Reading needed please.....I'm running out of time!

  • Hello all...wishing all a blessed day full of light, love and promise.

    One of my dear friends recommended this site to me. I am very excited to explore now.

    I need a reading regarding my current love situation. I was involved with a wonderful woman for 9 1/2 years...we had an amazing relationship. Life circumstances played a huge role in the demise of our relationship. There was a death in our immediate family and then a serious illness with my child. I am the one who messed up! Instead of reaching to her I sought and found what I thought I needed in another woman. Basically, the woman I was with found out and was having issues of her own and just couldn't function in life anymore. She left, but we were and still are in daily contact. Anyway she moved away to find herself again and she has recently moved back the area we live in. I have been in a relationship with the other woman since we began the affair and I do love her. She is not the outgoing, free-spirited woman the other was but I do care for her. As I stated earlier the woman I was with for 9 1/2 years and I are still have daily contact. She has amazingly found herself again with a new insight that is so refreshing. We have seen each other almost weekly for the past five months. She has given me an ultimatum...end the relationship (this weekend) with the other woman or loose her forever. What should I do? I love both of them and don't want to hurt either of them any further. And I know I'm not a very good person and don't deserve either. But anyway...please help me!!

  • bd is 2-3-60 first love is 2-20-70 new love is 10-7-63

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