Celtic music such as Enya or Celtic Woman, very soothing. Meditation once or twice a day for a few minutes is very helpful.

  • Pilates is relaxing, I'm not that good at yoga, so pilates is better for me, after that a hot shower and some refreshing hot tea! I turn off my phone and read a good book 🙂

  • I use to have ways that I found lots of peace, tranquility and relaxation, not so easy any more. I think for me, it is being able to help others in need or to lend an ear to listen to their problems and point out that sometimes the problems are not so bad. I guess I should have been a therapist or counselor. I love spending time with my granchildren, but it is sometimes more work than peace. I love to read, don't read as much with my eyes giving me problems. Use to write short 1 to 2 pages and haven't done that in years, I love to go for drives any where to look and cannot afford the gas, especially up to the mountains and water.

    I once listened to the Celtic girls in concert and they were very good! Now I look for them on our special channel, but cannot seem to find them on there except around Christmas time. I will look forward to the posting to see others suggestions! How did you know that there is some of us who could benefit from this right now?

  • Spirit tells me when and what to post so I guess they know when someone needs to see something.

  • It brings me peace to hear the things that other people find peace in. 🙂

  • I find peace listening to a gentle rain fall with the window open, smooth jazz playing in the background in a cozy space illuminated by soft candle light and the smell of jasmine as it drifts throughout the room.

    The sound of birds chattering to one another through the tree's as morning breaks, the warmth of the sun's rays dancing on my face!

    A smiling face that is ever so contagious.

    puppy breath...lol


  • Hello everyone ,I find peace working on a piece of art especially when i am doing it with a special person in mind or writing a poem, or Meditating in my garden with all it,s lovely scents I often just pull up a nice comfortable chair find a spot with new blooms and just relax and enjoy what the Creator has given me. The sounds of the birds,,,, a train going by, love the sound of a train especially at night, love the sun beaming down it,s rays of sunshine and the night sky when it is free of clouds and you can see all the stars & feel all the Heavenly things, OH there so much I need to remember and think about that is so positive I am afraid I have had a couple of troublesome days but just refl;ecting on all of these wonderful things has brought me peace. ....Leonida

  • My sentiments exactly, I LUV gettin LOST in apainting of carving or a deep tought poem, watching it grow & become something out of an inner desire, a little piece of me, done in a place I AM @, Doc

  • U all need BIGGER file space 4 an upload, Doc

  • What I find peace and balance in? the sound of the sea together with a gentle touch of the sun and breeze, looking at a rainbow, the harmony of colours in general and of course music always music- one of the best remedies to almost anything.:-)

  • POSITIVE thinking. Hope, appreciation. enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. NO fear!

  • seeing two magpies together!

  • Snuggling with my cat in the sunny spot that he has found.

  • yes for me its all about snuggling with my dog , she has the ability to show me how to slow down as i watch her peaceful ,simple way of showing love and contentment. we are bonded at the heart! also the sunrise........when the morning is new and fresh and the world is quiet!

  • Nice warm fire....really good smelling candles. A good book and a cup of tea on a rainy day. Lilac relaxes me. I deliberately planted lilac bushes all over my yard and one out side my bedroom windows so I can smell them in the spring breeze.

    I love the beach. I don't care if its raining or sunny, just the smells and the sounds of the waves and watching the water flow in and out. If I can't get to the beach....I like being near running water. One of my goals is to get my backyard pond up and running again. I had a water fountain in it that I loved to sit on my patio in the evening and listen to the fountain. I usually have one of my two cats on my lap or laying next to me and they always bring peace.

    All else fails....snuggling on the couch with my two kids watching movies. :0) As long as they aren't fighting that is...lol.

  • Above all things ....quiet. Solitude. Undisturbed sleep. Sounds of nature like birds, crickets, waterfall rain. Have a small fountain in my entrance hall(unplugging the phone, tv off)ear plugs best invention ever! A clear conscience for sure, forgiving. Curling up w/ a blanket and a good book to get lost in. My beautiful soft kitty curled up in my lap, like now. That 1st cuppa joe when I get up. The 1st bite of muffin on an empty stomach. My spring flowers starting to bud. Meditation for sure and exercise, afterwards I always feel better. My daughter home safe. Doing a bit of gardening or maintenance even just emptying the garbage I feel like I'm being productive.

  • I need time out to recharge, so I need alone time. I LOVE listening to Enya and find her music very soothing, actually music is very soothing overall for me and something I need. I also find soaking in a bath relaxing with some soothing music and candles very good for giving me peace and I meditate while in there. I don't meditate as often as I should and my mind is always on the go, so I find guided meditations very helpful to get my focus. I also love the sound (and smell) of rain, especially when laying in bed all cosy. Also I find the beach brings me peace, sitting on the beach breathing in the sea air or walking on the beach is wonderful.

  • I love the smell of vanilla, ylang ylang, frangipanis, and jasmine. Sigh! Both stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

    Oh, and chocolate...

  • And the salty smell of the sea...

  • Sitting on the beach listening to the surf...

    Being in the Redwoods National Park

    Meditating or relaxation techniques




    Sitting by a fireplace

    Listening and watching birds and wildlife




    Learning new things


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