Its my Birthday. Where do I go from here? Solar return year?

  • My bathroom floor is torn up, I have an apricot treee to plant and tons of paperwork to go through. Its my exhusband's weekend for the kids so no one is here to celebrate. I seemed to have ticked off every angel, spirit, person and God this week I think right now that even my one friend that I have is mad at me for reasons which are far too complex to elaborate on. I could really use some spiritual advice, a reading, some good intuition and maybe just a nice cup of tea and a biscuit today. ( I have a box of leftover Christmas shortbread cookies and some Earl Grey - so I have that part covered) I will welcome any sort of insight into my coming year. I was told that this was a "solar return year" for me. Can anyone explain?

  • I am sorry to hear you are having a bad time at the moment . I am no psychic , I've had periods in my life when things go wrong and it seems never ending but things will get better for you I would like to wish you a very happy birthday and I will bump this up for you I'm sure someone will come along and give you good advice soon . Take care x

  • Bump.

  • Turtledust, may you have many happy birthdays.

    julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Hi Turtledust,

    Happy B- Day, today is my b-day also. maybe today being alone you can reflect on where you want your life to go. Time spent by yourself can be a good thing, if you love and happy with who you are everything else will be okay. We all have good, bad ups and downs, its what you learn from it all that makes you a stronger person. Spending your b-day with freinds and loved one would be perfect day. Jot down what you want and look within yourself, your kids love you. Think of today as a day to relax and enjoy.

  • Thank you for the birthday wishes from all of you. It was not a happy birthday but I think I made some decisions about what to do to make my life better. I just need to scavenge the time. THanks again!

  • Turtledust, I'm so sorry that your birthday didn't quite get off on the right foot. I found this, here at, and wanted to post it for you. If you want to see where it is, it's the "luck by zodiac sign" over on the right side of this page. Soo...go look at yourself in the mirror, and tell that person, "You ROCK!"...many, many hugs to you for a fabulous year from here on out! 🙂


    People born under the sign of the Fish are in store for a very lucky year. Jupiter is in your sign and your 1st House of Self, filling you with optimism and enthusiasm while possibly inspiring you to overhaul your looks in some way. Losing weight, getting a cosmetic procedure and revamping your look are all possible avenues to explore in 2010. You may have an opportunity to travel overseas this year. Locals will appreciate your sense of style and make you feel like a rock star. Favorable publicity will come from all sides; launching your own business or showing off your creative work will work in your favor. Fame and fortune are yours for the taking, Pisces!

  • FAme and Fortune huh? I dunno -I think just a quiet nap on the beach and 1/10 of a lottery win will make me happy. Oh and someone who appreciated my artistic endeavors -that would be ideal. I hope old man Jupiter can deliver!

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